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Have you ever wondered what it's like to be one of those people who eat whatever they want and somehow stay in their dream body?

Me too.

When I created the Manifesting Dream Body Course, many people told me the most impactful part was when I interviewed my best friend, who had never struggled with food or her body.
When I compared her answers with my own, I was shocked at how differently we thought. 

But since then, I made it my goal to incorporate the thoughts and beliefs of a naturally thin person, and I watched in awe as my body changed drastically as a result. 

I lost 35lbs- while eating everything I had held back on for years.

The only thing that changed, was how I perceived food to be for me. 



Included in your purchase of the Collective, is the signature 9 Week Dream Body Course. This will give you everything you need to effortlessly reach your dream body, and stay there for life! You'll have all the tools and mindset work for complete food freedom and body LOVE. This course is 9 Weeks of Videos, Meditations and a comprehensive workbook that details every step.
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This is the main aspect of the Collective- a private group chat where there will be daily discussions to shift your perspective of food, body, and exercise. Learn how Tara works through bad body image days, overeating/binges, and low motivation! She will be sharing it ALL so you can adopt the same beliefs that changed her body, and life! 


Every month, a MDB Graduate who is now living in her dream body, or someone who has a positive relationship with their body & food- will be interviewed. Learn about their journey to their dream body: the ups, downs, failures, and successes! You'll be able to ask questions, and glean insights from someone who has been there, and is now out on the other side.


 Is available to you. You can have the cake- and your dream body too! You don't need to cut out your favourite foods, and miss out on life in order to reach your dream body- in fact; that is a big piece of what has been holding you back this whole time! 

It's time to live more, and weigh less. 

With the Collective, you will receive a new perspective on all things food and body- which will enable you to shift your beliefs permanently to see the results you desire. 

Simply being in the energy daily of someone who has been there, and had success will leave you filled with inspiration and confidence that it is available to you too. 

We are bombarded by negative limiting beliefs around food and body all day long- it's time to surround yourself with positive new beliefs that make reaching your dream body effortless through osmosis.


"I remember the morning I found Tara’s work. I had been on a crazy shakes & fasting diet in the summer, lost a bunch of weight, got stressed with a cross-country move and gained it all back in literally a week. I was moving to Texas, trapped in a UHaul, eating fast food on the road, feeling super guilty and packing on the pounds! I remember being anxious for the entire ride, and going to bed in a motel in Louisiana the last leg of the trip, asking the Universe to free me. 

I KNEW there had to be a way to manifest weight off, keep it off, and be able to enjoy foods. I asked myself what would I tell myself if I was living and teaching as that person, if only the Universe could guide me. I needed a teacher. That morning, I saw a post from Tara in the Manifestation Babes Facebook group about her weight loss. I found her instagram, website, and Manifesting Dream Body Course and knew this was the exact answer I needed! I immediately signed up for Manifesting Dream Body, and it was the best thing I ever did!

The first few weeks were a rollercoaster of a journey. Bouts of motivation then downs where I felt I anxious and like I couldn’t change. This is where Tara’s coaching changed my life! Being able to have someone to voice my blocks too - like how I would get stressed putting on clothes every morning, look at images of my thinnest times and get sad, jeopardize my social life to avoid food or make sure to be up for a 6AM 10-mile run, etc - and help me realize that they were just some bad habits and beliefs I was holding on to, shifted my life. She also encouraged me to start living the life I wanted - beyond just my weight - and I’ve started working toward my dream career! MDB is so much more than just a “diet” course, it is full transformation!

I started becoming free! I went on my first diet at 13, and had been obsessed with “is this going to make me fat or skinny” ever since. I can’t tell y’all how many nights I would stay up anxious about what I ate and how I had to work it off, and how much weight I would or had gained. I used to be so scared of eating I never felt full and would always be thinking about what I was going to, or not allowed to, eat next. 

Well, not anymore!!!! I have a completely different relationship with food, working out and myself - and I lost over 20lbs! I work out less, and eat whatever I want. Now I enjoy seeing my reflection and getting dressed - and have stopped having my first thoughts every morning be about how much I hate my body! Tara opened my eyes that all the things I was jealous of and wanting were a possibility that could exist for me once I made loving myself a priority. I no longer stress and obsess about my next meals and workouts, and I am able to finally have freedom! I can appreciate my beauty and listen to my hunger and energy levels for the first time. 

I would recommend MDB to anyone! The Facebook group is a great community and always encouraging.  Tara is like a soul sister, she is always there for us and her journey is so real and relatable. The meditations and workbook I still go through when I feel like I need to, and I loved that I can go at my own pace. I knew all this deep in me for years and couldn’t get it to manifest, since I was holding on to so many emotions and beliefs that didn’t serve me, until I committed to MDB.

Thank you SO much Tara!"



 Three or Six Month 



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$3000 OR $550/month

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“Tara has literally changed my life. Although, perhaps a more accurate statement would be that she has given me the tools to change my life myself, and I am forever grateful for it. While my lowest point in my relationship with food & my body was while I was in high school, I let those habits creep into my adulthood. What used to be laxatives, diet pills, purging, starvation, and hatred turned into “healthier options” like cleanses, diets, “normal” food rules, workout schedules, reading health books, and following “health and fitness gurus.” ....but I still never felt that I was good enough. It turns out that this was because I was focused on all the things that I wasn’t (skinny, size 0, etc.). Tara teaches you how to change this and focus on all the things that you ARE. The Manifesting Dream Body course helped me understand the beliefs that were weighing me down (literally and figuratively), and how I can actually empower and trust myself. I have never felt so in tune with food and my body before. Thanks to Tara, I’m understanding the language I use around food and my body, the beliefs that can either limit or empower me, and all the ways I can supercharge my happiness. It’s a process and I’m still working on it, but I couldn’t imagine my life without having done the Dream Body course. Thank you, Tara, for being the brave and beautiful soul that you are and teaching so many women how to love themselves again!"


I feel so much better. 
Food wise, I am not obsessing anymore.

I'm dropping weight at a speed like it's unbelievable- I don't really understand how.

I've come to a place where I don't hate my body anymore, and I am able to look at myself in the mirror and think I look great. 

I'm losing so much weight that my jeans are falling off!
I'm enjoying life, dealing with food is so much easier since I don't restrict myself anymore! I eat anything, stop when I'm full and life has been good!

I wanted to thank you so much because I feel so blessed to have met you through Facebook and Instagram. I think you are a great great person and you are doing really great out there. ”