Transformation starts with your thoughts.
I'm Tara Brunet...
Manifestation Guru
Intuitive Eating Expert
and genuinely obsessed with helping you create your ultimate dream life.

My life has consistently lead me towards a passion for helping others through what I've worked through previously.
I started with health and fitness- and became a personal trainer & nutritionist dedicated to my clients reaching their health and and body composition goals; and opened my own gym in the meantime. 
As I recovered from my own battle with binge eating and bulimia, I became dedicated to helping women learn how to ditch the diets and eat intuitively. I taught them mindfulness and coping mechanisms to create a healthy body, mind and soul. 

That led me deep into self development and manifestation. After literally transforming my entire body, life, and belief system- I started coaching others to do the same. 
My passion for breaking down the complicated into simple, and effective steps led me to create a successful business of online digital courses and coaching.

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This package is for the woman who wants to Transform.

Who is ready for quantum growth.

Who is ready to create her dream body, and life.

Who is dedicated to making the mindset shifts for success.

If you are searching for the ultimate formula and blueprint to change your life in a big way, this is for you.

1-1 Weekly Coaching Calls

All Access Pass to Tara & ALL her courses.

We start with your thoughts and make the shifts needed to manifest your MOST confidence, vibrant self. 


I'll help you find absolute FOOD FREEDOM and effortless weight loss with Intuitive Eating and my MDB Principles. 

Once you step into alignment with your most confident self, we get to work on your dream life, career, relationship. 

What is it you desire? We dive deep into ALL the work needed to make massive changes. Get the ultimate push and perspective with weekly coaching and unlimited texting.

Consider this the ultimate commitment to yourself.

To the body, health, and life you desire.

To limitless success and happiness.

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What's included...

  • 1 Year of Weekly 30 minute Calls with Tara

  • 1 Year Subscription to Tara's Online Workouts (all able to be done at home).

  • Manifest Mondays 4 Week Course Lifetime Access

  • Manifesting Dream Body 8 Week Course Lifetime Access

  • Tara's Teachings PDFs: Alignment, Intuition, Money, Manifesting Relationships, and more!

  • 15 Meditations + Hypnosis by Tara

  • 10 Day Intuitive Eating Challenge + Videos

  • 21 Day Daily Manifesting Method Journal

  • 1 Year Subscription to the Monthly Mind Magic Movement  

Investment for transformation:

OR 12 monthly payments of $900.
For monthly payments, please e-mail me and I will set up a payment plan for you! 

For more information, please feel free to e-mail me, and we can book a call to ensure we would be a good fit.