Ready to release limiting beliefs for good?


If you keep getting stuck in the same loops of negative thinking + unwanted behaviour patterns that are leading to lacklustre results- you are not alone!

Even with all the awareness and mindset work in the world, we can still find ourselves stuck in certain areas, feeling like change is incredibly slow. 

What if there was a (clinically proven!) method to completely eradicate limiting beliefs and physically change your brain around the patterns holding you back?

TAPFIT will do just that! I combined the incredible power of EFT Tapping with the mood + brain boosting benefits of exercise. The best part is, I kept each session under 6 minutes!

With this tool you can target any sneaking conscious and subconscious beliefs holding you back, and release them for life.


"It's impossible not to feel better after doing one of these video's!"



See a sample of what's inside down below!



In 6 minutes, you'll go through:

  • 2 rounds of EFT Tapping targeting the specific issue you are releasing... 1 round to release, and 1 round to reprogram.
  • A "one-song" workout as a pattern interrupt that will get the energy moving and prime your brain for the changes it is undergoing.
  • Do these anywhere, anytime- no special equipment needed (not even shoes!)

Release procrastination tendencies and program your brain for motivation + determination.

Release the subconscious beliefs holding you back from your manifestation and ignite the flow!

Feeling exhausted and heavy? Use this one to ignite your energy and connect with the Universal energy available to us always.

Release your limiting beliefs and icky emotions around your finances and let the abundance start rolling in!

Not feeling the love? Program your mind to seek and be love and start watching it be reflected back to you everywhere you go.

Starting October 1st we will embark on a 10 Day Dream Body TAPFIT challenge to start rewiring your brain around food, exercise, and your body and start seeing fast results!




This TAPFIT session will get you to tap into the energy of excited anticipation- on the verge of miracles! We will release any resistance around that, and get a full body workout in 3 minutes. Use it daily to start allowing big, wonderful things in!



The library is kicking off with 10 videos to start, with 2-4 new videos being added each week!

You'll also be able to take part in daily challenges (such as The Dream Body Challenge starting October 1st) and many more. 

As a member, you'll be able to request specific video's to help you target whatever it is you are feeling stuck on.

The options are endless with TAPFIT and I cannot wait to help you remove your resistance once and for all, and feel incredible while you do it!


I'm passionate about helping you create your dream life- in the most effective and fun way possible. 

I love the mood boosting benefits of fitness, and making it efficient and easy to squeeze in, hence the 2.5 minute workout!

I believe you can have, do, and be absolutely anything you desire with the correct mindset- and TAPFIT is here to aid you on that journey!



If you have certain goals that haven't manifested yet, and you can't seem to break out of the same thought patterns- then YES!

If you wish to incorporate more movement but feel overwhelmed at the thought- the small step of just using ONE song will lead you into incredible results.

If you want a seriously effective way to kick off your days on the right foot, then absolutely YES!

See you inside!!


You can choose to just partake in TAPFIT, or dive into the entire TBM Membership with endless content to better your life and add to your toolbox!



Ends September 30th

  • Entire TAPFIT Library
  • Request TAPFIT's specific to your needs 
  • 10 Day Dream Body TAPFIT Challenge
  • New Video's Added Each Week



  • Entire TAPFIT Library
  • Request TAPFIT's specific to your needs 
  • 10 Day Dream Body TAPFIT Challenge
  • New Video's Added Each Week
  • Plus... The TBM Membership! It is packed full of manifestation content, daily mindset work to incorporate alongside your TAPFIT journey, plus a huge library of full workout videos if you wish to add more fitness to your life!
  • TONS of classes and challenges such as: The 10 Day Intuitive Eating Challenge, Dream Body Blueprint, The Method, Expanded, Feeling the Frequency... Everything you need to manifest huge goals!
  • See what's included inside the Membership here.