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I'm so excited to share this blog post with you, because I literally journaled about meeting my soulmate, and the next day we spoke on the phone through a wild impulse I had to surprise my best friend across the country (he was her part-time roommate and was helping me with the surprise) and we pretty much knew after one phone call. I flew out there a week later and we definitely knew (told each other we loved each other after 24 hours haha) two weeks after that we were engaged with a beautiful beyond my dreams ring; 3 months after that married, and now coming up on 2 years of marriage (during Covid lol) and expecting our first baby. <3 

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I have entire training on this called the Love Training. The Love Training is 3 Videos and all the journaling/mindset work required to call in your soulmate! 

I also have the exact journaling process I used to manifest my hubby with everything I wrote called Intentions with Tara that you can also find inside the Membership! Also inside the Membership is Manifest Your Match which is all the manifesting love tips! 

So I know how to journal your soulmate into being! 

Here are some tips to get you started and start calling in love into your life, grab your journal and get started!

1. What do you WANT? (Ex: My soulmate love story, to meet my person and know with certainty, to get engaged, to fall love etc)

2. How does that feel? (Ex: I am bursting with that giddy love, I feel secure, confident and certain, We always have something to talk about it, Laughter is easy, He looks at me lovingly) 

Ps. I'm looking back at the original journal entries and what I wrote in regards to these answers and it's so wild to have him pop his head in my office, and look at me with love and feeling our baby kicking.. like WHAT. I am in still in disbelief some days that this is real lol. 

3. Why don't you have what you want now? This is how we find resistance and our old limiting stories that are holding us back. 

4. Am I willing to see this differently? How else could you see this, can you take a different perspective?

5. If you are still holding onto this being true, what is stopping you, what are you afraid of?  Really get to the core deep down, what does it mean if you let go of these stories and then maybe it still didn't manifest? What does that mean about you?

6.  I want you to fast forward in time, and place yourself in the future- where you already have the thing that you desire. And then, write about it! Write about how it feels, how it happened, how magical it all was, how happy you are now etc. Whatever you would say, if you were telling the story of how it all went down.

7. What do you EXPECT is going to happen in your love life?
What do you talk about with your friends and family? Are you always talking about terrible dates and telling jokes about how all the good ones are taken? Do they view you as perpetually single or unlucky in love?

8. Can you increase your expectation in this area? (Ex: I could maybe put myself out there on a dating app and go on a few dates as right now I really can’t see how I can meet them without doing that, or I could feel into the feelings of love today and play around in the what if energy as I move throughout my day and smile at strangers”)

These are just a few journaling prompts to help you identify blocks, as well as get into the feelings of LOVE. For the full processes - Dive into the LOVE TRAINING! 

I can't wait to hear your happy ever after love story! 


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