The Daily Manifesting Method 

I created this little 21 day journal so you can create a tangible, manifesting routine that WORKS!

We are always manifesting, but sometimes our thoughts can get away from us, we can put our goals in the back-burner or we find we aren't feeling as high vibe/excited as we were when we first set our intentions.

This journal is designed to take you through the 7 Steps of my Manifesting Method- daily!
It's 5 minutes to 20 minutes- depending how much time you have.

This is my daily practice and one that has allowed me to manifest some incredible opportunities! 

If you want to get focussed, stay high vibe, and love having a format to follow, I know this method is insanely effective!

It comes as a PDF- that can get printed and bound for under $8, or you can simply follow the steps in your own journal daily. 



I can't wait to hear what you manifest in the next 21 days!