Food Freedom Online Program


This program is perfect for those of you can't make the in-person Body Mind + Soul Program or are looking for a more affordable option!

Hey! I'm Tara Brunet. Personal Trainer and Nutritionist turned manifesting, and mindset obsessed!

Food Freedom it is a 10 week online course that encompasses all of the Intuitive Eating Principles, as well as diving into healing your relationship with food, and learning to love your body. This is the program for you if you have been struggling your entire life, and need a helping hand on your way to food freedom!

Each week, you'll receive a full colour PDF via e-mail with a video that that week's topic, as well as homework, journalling exercises and reading including helpful exercises, and challenges. 

I am so proud of this program that I've put together and have fallen in love with helping clients no matter where they are in the world! 


$500 for 10 week program that you keep forever, including Intuitive Eating Book. 


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"My experience with the Food Freedom program has been life changing. After many failed diets in the past, I finally feel like I am gaining control of my emotions around food, and truly enjoying food again. Intuitive eating will be a continuous journey for me and I know this program got me off to a great start. Tara is knowledgeable, kind, compassionate and encouraging. The Food Freedom Program exceeded my expectations."

- Amanda

"Before starting my intuitive eating journey I didn't quite realize how damaged my relationship with food had become. All i knew I was tired of trying diet after diet and failing, each time quicker than the last. Since starting Tara's Intuitive Eating Program I have learned some pretty amazing skills that I am excited to build and improve on. The premise of intuitive eating as a "journey" has helped eliminate a lot of the shame and guilt-eating I experienced whenever I would "fail" at diets. I have a lot to learn but so far am loving the "small successes" (maybe small to you, but HUGE for me) like not overeating until I feel sick on a food that I always thought I had "no control around", and actually noticing the difference between eating because I'm hungry, or eating because I'm stressed. I'm slowly learning to appreciate my body for what it's great at, instead of being hung up on what I thought it should look like. This program has given me hope for repairing my relationship with food and my body for the first time in my life." 


-Gill Wightman


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