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Quantum Leap Week!

Let's Leap!


  • 7 Days of Livestreams, Workbook + High Vibe Content
  • Your Quantum Code
  • Everything inside the Membership! 
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  • Private Facebook Group
  • Discounts!

See you on the other side! 

Check out what the Quantum Leapers had to say...

"Tara, I've been a devoted listener to your podcast for nearly a year now and my life has changed so much since I started manifesting and shaping my life. So many things have fallen I to place and I'm so thankful to you for helping me get here and to believe in myself and my abilities. Can't wait to join the monthly program xx" 

"This has totally changed my life in just 7 days. I am so excited for what the next year will bring. Thank you so much Tara for doing a free week so I could see what this was all about and change my life. Just in this week I have seen more than once what this power can do. Thank you thank you thank you!"

"Okayyyyy today’s live was a VIBE. Even though I missed it, I watched the replay; and Tara, I can't wait for your book to drop because that is going to be some POWERFUL reading you’ll be sharing with the world. Can’t wait to buy a copy! Hearing you speak and motivate others gets me in A MOOD in the best way. I have been straight vibing the highest of energy the rest of the day!

Collapsing time goal for me, didn’t scare me like I thought it would. It made me be like YES, and check into that 2.0 version of me who’s already there and feeling power behind me in taking it to the next level!!

As much as I love the career I have built and worked hard for and the clients I have; Lauren 2.0 is ready to take her own business to the next level, make her own rules, be her own boss; And support, work with and motivate NEW clients and uplift them to becoming the 2.0 versions of themselves!!!! Lauren 2.0 IS my true self. She is who I was destined to be, and share with the world. I am freakin jazzed to be here and to be taking that leap towards my next goal!!!!!

Reading everyone else’s comments and goals and desires also pumps me the F up!!! Seeing so many incredible shifts and power moves around me is just taking me to the level! So thank you to all you bad ass babes for sharing!!! I am rooting for you and all your 2.0 Levels!"

"The Quantum Code felt SO liberating!!! I can feel it happening! ALSO, true story, in the middle of my writing my bug fixes, hubby came up to me and told me about something that came in the mail that would reduce our over all bills by a little over $200 per month. LIKE WHAT!!! IT'S ALREADY BEGINNING!!!"

"Yesterday we viewed the perfect house. 5 bedrooms (meaning we would have the play room I’ve been wanting and enough bedrooms)! Remodelled with all new appliances. Great location and everything on my list!

I applied and got denied. And I started to give up. Instead I called the company and figured out what I could do to reapply with better approval odds. My 1.0 self would have never asked further and just felt defeated. They totally worked with me on how I could try again and I called in my quantum leap tools and 2.0 me.

I redid the application. I wrote as my future self in my journal. All the things I love about the house and moving. Felt the feelings. I day dreamed all the little details of having been approved and moving in. I addressed my limiting beliefs and worked through them all. I talked all day about what we would put where and how it will be. Even had silent conversations with myself about it. Did a before bed meditation on it and even dreamt about it.

This morning I woke up to an approval email!! We got our house! The home my family needs. Everyone will have space and finally feel home!!

Thank you Tara, you are changing lives 💖"