Testimonials From Clients

You won't see me sharing dramatic body transformations of my clients (which DO happen) because my programs are about so much more.

Thank you to my clients for all the love!

Tara is a boss lady she works you hard but makes you feel like your hanging out with a very dear friend she is wonderful, inspiring encouraging ... the workouts she designs are suitable for all fitness levels. Her extra courses (BMS, MM...) are well worth the time and investment in a wholistic approach to well being. I’m honoured to have worked with her and to call her a friend.


-Lindsey Bryden



Tara is the best trainer I have ever had, and I’ve had many! She is kind, attentive and so knowledgeable. The workouts are fast paced, so they go by fast, lol, and there are always alternative moves if you have bad knees etc. She is an amazing woman and trainer and I’m so blessed to have her in my life!


- Kathleen Jones



Started before my wedding and felt amazing !!! I have continued with Tara ever since and if I don't come in for training for awhile , I have tried her monthly videos or done the workouts from sessions passed. She is inspiring and upbeat and I just really love her


- Erica Harris



Tara's approach to personal training is honestly five star. I have had an amazing experience with her. Every week I look forward to the challenges she gives me and when I feel as though I'm not getting it she is very supportive, encouraging but still gets me to push beyond my boundaries. The work she puts into her nutrition packages is outstanding and it is really easy to follow with loads of great yummy options. I feel stronger, healthier and happier overall and I'm just getting started! I highly recommend anyone to spend time with Tara and set some goals I promise you won't regret it!


- Kate Fielding



Tara creates these unique, challenging, awesome workouts! She makes Bootcamp fun and she is super supportive as she helps you work through your own challenges with food, exercise, routines, and life. She keeps things safe with lots of modifications for injured or less fit participants. Her new space is clean and well equipped and a great place to sweat your heart out! Tara is an inspirational, happy, and joyful trainer.


- Shelley Rebnaris



Tara has always challenged me to go beyond what I believed I could do. She also has challenged my negative self talk and has helped me to reframe how I perceive myself. I feel strong, motivated and excited to be a "student" of the best trainer in town. You can be guaranteed a program unique to you and "homework" that will allow you to grow in strength, endurance and cardio! Never a dull moment. She is loving, kind, and always interested in what I have to say!!!


- Grace Scott


" I have known Tara since she was 16, I first had the pleasure to experience her as an instructor in Aquafit. Over the years she did personal training with me, oh what fun we had, we laughed, bit of swearing on my part, but she always pushed me to the max. Her spin classes are amazing, Tara has a heart of gold, she is so respectful, kind, and the best trainer and instructor around. Her energy, commitment to her clients are exceptional. Being a little older than Tara she has never made me feel anything but special. To have her in your life is an honour. The best part is that she makes your workout specifically to meet your goals, and you feel way more healthy and fit. To the best Tara Brunet, that comes from the bottom of my heart. " 


- Sandy Burnett 


"I have been working with Tara for approximately 2 years. She is extremely knowledgeable in nutrition and workouts. She assisted me in losing over ten pounds, and helped me reach my weight loss goal. She created me a customized nutrition and workout plan, which made this healthy lifestyle change easier. She has helped me love my body for what is it, and made me want to get stronger and healthier over getting skinnier. She continues to assist me with reaching my goals, and sometimes I feel like she is more invested in me than I am myself. "


- Brittany Kobley 


"Where do I start?   I’ve had the pleasure and honour of Tara coaching, mentoring and training me for the past two years.  Tara exceeds all expectations.    Tara is the reason I’ve become the spin instructor I am today.  She influenced me.   Tara’s knowledge and wisdom,  personality, and her ability to adapt to one’s goals is credible and remarkable.   Her positive  outlook on life is contagious which is one of the many reasons  she is in my life. In addition,  Tara has changed my life in so many ways and am honoured and blessed to have this empowering and energetic coach push me to my max."


- Sandra Wyllie


“Working with Tara changed my life. She always goes above and beyond for her clients; I live in the United States and she did a nutritional package for me that completely revolutionized the way that I look at food. Whenever I was unsatisfied or had a bad week, she would offer to make changes to suit my needs. I truly believe that there are very few people out there who are in this industry to do best by clients, first and foremost, like Tara is. She cares about YOU and what YOU need to change your relationship with food and your body - as someone who desperately needed to get healthy, that’s exactly what I needed.” 


