Transform your body, mind & soul.

Hey, I'm Tara!

My passion and mission in life is to help you fall completely in love with your body, mind and soul through shifting your mindset first; to result in effortless results. 

I help women break free of dieting with Intuitive Eating, discover their dream body with manifestation and mindset practices, and feel fit and strong with amazing workouts- anywhere, anytime!

About me...

I grew up suffering with various eating disorders and anxiety for a large portion of my life. 

Through experiencing Anorexia, Bulimia, and Binge Eating Disorder for 16 years, it led me on a journey of self development and growth unlike any other. 

I pursued a national certification in Personal Training, became a Clinically Certified Natural Nutrition Practitioner and opened my own studio in Sidney BC. 


I continued to struggle, but when I found Intuitive Eating and Manifestation- everything changed. Through my journey of shifting my mindset and beliefs around my eating disorder- I was able to recover completely from my Binge Eating Disorder, lose 35 pounds, and find complete food freedom and a happiness in my body that I didn't know was possible.

Through the techniques I've developed around Manifestation and Mindset- I've helped women around the world change their bodies and their entire lives.

I've manifested the most incredible life of freedom, abundance and so much joy, and I want to share everything I've learned with you! I have various online courses that you can do anywhere, anytime- to help you along your journey as well as private coaching via the telephone. 


I can't wait to work with you and change your life! 
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Manifesting Your Dream Body

My ultimate 8 week online course designed to transform your entire mind + body.



Ready for a high level commitment with Tara? Work with her for 1 year of coaching calls, and receive all of her courses with lifetime access, and all new courses for that year. 

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Sweat Soul Smile

30 Days of a 15 minute morning video routine designed to put you into total alignment! A daily bodyweight workout, meditation, and journaling prompt. 

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Coaching with Tara

If you want to up level your life, create positive change, and need accountability- Tara is the perfect coach for you! She will help you apply mindset + manifestation principles to any area of your life for massive success, and all the support! Weekly phone chats and texting included. 

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Everything you need for designing your dream life and living in a positive state!

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Listen In To My Podcast

Talking about all things intuitive eating, manifestation, mindset, creating the life of your dreams, as well as free meditations, and all the positive vibes you can handle!