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Hey everyone!!

I wanted to write this blog post because I have this new journaling technique (I actually type it out because I find more enjoyment from typing at the moment) that I’m calling CLIMBING THE VIBRATIONAL LADDER.

 This method is so crazy effective at shifting your vibration, I actually can’t believe it! It’s a bit of blend of the Abraham Hicks Focus Wheel, and their Rampage.
Basically, the thing to remember is that whatever your “vibration is” (also known as how you are feeling at any given moment) is your POINT OF ATTRACTION.
Your point of attraction is what LAW OF ATTRACTION is bringing to you. So, when you are feeling joyful and excited, you are bringing in more things into your reality that create more joy and excitement! When you are feeling fearful and anxious- you are bringing in more things to feel fearful and anxious about. It is truly that simple!

So, a big part of manifestation is noticing your vibration/feelings and your dominant point of attraction.

So, I’m going to teach you an exercise that is going to bring you up to the next LEVEL.

Start out with a fresh page, and write a statement that describes how you are feeling in that current moment. You could start from hopeless and depressed, or angry, or simply content and no matter what- this exercise will work.

From that statement your only work is to, one statement at a time, choose a slightly better feeling thought.

Now they key here, is that you can’t fake it. If you try to jump too high too soon- you’ll feel a negative emotion in your body (aka resistance).

Here is a sample that I JUST did and inspired this blog post.

Starting Statement:

1.) I feel uncomfortable and nervous that I just received a $1500 bookkeeping bill.

Now-this is where Law of Attraction kicks in. It can be tempting to keep going down that negative path (ie: the first next thought that came to me is, “Yikes how much are my business taxes going to be?”) but that is going the wrong direction. We want to reach for a thought that brings a feeling of relief.

2.) I am grateful that I received more than that in the last 24 hours

3.) I know that there is always more coming

4.) I trust that shifting my vibration will always lead to amazing results

5.) I love FEELING into wealth and abundance

6.) It feels like this certain level of excitement and possibility

7.) Like I’m free and don’t have any cares in the world

8.) I know that more are signing up for the membership!

9.) I know that the steps are always shown to me

10.) I am ready for my next steps

11.) I want to write a blog post on climbing the vibrational ladder

12.) I am super excited to feel like I have nothing to do but enjoy Mind Magic and the Membership for June!!

13.) I want to do a big celebration of finishing the membership with Trev on Monday night

14.) I am sooo excited to go mountain biking on Sally!!

15.) I am excited to keep watching the membership money flow in!

16.) I love feeling energized and motivated and excited

17.) I am excited to workout and then put on fake tanner

18.) I freaking love the taste of energy drinks


20.) My success truly is inevitable, I know that life will keep getting better

21) I am excited to pick my Mind Magic Mantra for June!!

(Then I shifted into feeling into a mantra for June).

I am filled with joy and excitement every day!

I am blissfully happy and excited

I am pure joy & happiness

I can create anything I desire!

I am so happy and excited for life!

I am overflowing with excitement and happiness!

And done! In less than 4 minutes, I went from feeling uncomfortable and fearful around money to overflowing with excitement and happiness and writing this blog post! How crazy is that?

If I hadn’t done that exercise, I could have VERY EASILY gone the other way. Started going into fear around business taxes, fear around no one wanting to sign up for the membership, fear around money, anxiety around credit card bill, and so on and so on and down the rabbit hole.


The key with this exercise is to recognize it early, and it’s much easier to shift your vibration. You can do this with anything. I’ve used it in my relationships, work, body, energy.

It’s also an excellent want to start the day!

The MAIN caveat here is to make sure that you are actually FEELING the feeling of relief and the better feeling thought. You can’t force it. The law of attraction is always in action so know that when you write down the next better feeling thought, the universe is already delivering to you the next, and the next.

So, get into flow. Write out your first statement- and climb the ladder into better feeling emotions which will lead to better feeling ideas, opportunities, actions, and a better day, week, and LIFE!!!

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Happy Saturday!

Love, Tara


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