- Laveena Sehgal 


"I need to send a huge thank you to Tara Brunet for changing my life!! I signed up for Tara's 12 Week Challenge on January 11, 2015! After meeting with Tara, she prepared a meal and exercise plan for me (which included my favorite foods) and we then began this journey! I was 54 yrs old and weighing in at 167 pounds! Totally out of shape and eating all the wrong foods! I made a promise to myself that by my 55th birthday on May 30, I would reach my goal weight of 130 and be fit!! Well, with Tara's awesome attitude, her professional knowledge of both exercise and nutrition, she was able to support me in reaching my goal and surpassing it. Because of Tara my lifestyle has changed and there is no going back! She made it easy and fun!! As of today, July 14, 2015, I weigh 124 lbs, am fit and love my lifestyle!! Thank you, Tara!!! I would have never done this without YOU!" 


- Joanne Sawatzky 


"I started my fitness journey with Tara about a year ago, and I don't even know how to put into words how much her positive reinforcement has helped me. Her personal training sessions have helped me stay consistent with my workouts , which had previously been sporadic at best. Tara's bootcamps have an inviting atmosphere with great music and unique, challenging workouts. And you definitely need to come try her "thunderstruck" squat challenge. But seeing her smile and pride in her face when I finally faced my fears to complete a "box jump" proves to me just how much she cares about her craft and her clients. Highly recommend her for all your fitness needs." 

Tara Maxwell 



"Tara Brunet is a must have in your life. If you are feeling stuck and frustrated with dieting & lack of exercise, she will teach you so much! I am 50, and I learned so much from Tara! Her philosophy isn't about dieting. It is about eating to fuel your body with what it needs and she makes exercise FUN! Her TRX classes and boot camp are ALWAYS different and fun! She teaches you the importance of meal planning. It sounds like a lot, but it is easy to do! She makes you feel like you are her only client. You will never find anyone better than Tara. She is so incredibly good at what she does. She doesn't make it intimidating at all. She is so caring and kind! Her 12 Week Challenges that she offers are an incredible deal. I promise you, that it will change your life!" 


- Lorna Paterson 


"Although I love running, cycling, weight training, etc, I have always disliked organized exercise classes until Tara Brunet and her Advanced Boot Camp.  Her enthusiasm for what she does is infectious making you want to come back for more  "torture" each week .  Every class is different and a challenge, but Tara will modify any exercise to suit people with varying abilities or injuries.  She is so encouraging and full of energy and smiles at every class.  I have been taking her boot camp class for over 3 years and I can't imagine what I would do if she didn't teach anymore. I am much stronger in so many areas since I started her classes   I am very lucky to have had Tara bring new life to my regular exercise routine I have been doing for over 30 years.  Thank you so much, Tara.​"


- Rebecca Westlake


"Tara has taught me that exercise and nutrition isn't about a number on the scale- It's simply about how you feel about yourself. Do what makes you feel good physically and emotionally. I'm in such a better place in terms of life balance and feeling  good about myself. No more feeling guilty for a night out or for a treat. Even though I read a lot about nutrition, Tara's nutrition plan got me started with getting the right balance with meals- aka not feeling hungry all the time. Her personal training sessions keep me consistent with my exercise. I don't worry too much about falling off track because I always have her weekly session to look forward to! Plus through all the sweat I find myself laughing a lot and feeling happy at the end of the sessions. On top of all that she is a wonderful friend. Love her and so thankful to have her in my life!" 


- Sarah Smith


"I have been working out with Tara for a few weeks now. She has also set up a nutrition plan for me and she's amazing! The nutrition plan is great because its custom to my likes and dislikes. Her weekly workouts are difficult at times but she keeps me motivated to keep going. I feel a bit sore the next day but I also feel awesome! I would most definitely recommend Tara to anyone who wants a positive change in their lives, and who want to be able to keep up a life long change of health and happiness." 


- Caryn Chartier 



"I started working with Tara in order to develop a realistic plan that would help me achieve my goals for increased strength and stamina. What resulted far exceeded my expectations and has helped me develop a balanced and sustainable fitness lifestyle. The meal plan and workout schedule is tailored exactly to my needs and has been followed for the past year.

 What I appreciated most about this process was her constant focus to improve overall health and wellness instead of relying on short term fixes. In addition to being your biggest cheerleader, you can expect Tara to be fully committed to improving your health. I really can not say enough positive things about the experience."​ 


- Lindsay S.


"I have been working with Tara since the middle of August. I do her bootcamps weekly as well as i meet with her once a week for personal training. Besides knowing exactly how to push me every single time, she is such an inspiration. She practices what she preaches and her upbeat energy is infectious. She cares about each clients health and well being and shows that by listening and providing tailored workouts for each body. I am so incredibly happy that I found her and can not recommend her enough! " 


- Amy Holmes