Interested in shifting your mindset, your goals, and your life? Join me for the first ever Mindset Makeover Event! 

Date: Sunday June 9th, 8:30am-3:30pm 

Join me for a retreat experience, in one inspirational day.


When you walk in the door, receive your favourite Starbucks beverage and head up for a Manifesting Workshop with Tara Brunet.

She will teach you the entire blueprint and seven steps for manifesting your dream life, how to recognize and shift limiting beliefs, and take you through an intention setting ritual to start the day. 


Then, we will head down for a dream body workout; where she teaches you how she achieved her weight loss through shifting mindset, intuitive eating, and how to implement this into your own life. We will do an intentional and mindful sweat session, finishing with a gratitude and self love meditation. 

From there, enjoy a catered and delicious lunch, all included.

In the afternoon we will set some massive goals, answer questions, and put together Vision Boards in a complete Vision Board Workshop (all supplies included aside from your own photos).

We will complete the day with a beautiful meditation, and you will head home feeling absolutely renewed, inspired, and ready to make some major shifts in your life!


If you need a mindset reset, or are craving some connection with like-minded women, this day is for you. I cannot wait to spend an inspirational day with you! (Limited spots available due to space).

Cost: $188
Entire day event (Workshop, Workout)
Catered lunch: Whole Foods
Vision Boarding Supplies

Mindset Reset Facebook group to keep momentum going post event. 

See you soon! 

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