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This blog post goes along the a Podcast Episode you can listen to over HERE.

Hello everyone!! Oh my gosh I am so excited about this episode today, because I have so many processes I want to chat about and share with you today! I love adding in new systems and routines into my day to day and obviously any manifestation ones are my FAVOURITE.
Definitely my top is MIND MAGIC!! What we do in Mind Magic has totally changed my life. I’m going to give you the clif notes version- but you should check out the episodes linked in the show notes for interviews with our Mind Magicians, and all the amazing things that have come out of Mind Magic!
This is definitely my favourite process that I have done every single day for the last 8 months! Pick an area of your life that you want to improve, and then write out the old story. Get all the dirty details out on the page, you are getting ready to write a new story and let this one go!
Next- what do you want to be true in this area of your life? What is the new story? Dream as big as you can possibly imagine.
From there- create a short and sweet mantra that encapsulates that- you want to be able to remember it, you want it to elevate you, and you want to be able to say it to yourself hundreds of times a day! And then, the process is to look for and write down your love list everyday. 10 good things, moments that made you happy, and or evidence of your new mantra coming true! Soak up and goodness. Keep looking for the good and the wonderful things, and those are going to multiply like you wouldn’t believe!!
Gratitude & Desires list! I got this one from Amanda Frances, and I love it. Take a piece of paper, and split it in half. On one half of the page- starting writing out all the things you appreciate and are grateful for. Get into that feel good, grateful blissful state. On the other half of the page- starting writing out all the things you desire! Get excited about all of the things that are coming your way, and how fun it is to dream big and think of your desires- know that you will have all these with time!
Conscious Calibrating. I got this from Abraham Hicks- I like to do it out loud when I’m driving in the car on my own. I start by saying either my mantra, or something I desire out loud. And then I say “that feels like..” and I just start describing all the feelings I would feel when that thing is true in my reality. I feel into it, I get excited and I just keep talking more and more out loud about what it feels like to have/experience that thing until I really feel my vibration rise and I’m the frequency of the desire!
So let’s do a sample. My current mantra for Mind Magic is “I have unlimited, overflowing, money, energy and happiness!” Unlimited overflowing money feels like.. FREEDOM, excitement, buying everything I desire guilt free, alllll the matching workout clothes, it feels like relief, and joy, and so much fun! Feels like being able to be generous, surprise my friends and family with things, pay for Trevors eye surgery, it feels like pride and accomplishment and like I’ve MADE IT!! Overflowing energy feels like jumping out of bed, feeling so focussed and flow with work, feels like crushing workouts and feeling strong, feels like powering throug the afternoon with limitless energy, feels like so much joy and fun and getting so much done! Feels amazing and clear headed and motivating! Unlimited happiness feels like my heart is bursting. It feels like contentment, and joy, and so much laughter. It feels like my heart is swelling with love and and i can’t help but just smile at everything and everyone. It feels like so much gratitude and appreciation for the present moment and just feeling completely carefree and full of LOVE!
You get the gist of it.. Practice this for 2-3 minutes a day, and feel your vibration rise!
Visualization. Create a mind movie that signifies your goal as come true and spend 10 minute practicing it over and over again in your mind. Tap into the sensations, the sounds, the smells, the sights.. everything you possibly can keep practicing it until it feels so vivid that it’s as if you just visited it in your mind (this is Quantum Creating!). This should feel super fun because it’s basically like you are visiting your desire and experiencing it again and again. You want it to feel as real as possible and experience the joy and happiness of it!! This is a really powerful practice to do as you fall asleep each night as the combination of seeing images paired with emotion- and when you are half awake and half asleep when your concious mind has sort of “turned off” oh man- it’s the perfect manifesting recipe!
Focus Wheels! I love this process I learned again from Abraham Hicks (can you tell I am fully obsessed with Abraham Hicks)
Draw a small circle in the centre of a page, and write what you WANT in the middle as a statement.. ie: “I have unlimited energy!”
Then draw a big circle around it filling up the page and then lines from the smaller circle to the end of the larger like spokes on a bike (12 of them or so).
Think of this as creating momentum towards your desires. You want to tune into your emotions and create statements that feel better and better that relate to your goals. Tapping into the feeling is important here, and I’ll explain why.
