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Want to learn more about your Human Design and how to actually apply it?

I've created a 30 day PDF that will go into detail of each of these aspects of your chart, specific to you!

- Type

- Manifestation Style

- Abundance Keys

- Strategy

- Authority

- Not Self- Theme

- Head Centre Defined/Undefined

- Ajna Centre Defined/Undefined

- Throat Centre Defined/Undefined

- G Centre and all it's gates for maximizing abundance

- Will/Heart Centre Defined/Undefined

- Solar Plexus Centre Defined/Undefined

- Sacral Centre Defined/Undefined

- Spleen Centre Defined/Undefined

- Root Centre Defined/Undefined

- Gates of each of the above centres

- Profile Lines

- Affirmations for each type

- Self Love + Self Worth Exercises

- Deconditioning & Trusting the Universe

By the end of the 30 days, you will have a true blueprint to success, specific to your design! Each day teaches you about each part, and has applicable journaling prompts so you can apply it better and see results! 

Get the first 5 days free here!

Or, get the entire 30 Days included inside the Membership, along with all these Projector Resources:

-Projector Bitterness Loop 

- Q + A on Social Media, Self Worth, Growing a business

-7 Day Projector Challenge + PDF Guide

-Entrepreneur as a Projector/Invitations/Eating with Open Centres

-Q + A on.... Rest vs. Procrastination, Receiving Mode, Deconditioning, Thriving Business as a Projector, Emotional Projectors, Launching/Love/Productivity + More!

-Q + A on Tipping Point in Business, Client Attraction, Emotions of others, Productivity, Open Centres

-The Projector Paradigm Experience

-Projectors + Self Worth/Self Esteem leading to Abundance

-Projector Challenge 2.0 with 3 Additional Videos!

-Building Momentum + Becoming Magnetic as a Projector!

-Wealth Themes + Abundance Keys

-Q + A: Money, Splenic Projectors, Alignment, Goal Setting, Being "too much", Socializing, Where to Start, + Working 4 Hours a Day?

Join the Membership and access the 30 Day Human Daily Mindset Design, Projector Resources and so much more! (Cancel anytime)



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