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How to thrive using your “Wealth Theme” with Human Design!
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MANIFESTER: Your Wealth Theme is Non-Verbal Creative Flow
You are leader, an initiator, and a doer. To stay in alignment with abundance, you need to take the action that feels right to you, and ignore what everyone else says or does!
You are here to initiate and get the ball rolling, and then allow the other types to do the work. You do well with work that involves getting something started, and then moving on- you don't have sustainable energy and are not meant to follow the typical 9-5.

MANIFESTING GENERATOR: Your Wealth Theme is Shortcuts to Mastery
You are made to multi-task. It’s great for you to try different things and there is no need to commit until you find something you love. When you do, you’ll learn more quickly than generators but may skip some steps along the way. 

This means that you move faster, but sometimes you miss the important details. Your wealth theme though, is finding shortcuts and doing things at a faster pace- so this is all part of your innate process. Trust it!

GENERATOR: Your Wealth Theme is Mastery Over Time
You have a life purpose of finding work that you love, and dedicating your life and endless energy to fulfilling that calling.

The tricky part is that, you aren’t meant to “find” what you love, but more so “respond” and let the work find you. This is a small shift, but will make all the difference in your abundance because if you continuously initiate instead of letting things come to you- you’ll be met with a lot of frustration! Let life bring you things, and follow the “hell yes’s” to find ultimate satisfaction from your career.
Pay attention to the signs the universe is sending you, and make sure what you choose to do feels good and right for you (not what you think you ‘should’ do).

PROJECTOR: Your Wealth Theme is Mid-wife to the Universe
You have a life purpose of managing and guiding others in their process of creation. You are intuitively wise about others and your aura can see right through them. A Projector can watch any of the three energy Types and instantly be conscious of what needs to happen to make their impact and work more effective and easier.
For you to create abundance, there are two key things for you to do. First, you need to master your own sense of self worth and value. You are meant to wait for invitations to guide others, and you won’t be receiving any if you are full of self doubt! 

Second, you need to practice major trust in the universe while you wait for the right invitations- the Universe has your back! 

REFLECTOR: Your wealth theme is Early Warning System. 

You are a rare unicorn (1% of the world) and your life purpose is to serve as a mirror to the community. All of your open centres amplify and reflect back to the people around you. 

If you are healthy and happy, the community is as well. There are two important things for you to increase your abundance.

1.) Make sure your environment is one that makes you feel happy, fulfilled and at peace. You need to love where you live, and who you work with.

2.) You need lots of time (28 days to be exact) to make decisions. Don’t rush your process and find someone you can talk to you, simply just to get your thoughts out.

You can be a total powerhouse when you learn to step back and observe that a lot of the energy you take in, simply isn’t yours. Allow yourself to decompress daily in a space that is all yours. Your sensitivity to energy can create a community that is thriving- when you are thriving.
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