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Let’s talk about food freedom. Can you have total food freedom, and live in your dream body?
100% YES.
What is food freedom to me? Well, it’s definitely not what the Whole 30 Melissa Hartwig calls it in her “Food Freedom” book. I was quite excited for that book, but it's basically a "Whole 30" but if you really want something, you can enjoy a bit of it and get back onto a Whole30 eating plan. No thanks. Food freedom to ME is eating whatever I want, whenever I want, and however much I want.
Did you just have an initial reaction of ... "Are you actually insane? I would probably end up on that TLC Show my 600lb life and be miserable forever!"


Here’s the deal. When you combine Intuitive Eating with my Manifesting Dream Body Method your dream body becomes effortless. That means WEIGHT LOSS + FOOD FREEDOM.
I know, in the Intuitive Eating world, it is very frowned upon to talk about weight loss. But, I think we are ignoring a huge portion of the population who now just feel guilty or bad for still desiring weight loss! I have so been there, and it's a tough position.
We have two sides of the health and fitness industry that I want to merge with my MDB program.

There is the Diet Mentality:

Dieting Weight Loss Desiring to be thinner Cutting out food/ following a meal plan
Counting points or calories or macro's Following latest health craze Scale, Measurements, Progress Pics
Always looking for the next new "secret" weight loss method
And then the Body Positive Movement:
Fully embracing the skin they are in
Rocking their bigger bodies
Feeling confident and sexy
Dismissing/Shaming weight loss
Eat all the foods
Which is amazing don’t get me wrong!
But what about the women who are sick of the diets, desire food freedom and confidence; BUT would also like to lose weight in the process? Why is that so bad? Why are we creating this dichotomy of you are either miserable or dieting, or ‘fat’ and happy? Why can’t you be in your dream body AND have food freedom and total self love?

Well guess what, you CAN!! We have just been going about it the wrong way for so long.

My life has lead me to this point. I’ve been on both sides of the spectrum. I was anorexic, bulimic, and a binge eater. I was thin and miserable and OBSESSED with weight loss, counting calories and all the above.
I was also 35lbs heavier, fully embraced intuitive eating, and really learned to love my body and embrace where I was. I was full on Body Positivity girl- even my clients were scared to mention to me that they still wanted to lose weight.
I was also a personal trainer, nutritionist, fitness instructor- I know this industry like the back of my hand. I know every single type of workout and nutrition principle that can lead to results - but I wasn’t seeing the results.
And then I lost 35lbs through using my MDB principles.

I see both sides- I know both sides. I believe that people haven’t quite wrapped their head about the fact that you don’t have to choose between the diet mentality or body positivity without weight loss.
You can lose weight and eat whatever you want. I am proof, my clients are proof. You can love your body at its heaviest, and use that self love to see physical changes.
You need to change your thoughts, shift your beliefs around what is possible- and that is where the Manifesting part comes in. Weight loss isn’t about the food or the workouts. Weight loss is about your deeply ingrained beliefs that are leading to your current reality. It’s all energy, vibration, and the frequency you are operating on (hence the manifesting part!)
My mission is to help ALL WOMEN that want to have it all. The dream body with food freedom and total confidence and self love. No more food guilt, second guessing, or weighing yourself.
You can have it all, and you can also let it be effortless- and I truly think that is why I was put on this earth, and went through all the struggles I went through- in order to prove that this works and then help everyone else get there too.

If you are interested in learning more- Manifesting Dream Body is the spot to be!
This is the only program you’ll need for the rest of your life to see results, and keep them without ever having to look at a fucking nutrition label again.
 Love, Tara 

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