Body Mind + Soul Program


Next Round: April 24th to July 26th

Every 3 months, I take on 15 women total to undergo a complete 3 month transformation. This isn't the type of transformation you may think! I want you to learn and discovery the joys of intuitive eating week by week and STOP feeling crazy around food, and ditch the DIETS!

Feel amazing in your body without having to deprive yourself. Train to feel strong, accomplished and capable. We will focus on self care, meditation, fitness & nutrition, it's the COMPLETE package.


3 Training Sessions a Week at the Training by Tara Studio with your new besties.


6am - 7am 
Monday / Wednesday / Friday

Intuitive Eating Lesson, Weekly Self Care, Yoga, Workout + Review

Learn the Principles of Intuitive Eating and focus on one each of the 12 weeks. Copies of the Intuitive Eating Book provided to each person, and see the binder for more goodies!

Nutrition: I wouldn't leave you hanging here! I'll be providing new recipes every, single week for the week ahead. You'll be getting crafty in the kitchen and learning new breakfasts, lunches, snacks, desserts to keep you feeling amazing while still learning how to eat intuitively and LOVE everything you put in your mouth!

Self Care Routines: We will be implementing new self care practices each week to discover what works for you. I'm putting the focus on reducing stress and taking care of your entire body- especially with all the challenging workouts ahead! Think meditation, journalling, yoga, and more. 

Transform with Tara Binder: This is where you'll keep all the goodies. Recipes, workouts, your progress, homework, calendar, cardio sessions, intuitive eating principles; everything you've learned will be in one spot so you can keep this AMAZING resource for life, long after the 3 months are finished!

Bonus: 12 Pass Punch Card to all the Training by Tara Classes that you can use during, or after the program is finished to keep the momentum going!

Vision Boarding Evening: Learn how to manifest anything you desire, and get completely inspired! How to make your own vision board, and a night with all women together with wine and snacks putting together our vision boards! 


A strong, CONFIDENT bod from training 3x a week with me and learning to love your body exactly where it is today. 

A love of food with no more fear, dieting, rules, or restrictions.

​At least 100+ recipes in your arsenal to keep you excited about your delicious meals. 

Confident in the kitchen with your newfound culinary skills.

Boss at taking care of your entire self with self care habits.

3 months of a complete workout program you can continue on with. 

Transformed person from the inside out. I want this program to change the way you view fitness and nutrition. Instead of being hard, scary and confusing- I want it to be fun, supportive and joyful. I never want you to have to go on another diet or doubt yourself again.


$1400 for the 3 months/per person.

Monthly payment plan available with $200 deposit, then $400/month.


I'm putting my entire heart and soul into this program and from feedback I know it is truly life changing (see below!)

For the payment plan- please e-mail me to reserve your spot. 

Have questions about the program before you're ready to sign up?


 "The Body Mind and Soul program helped me so much. I uncovered a lot about myself and my mindset towards food. with Tara's support I was able to overcome years of issues around food and my self image. This program gradually helped me to look into areas of my life that I didn't realize had been holding me back. I have changed so much and found a healthy relationship with food and a new confidence with myself. I also got to meet new friends in the program and have their support as well. Tara went above and beyond helping me. She is so encouraging and shares her own experiences and she is always there to listen to me. I can't say enough good things about the Body Mind and Soul program!"

- Jolene

"This program was life changing. I went into the program with the same mind set I did before any other “diet” program began. The days leading up I binged on food, obsessed over what my “last” meal would look like - binging on sugary foods that I don’t even like. As the days grew closer my anxiety heightened and the fear of not being able to eat what I want began to take over my happiness. After leaving my FIRST morning of body mind soul I felt a sense of calm surrounding food that I have never experienced in my entire life. Just the idea of actually listening to my body was scary at first but Tara has put her soul into making this program full of all the information you need to be confident and successful with having a healthy relationship with food.


Everyday it brings me to tears to think about how much of my life I spent worried about food about what is healthy and what isn’t - what I should have or shouldn’t. But now it is happy tears to go a whole day and not obsess over food. To just use food for what is it - fuel for my body to do the things I love. To go out for dinner and get what I want and not obsess all day over the menu online finding what will be the healthiest. I wanted to do this program so I can begin to have a healthy relationship with food. I can say 100% I got that and so much more."

- Elyse

​"I recently participated in Tara Brunet's Body, Mind and Soul class. 2 words.... Life Changing.
I have an eating disorder, although, you DON'T need to have an eating disorder to benefit from this program. I have been in a program for eating disorders in the past and didn't have the success that I had with Tara's program. The program flows very well, incorporating all the elements of body, mind and soul. It requires commitment on your part to get the most benefit out of it... weekly reading, a workout at home, etc. It is based on the book Intuitive Eating. I know I lost weight, but I don't know how much, because you learn that it isn't about that. I am so much stronger. We did a fitness test at the beginning and repeated it at the end. I shaved 1 minute 30 sec. off my time. By the end, I could do man push ups instead of push ups from my knees. One girl cut her time in half! It was amazing to see the strength and confidence these women gained, including myself! I had a breakthrough with this course about 3/4 of the way in. I saw the light for the 1st time since I have had my eating disorder, and I have had it half of my life. I know I can get on the healing side of this now. Tara is so kind, never judges, and has the ability to make you feel so comfortable. She works you hard though, encouraging and applauding you, and it is so worth it! She is always open to feedback, and is genuinely interested in your success. She devised this program so you will succeed. The cooking classes are incredible. I learned so much, and you have fun while learning! I am so grateful to Tara for creating this program. You will not be disappointed for investing in yourself. You are worth it, and remember 2 words...Life Changing!"


- Lorna Paterson


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