Shift your entire reality in one year.
money, body, love & magic 
You are looking to make a major shift in any or all  areas of your life. You're ready for the support, tools, and knowledge that will
 take your life to the next level. 


You are so tired of just getting by every month and never feeling like you are getting ahead.

You're ready for overflow, abundance, and massive amounts of money that will change your life.

You're ready to stop the struggle and start spending how you desire.


You are sick of the never ending struggle with food and workouts, and never seeing consistent results. 

You're ready to stop dieting, move your body in a way you love, and finally find confidence and freedom in your body.

You want effortless, easy, and fun weight loss. (It's a real thing!)


You are tired of dating people that aren't what you desire long term, constantly feeling disappointed, or getting ghosted on the regular. 

You're ready for that soulmate, head over heels love story that is the relationship you've always dreamed of.


You're ready to find a love that lasts!


You're done with waking up every day with no purpose. Uninspired and exhausted before the  day begins.

You are ready for more magical moments in your day. Fun, freedom and a lifestyle that lights you up. 

Shift your mindset and manifest miracles into your day to day!

Hi friends!

I'm Tara Brunet, Mindset & Manifestation Expert available to teach you everything I know in this brand new mastermind designed to make manifestation simple, sassy, and straight to the point. 

This idea stemmed from my entire life transforming in the last year.

In the last year I intentionally manifested some amazing things and saw my entire life transform!


I left an uncertain relationship, took an epic trip to Bali, maintained my manifested weight loss, moved into my dream home, retired my first business and successfully moved into my online business, met my soulmate, got engaged and so much more! 

I truly realized the power of manifestation and mindset, and feel as if I'm only getting started. 

I have studied and implemented so many techniques, and I love teaching and helping women transform their lives. 

This mastermind is the result. 

I have so been there...

I went through a long period of darkness.

I suffered with major anxiety, bulimia and binge eating. 

I injured my back and was unable to workout or cope with life. 

I was always in a relationship with the wrong guy, or getting ghosted in my dating life. 

I've felt all the doubt, fear and uncertainty of being an entrepreneur and starting not one, but two different businesses. 

I felt completely lost with food and exercise and no idea how to get out of the cycle I felt so stuck in.

I saw these women on Instagram that looked like they had the most amazing lives, and I was binging Netflix and ice-cream all day in my bedroom.

I had no idea how to change where I was or where I was headed, but I knew I couldn't stand to keep hiding from life anymore. 

My self worth was at a rock bottom, I was constantly comparing myself to other women and coming up (very) short. 

If this resonates with you- this mastermind is your ticket to the life you've always dreamed of.  


the mastermind + book 

This mastermind will cover ALL THE BASES.
You'll have support and accountability for an entire year as you take the steps to transform your life. 
You'll have access to all my previous courses that will have you covered from Dream Body to Money, PLUS one on one support, and my latest... 12 months of researching the greatest manifestation experts and putting their tried and tested techniques into simple protocols for you to follow. 


I will teach you to shift from an average life, to an amazing one.



What could your life look like a year from now?



The Modern Girls Guide to Manifesting
the mastermind


  • 12 months of support via Facebook Group

  • 3 x 60 minute intensives with Tara

  • Bi-Weekly Livestreams

  • Monthly Manifesting protocols from a new source every month. Tara will research a manifestation expert (books/videos/courses) and breakdown and test their process for you. 

  • The above will include a PDF breakdown, homework, and any methods that WORK.


and more...

The Modern Girls Guide to Manifesting
the book

  • Join Tara as she writes her first book!

  • You'll receive Manifesting "Recipes" for specific things that have been tested and proven to work- such as travel, love, body, money, dream home and so much more.

  • This book will be the culmination of everything that works to shift your life, and create a reality better than you can imagine. 

  • You'll receive a free hard copy of the entire book upon completion of the book!

What's the  commitment?

  • The commitment will be based upon your own schedule and what you desire to accomplish in the next year.

  • You'll be working through the previous courses of your choice at your own pace, or can follow along when the are repeated throughout the year with the regular classes. 

  • Bi-weekly livestreams and Q & A for approximately an hour. (Replays will be available all year long).

  • 3 x 60 minute coaching calls with Tara paced throughout the year.

  • Monthly "mini course" on a new manifestation expert every month. You can find new tips and techniques to try, journaling and homework questions and anything else Tara will be testing and proving for you! 

  • Daily mindset work for 5-10 minutes is highly recommended! 

essential elements




A mastermind with other like-minded women chasing big goals and life shifts.

A family of support over the next year that will cheer you through your struggle, and celebrate you through your accomplishments.

This is a huge piece of the course and something that will help you immensely as you create your 2.0 life. 

Connect and create a community with soul sisters on similiar journeys! 

At the end of the this year, you will be a master manifester with every tip, tool, and technique in the world at your disposal.


You'll get monthly updates from expert teachers where Tara does all the research for you and breaks it down into simple steps for their entire process.


You can expect detailed breakdowns for Neville Goddard, Abraham Hicks, Amanda Frances, and so many more - all delivered in a fun, sassy and bite size way. 



Utilize alignment in order to take inspired action and amplify your results with less struggle and way more success! 

Learn to tap into intuition and follow your internal guidance that is leading you to easier, flowing, and much more fun action steps.

This is going to create a path to your dream that is clear and quick so you can start living that dream life ASAP! 


When does it run?
-We begin the magic March 1st, 2020 for one whole year! There will not be another mastermind offered until 2021. 

Do I have to do every program in the next year?
-Not at all. You will have access to all courses and programs for life upon sign up, as well as new updates to those courses!

What is a mastermind?
-A mastermind is designed to keep you focussed & accountable working towards your goals by surrounding yourself with like minded people. You will be supported and find your soul tribe through this mastermind of women that have similar goals!  

How do I know if this is the right program for me?
If you are ready for a life transformation and have been eying up my programs for awhile- this is the perfect launching point full of support and new content coming at you every month. You will completely up-level in every aspect, and create a new reality- just how you envision it.

Cheers to your next level life! 

Pay in Full 
$3000 CAD

Early Bird Price: $2500
Expiring February 14th at midnight!

*Bonus: Additional Coaching Call

Payment Plan: 
$233/month CAD
x 12 months


Still have questions?

Send me an e-mail to see if the mastermind is right for you!