I've cracked the code...

I dove deep into all things manifesting in the last few years. I have read every book I can get my hands on, taken all the courses, and most of all- practiced and took note of it all. 

Most recently I combined a few different tactics and was shocked when two HUGE manifestations came to life within 3 weeks.

I had journaled the entire process and since I was so intentional and clear on what I wanted, I KNOW this works and that you can apply it to anything. 

I went from not being sure how I was going to pay my rent- to paying off my $7000 credit card in a matter of days and all of a sudden having an overflow of money.

I went from single and uncertain if my dream guy existed- to falling in love overnight with my absolute soulmate in the most magical story ever. 

These were two things I became intentional around and focussed on and they all unfolded in the most perfect timing, within 21 days!


Your new manifesting blueprint...

Of course, I put this simple process all together for you. 

Every single step I utilized to manifest the most amazing experiences.

From choosing a huge goal and working through the blocks-  to the daily journalling process + mindset work to make it happen. 

This is mind blowingly simple, incredibly effective, I cannot wait to see your results! 


Let's make 2020 amazing!

Starting January 1st- follow along for 21 days and create your Intentions with Tara.

I'll teach you the entire process, support and answer questions along the way, and you'll have access to all content for LIFE! (You can repeat this process again and again for anything you desire).



Whats included:
  • 21 Day Intentions with Tara Booklet (PDF Format that can be printed) 

  • 4 Short Video Lessons describing the process 

  • Simple Mindset + Journaling Practice to utilize daily 

  • Specially designed Visualization Meditation paired with binaural beats to get you into the perfect state and penetrate the subconscious mind and create major shifts. 

  • Facebook Group with support and resources

  • Lifetime Access!