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Tara's Teachings are mini courses where I condense a topic into a PDF and give you all the most important points from what I have learned and what worked for me! Think of it as self development book- broken down into all the good stuff, without the fluff!


You'll get it delivered straight to your inbox upon purchase so you can dive right in! 


Align You 2.0 

This PDF mini course is all about getting into alignment with the 2.0 version of you. Identifying what you desire, how to get into alignment with it. and creating the qualities you wish to embody, and then how to put it into action! This idea has been immensely helpful for my clients. 


Manifesting Your Match

Want more love in your life? 

Whether it's soulmate friendships, or romantic love, or simply improving your relationship with your family or current partner- utilize the law of attraction to make things magically unfold!

This is all about changing your focus to become a magnet for high vibe relationships. 


Manifesting Your Dream Body

Here is the breakdown on how I lost 35lbs with intuitive eating and utilizing manifestation to reach my dream body! 

This is my most popular course. The original is an $888 course- so this is the basic steps that you can apply to manifest your dream body! 


Manifest that Money!

If you could use a little extra cash money in your life, this is the course for you! With this one, you'll get two PDF's teaching you how to improve your money mindset in order to allow all the abundance into your life!

This is for anyone looking to manifest more money, in magical ways! I love hearing the money manifesting stories!


Tapping into Intuition

Access your inner guidance, or higher self with these tips!

Learn the difference between fear and intuition, helpful journalling prompts, and Tara's top tips to get quiet and let yourself receive the guidance you need from within.