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I wanted to chat today around the most common fears/limiting beliefs that I find people have around the dream body process, and how we are going to dive into them all in the 10 Day Dream Body TAPFIT Challenge starting October 1st!

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1- If I eat whatever I want, I’ll just eat junk food all day long and keep on gaining weight!

It’s extremely common to have this belief. We’ve been conditioned to believe that we must control our bodies in order to maintain them or to see results. But actually, in the act of beginning to control them with diets- we disconnect from our bodies and it’s natural signals which have been on the same side as you all along. Your body isn’t something to fight against- it’s always wanted the same thing as you- health, lean, thriving, vibrant- it’s how we are naturally designed to be! When we begin dieting, this leads to more and more disconnect- into emotional eating, binge eating, and a whole host of guilt and shame piled up on top of everything to do with food and body.

When you can release the belief around needing to control your body and and force it into being or staying certain size - You stop the fight and come together with it- moving towards a common goal together instead of pushing against each other. When you and your body are on the same team - and you are honouring your hunger. fullness and cravings without guilt and shame - that is when weight loss becomes effortless.


Inside the Dream Body TAPFIT Challenge, we will address this belief, and release it through tapping and NLP (proven to actually change your brain through neuroplasticity) and create new, supportive beliefs that bring you and your body back onto the same team.

2- I’ve tried everything, this process won’t work for me, I don’t believe that I can’t use mindset towards my dream body.


A lot of women come into my dream body program with doubts and fears, and want to be proven that it works. If you are continually looking to be proven wrong about that fact that it won’t work- this will never happen. Your belief systems are running the show- and if you don’t believe that it will work for you- it won’t. You will always be “right” and your reticular activating system will continue to prove you right- even if these beliefs are not serving you in any way shape or form.

I can’t make you believe that it will work for you- but I can help by sharing evidence, examples and the science around the brain, placebo effect and the amazing power of the mind and what it is capable of. It’s up to you to CHOOSE to believe that it will. And in that choice, everything changes.

Inside the TAPFIT challenge we will turns doubts into a sense of willingness and openness towards belief and helping your brain see that it can in fact work for you. This openness will allow you to start seeing results, which is where momentum really picks up and before you know it- you are in your dream body and amazed and how powerful your mind is!!

3- I don’t think I can ever stop binge eating or emotional eating, I feel so out of control!

I have absolutely been there. I would be completely shocked to see the person I am today around food and body! Even if you have been a binge eater for YEARS- it is absolutely possible to become some one totally free from the binge urges, and become indifferent to food. You can be someone who eats when they are hungry, and stops when they are satisfied. You can have a few bits of ice-cream and put the rest back. You can be free of the struggle around food and spend the rest of your life in peace and enjoyment.

Inside the TAPFIT Challenge we will address the binge eating urges and start to rewire your brain around them. We will recognize the triggers that lead into an urge, and use tapping to calm your nervous system and bring you back into a grounded energy. We will reframe the binge urges and create new urges around helpful coping mechanisms- addressing what you truly need- which in turn lessons the urges - creating a positive, empowering cycle!

4- I can’t just accept my body right now, I need to lose weight and then I’ll try Intuitive Eating.

I did this for years, putting off my eventual success and I wish I just stuck with it to begin with! You are never going to create effortless weight loss, and a body you can MAINTAIN EASILY if you are continuously forcing it to happen. Forcing it to happen = continuing to have to force it to stay that way for the rest of your life. We think that acceptance leads to stagnation and staying the same, but really, it’s the opposite. Acceptance is your way forward into your dream body- one that you can stay in for the rest of your life without a second thought!

These are some of the top issues I see people struggling with- but we are going to cover as much as possible in our 10 days together! We will go into hunger and fullness, joyful movement, finding satisfaction and joy in food, learning to love your body where it’s at (which doesn’t mean you will stay there!), allowing all foods to be neutral and releasing the rules, creating huge transformation and so much more.

The Dream Body TAPFIT Challenge is just 6 minutes a day to rewire your brain and start seeing the results you desire around body!

We start October 1st! See you inside!

Love, Tara


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