10 Day Intuitive Eating Challenge

This is a $20 introduction course to learn the steps of Intuitive Eating, and if you want to dive deeper then you may want to do Food Freedom Online Program.


This challenge will benefit people that are just learning, and also those who want to keep on track! I'm very proud of these video's I've put together and the daily challenges. 

Intuitive Eating is taking us back to when we first learned to eat! Tuning into hunger and fullness, honouring cravings, and enjoying all foods without judgement.

This challenge is meant to be quick, fun, and something you can easily implement each day to get closer to recognizing your natural cues, stop fighting with your body, and learn to LOVE and TRUST it again! You can have the body and the health you want without forcing it every single day. Learn to recognize what it needs and end up your happiest and healthiest self ever. 

Please also join the Facebook group so we can all chat together and discuss what you notice over the 10 days! 
(Facebook not necessary to participate).


Everyday for 10 days you'll receive (via e-mail) a quick video outlining that day's principle (5-15 min max) and a fun challenge for you to do that day that involves that step.

Access to private Facebook Group to interact with others on their Intuitive Eating Journey. 

You'll also have lifelong access to all videos so no need to worry about timing or trying to squeeze it in every day. 


I'm providing this introductory course for only $20!

Have questions about the program before you're ready to sign up?


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