Make your first statement something you can get behind such as “I know what it’s like to feel energized”. Pretty neutral, no resistance, etc. Then you want to build on that statement and start aiming more and more.
But here’s the catch- if you try to leap to high too soon, you’ll feel negative emotion or resistance with it. (Such as not believing it or feeling it’s not possible, etc). Try to build one at a time into a BETTER FEELING THOUGHT.
For example “I’m so excited to feel that energized again!” - good “I AM BURSTING WITH ENERGY AND INSPIRATION” - if you are currently feeling exhausted and blah when you try to write that, it isn’t going to feel good. Maybe go to “I love feeling inspired and energized at work” and so on.. Keep writing statements that feel good and build on each other- but no need to overthink it - you are just looking for the next feel good statement in relation that statement in the middle!
I love how Abraham explains it as one of those spinning things at the playground. If it’s spinning super fast and you try to just hop on, your going to get thrown off (ie: trying to go too big, too soon). The idea of the focus wheel is to get on when it’s stopped, and then build up the momentum while you are on it. Get it!? Good, let’s move on!
Vision Boards!!! This is a very important manifesting process to me, because it’s how my whole journey started, and actually got me into becoming a manifestation teacher after I held my first ever Vision Board Workshop! The idea behind Vision Boarding is simple- think about absolutely everything you desire, and find beautiful photo’s of each thing (or a quote) that represents that thing. I like to use Pinterest vs magazines because you want to find photo’s that really speak to you and make your heart happy!
Get them printed (I always use Walmart Photo Centre, it’s super easy) and then put them onto a board with any other fun things like glitter, and writing etc you want. I like to make an evening of it and really spend some time feeling into what it will be like to have and experience each photo! Put it somewhere you can see it, so that you can be reminded if it daily. I have mine posted up on my wall in my little office space, or at home it’s right next to my bed!
Another practice I enjoy doing with vision boards is spending some time visualizing and seeing myself in each thing on the board. Pick a photo and visualize driving that dream car, or cheersing at that beautiful villa on the beach. Soak it up and put yourself INSIDE your vision board in first person!
Recording affirmations and looping them and listening to them as you rest/fall asleep. This is something that I have found HUGELY beneficial for penetrating my subconscious mind- recording about 20 or so affirmations that feel really good to me, and listening to them every night as I fall asleep! I use my AirPods so I don’t disturb Trevor, but there is actually a funny story about that because one time he could hear them and it was “I win every game of chess I play” and he was like umm...
But this is actually a crazy story! Trevor recently got me into Chess, and he has been playing for YEARS and is really good. I lost probably 40 games in a row against him haha. I was DETERMINED TO WIN. He didn’t think I would win for at least a few years!
What I did was I created an affirmation around it and I listened to it every night as I fell asleep, including all my other affirmations. After about 3 weeks, we played a game (and without me doing ANYTHING ELSE but listening to my intuition and just playing what felt good) I KICKED HIS ASS! Like I quadruple checkmated him without even consciously trying! I didn’t have a plan, I wasn’t using any crazy techniques- that is the magical part about when you trigger your subconscious mind- you have access to SO MUCH information you’ve been filtering your entire life. When you tell your subconscious what is important to you (ie: winning at chess) you will be compelled to everything you need to do to make that a reality- and this works for everything!! I’ve noticed all of my affirmations coming true and I’m about ready to step them up and do some new ones- it’s pretty magical actually- and the crazy part is that I haven’t been consciously deciding to do anything, I’ve just felt compelled to do certain things that have made my affirmations come true like starting a new workout program which lead to weight loss, feeling so fit, gaining energy, someone sent me some supplements that have skyrocketed my energy so I feel like I do have “endless, overflowing energy” Iike in my affirmation. I have ideas coming to me left and right which is another affirmation. You get the gist... record those affirmations in first person, loop them again and again for about 30 minutes, and put some binaural beats to the background.. you’ll be amazing at how quickly things start shifting for you in ways you never could have predicted!!
Ok, so I got a little carried away with this episode and I am going to split it into two episodes! I have 7 more Manifestation Processes that I can’t wait to share with you, coming up asap!

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