Shift your entire reality in 30 days. 
in just 10 minutes a day.
I've learned that consistency, and the smallest steps
 take your life to the next level. 
Hi friends!

I'm Tara Brunet- Mindset + Manifestation Expert that is obsessed with finding straightforward, simple ways for you to achieve anything you desire. 

This challenge stemmed from my own "10 minute rule" that my clients and I implemented with great success.


Let's end self sabotage, and reach massive goals in 10 minutes a day! 

I had a lightbulb moment recently.

In the last 6 months through implementing a simple, 10 minute a day mindset route (called Mind Magic) I created some AMAZING RESULTS. 

I paid off my credit card in full, moved into my absolute dream home, met, got engaged, and married my soulmate, retired my first business and moved full time online while maintaing a 6 figure income,  hired an assistant, moved to Toronto part time, made lifelong friends and so much more. 

When I also put two and two together with my Dream Body Manifestation- and comparing the hundreds of clients who take my courses - I realized the key to success. 

Consistency is everything.

I have been the queen of all or nothing. I would go all in on a diet, workout regime, or manifesting tactic, only to abandon it a week later in favour of something new. 

I was constantly feeling extreme motivation and excitement over the next "new thing" or overwhelm and feeling the need to shut the world off and avoid everything.  

I struggle with anxiety, which leads to a lot of OVERWHELM + SELF SABOTAGE. This is a trait that I see in my coaching clients again and again. I see so many people tortured by feeling like they are a failure because they aren't seeing results even when taking massive action.

I see them get discouraged, and then avoid coaching calls, dive into Netflix & emotional eating, and seemingly "undo" all that hard work they did at the beginning. 

It wasn't until I learned to "live in the grey" and take small, daily CONSISTENT changes (read: forever) that everything changed. 

The weight came off, my career took off, my happiness burst, the money came easily and so much more. 

The TEN MINUTE RULE is the key to end:





once and for all! 


10 minute



What would happen if you committed 10 minutes of dedicated time a day towards a desire
EVERY SINGLE DAY for at least 30 days?

300 minutes of dedicated time & momentum to a singular goal.

I created this challenge to find out! I have been implementing the 10 minute rule for a long time, and have my
clients seeing massive success with it.

The secret is that the hardest part of anything is typically "getting started". I found, that if I simply set a timer for 10 minutes and promised myself that is was only 10 minutes of a task, I could get it done. More often than not- you'll end up continuing past the 10 minutes. On the days that you don't, you still feel proud for getting the 10 minutes in, and you still made headway instead of falling victim to procrastination!

This eliminates the fear around starting because it is:

a) time based instead of task based- so you always know it's 10 minutes max.

b) baby steps instead of trying to accomplish something huge- it's only 10 minutes. IE: Instead of trying to get all your taxes done in one day- 10 minutes could just be organizing what you need to get started.. and so on the next day, and the next.

c) every time you finish 10 minutes, you check it off for the day and celebrate and feel a huge sense of momentum and productivity towards your goals, which carries you so much farther than you can even fathom!


What could your life look like, if you stopped holding yourself back?



  • The 10 Minute Transformation Challenge Outline

  • The 10 minute Transformation 30 day Calendar

  • Inspirational Video Content

  • Methods that have been tried and proven to shift your reality FAST.


Need additional help figuring out your focus and your self sabotaging habits?

  • Book a 45 minute coaching call for an additional $75 with Tara where I will ask you the questions to get clarity, and help you identify what your focus and process should be for the 10 minute transformation challenge!

What is the cost?

It is $15 to sign up for the 30 day challenge. 

This is for the materials, group, and method. 


Also, when you invest in yourself- you signify that you are ready to make a commitment and create a new habit. Let's make transformation happen! 

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If you want help gaining clarity and specific details on what to focus on for the biggest "bang for your buck" for the 30 days challenge, book a 45 minute coaching call with me!

I will guide you with specific questions to dig deep and uncover what is truly holding you back, and help you identify the next steps, so you can start the 30 day challenge with a firm goal and plan in place for success!

Still have questions?

Shoot me an e-mail so I can answer any and all questions!

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