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 Welcome to Day 2 of the MDB Blog Series! I am so so excited for this round as I’m re-working the entire course and I am so committed to have you see amazing results.

Today I want to chat about clearing blocks.

First - what do I mean by blocks? Blocks are negative limiting beliefs that hold us back, either consciously, or unconsciously. It’s a bit more difficult to figure out the unconscious ones, but the process I’m about to give you will help you determine what they are.

When we have these beliefs- they are determining our behaviour without us even realizing it.

For example: If you have a belief that you are out of control around food, and are always eating emotionally- this is shaping your feelings, and actions. Let’s say you do manage to have a great day with food- listening to your body and feeling amazing - and then nearing the end of the day something happens that really gets to you. Someone says something that triggers you, or you get home to an empty house and feel extreme loneliness. Since you have the BELIEF that you are always eating emotionally- the minute you feel emotions come on too strong- it’s natural for you to automatically turn to food. Your brain will automatically plant that in your head and you’ll start thinking about food, and feeling that pull. Now it’s a case of WILLPOWER to get through this. You are fighting with your brain! (Oh man, have I been there!)

Whereas someone that doesn’t identify with emotional eating- food doesn’t even cross their mind. They don’t NEED to use willpower because it’s not even something that comes up for them.

I have so many memories of trying everything possible to work through those urges. I would journal, I would go for a walk, I would call a friend, I would do all the things. But eventually, even if I managed to white knuckle it through that urge- they would keep coming back and I felt powerless against them.

THIS is the amazing power behind changing your beliefs. What if you were someone that DIDN’T EVEN HAVE THE URGE TO EAT EMOTIONALLY?

This is 100% possible. The problem with everything we are doing now with the dieting industry, is that we are constantly trying to “trim” the weeds and willpower our way through our vices. What we SHOULD be doing is ripping out the roots of those weeds, and planting a beautiful flower in its place.

This is how my MDB Method creates effortless weight loss. We eliminate the negative thoughts that are holding you back, and replace them with positive habits that become second nature! I now turn to journalling, and meditation automatically instead of food. Food has become something indifferent to me because I cleared that old belief, and created a new one.

How much EASIER DOES THAT SOUND?! It is freaking life changing and the best part is that you can do this for anything. Dating, Career, Money, you name it.

Ok, so how the hell do we rip those weeds out? The first, most obvious way is after you state your intention (check out the last blog post) you want to notice what your ego starts piping up about.

“I can’t do that because..” “That will never work for me because…”

I want you to write down EVERY SINGLE little voice that comes up and tries to convince you that you can’t do it. This is your ego, trying to keep you safe & comfortable. The ego doesn’t enjoy change, and wants to keep everything as stable as possible. This is why we need to do this work to bring the beliefs to the surface, and then get rid of them at the source. So, that’s STEP 1- write them all out and really spend some time doing this.

STEP 2: Forgiveness. I’ve been doing a lot of research into forgiveness lately, because it is an extremely powerful method to get you into an alpha brainwave state, which is associated with creativity and the ability to alleviate depression and anxiety. It’s like your shortcut to accessing the power of your intuition, which as we know with manifestation is so important! It will speed up your personal evolution and help you shift so much faster.

So, take a look at those negative beliefs, and one at a time; recognize that they are stories most likely from ages 0-7. They were designed to keep you safe.

Consciously practice forgiveness for these beliefs and the reality they may have created. Forgive the people you learned these beliefs from. Keep on practicing that feeling and emotion of forgiveness and letting go until you feel a weight begin to lift off you. This may take more than one session if it a deep rooted and emotional belief, and that’s okay! I just want you to start practicing forgiveness.

Side note on that- you don’t have to call up that person that wronged you and tell them you forgive them. This is purely an exercise for YOU to cut those attachments and release the negative energy holding you back.

STEP 3: IS THIS 100% TRUE? Next, you want to objectively examine these beliefs. Is this 100% true everywhere in the world? Has someone else managed to achieve what you want to achieve? Can you find expanders in this area to show your brain what is possible? I can tell you that the beliefs we have ARE NEVER 100% TRUE. If you still believe they are true, keep looking at them objectively from a third person perspective until you can see there are other options.

STEP 4: WHO WOULD I BE WITHOUT THIS THOUGHT? I got this from Byron Katie- the Work. If you haven’t read “Loving What Is” yet, go do it! It’s so powerful and amazing for personal growth especially when it comes to relationships we have with others. So if didn’t have this belief, what would be different in your life? What would shift? Place yourself in the scenario of that belief NO LONGER is something you identify with. I love this exercise.

STEP 5: WHAT DO I WANT TO BE TRUE? Now, you get to create a new belief and affirmation around what it is that you desire to be true and that is going to lead me into the power of affirmations and how you can utilize them to create your dream body. First, let’s take you through a real life example of one of my negative limiting beliefs that I was able to work through in order to reach my dream body.

One of my limiting beliefs when I first started this process was:

“I love junk food and I’ll always be a binge eater”.

First, I had to forgive myself for this belief, and it was tough. I realized that I turned to binge eating originally when I felt unsafe to express my emotions at a young age, and so I held some anger towards my parents for this. But I recognized that I needed to go on this journey to become the woman I am today, and I also recognized my parents were always doing their best and they are the most amazing parents.

Step 3: Is this 100% true?

I realized that yes, I loved junk food- but I also loved nutritious food too! So I knew it was possible to shift that belief. As for always being a binge eater, I had seen many people recover. I also recognized that I had had periods of my life without binge eating (ie: before I discovered it) and obviously I wasn’t binge eating constantly all day everyday, so IT WAS POSSIBLE to go without.

Who would I be without this belief?

Oh man, this made me emotional. I would be more social, I would be more productive, efficient, and more successful. I would be happy, content and excited about food without all the crazy emotions surrounding it. I’d be much better at handling my emotions, and I would lose weight too!

What is my new belief that I want to be true? "I am indifferent to food and love healthy, nutritious meals that make me feel great!"

Now, you have a new affirmation.

What are affirmations?

Affirmations are positive, empowering statements stated in the present tense; that we use to rewire our neural pathways.

Currently, you have an automatic neural pathway of “I love junk food and will always be a binge eater” creating the reality you live in. We want to replace that with a new statement.

The best ways to do that are:

VISUALIZATION- I chatted about this in yesterday's post.

SELF HYPNOSIS- Recording your affirmations and listening to them as you fall asleep, or during a mediation.

REPETITION- Let me repeat that. REPETITION. Again and again and again to change that old belief. Constantly choosing your new belief. This takes awareness, and yes a bit of work- but remember that once you shift hat old belief into the new one, you’ve gotten rid of that weed that’s been holding you back this whole time. You’ve made this SO MUCH EASIER FOR YOURSELF for the rest of your life!

How will you know when you have successfully shifted that belief?

When your outside reality matches the original intention that you set.

You can also utilize energy psychology such as EFT Tapping, and also use a registered hypnotherapist to help you on your journey.

It’s not magic, but once you shift those old beliefs holding you back, it certainly feels like it!

If you want to do a deep dive into all of your beliefs around your body, food, fitness and more- join Manifesting Dream Body.  I would LOVE to work with you anywhere in the world to help you achieve effortless weight loss and create the body, and the life of your dreams.

I cannot wait to work with you!


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