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 Let’s talk about how you can use TAPFIT to manifest literally anything!

TAPFIT goes along with Manifestation on so many levels:

Energetic + Emotions: If you are looking it from a Law of Attraction standpoint, you are attracting from the frequency that you are vibrating on (ie: how you are feeling). When you are stuck in frustration, disappointment, anger, worry, fear etc- you aren’t doing yourself any favours in terms of manifesting high frequency amazing things! Having a tool that can shift how you are feeling so quickly is an essential thing to have in your manifestation toolbox!! Not only does it shift how you feel physically- it’s also physically changing your brain!

TAPFIT can help you actually process emotions and release the stuck energy that is... Keeping you stuck! You will immediately feel lighter, more open, and elevated after a TAPFIT session which automatically changes what you are attracting, and the actions you take.

What I love most about tapping, is that it is so effective with moving emotions. Before I really got into tapping, I could spend an entire day in a negative headspace and notice it only start to compound and get worse and worse.

It could start with J waking up multiple times in the night, and I’d be resentful of Trev sleeping next to me. Then when he gets up, I’m already annoyed at him and he hasn’t even spoken yet! I end up being snippy, which then triggers him and to react back- this leads us into into arguing about stupid things, and me being frustrated and annoyed and we’ve barely gotten out of bed! Obviously this could continue to manifest and compound on itself and create a lot of issues in my life and marriage.

Instead, when I feel JJ and notice the resentful feelings crop up at 3am, I tap. I release resentment, I tap into a loving energy- and then when we get up I am more loving and appreciative towards him, which creates a completely different dynamic in all of our actions and THAT compounds on itself. Your partner, clients, business - they are all reflecting the energy YOU put out towards them!

Imagine if you let either one of those build. One would end in divorce- and the other would continue into a loving, committed, partnership where we show up for each other.

Your energy is everything when it comes to manifestation. EFT is a super tool that allows you influence your energy instantly- and shift what you are attracting.

Obviously I don’t do tapFIT at 3am, but I will tap! TAPFIT in the morning is the BEST possible way to start my day and it’s only 6 minutes so I have no excuse! You can start your day in a free, elevated, open and expansive energy- which is how you manifest everything.

Let’s say you want to blow up your business- here’s how I would apply TAPFIT.

You are in a launch, and you get all amped up for to put your work out there, and .. crickets. You start to feel like it’s not working, or you are doing something wrong. You might be second guessing yourself, feeling disheartened. Use the “Believe in your Manifestation" TAPFIT to tap back into those vibes of staying open to the miracles right around the corner. Releasing the doubt and uncertainty- and coming back into your POWER. The action steps you take in the 'It’s not working place’ are most likely avoiding, hiding, and criticizing yourself! The actions you take from a place of believing, expectant, excited energy are going to be inspired, putting yourself out there, taking action that feels good.

Even if you weren’t taking action, you’d be BEING someone completely different in terms of energy and that is manifesting completely different results!

You could also use the “Worthy as Hell” TAPFIT, to really amp it up!!

Let’s say you want to manifest MONEY with TAPFIT.

You are feeling stressed about your finances, there isn’t enough money, you pretty much constantly feel in fear or worry around paying bills. Obviously- in this energy- you are not exactly going to be manifesting money! This can be a really difficult state to get out of - because there’s usually time crunch around paying things, there’s a lot of pressure, and it can really take you out of your trust and push into that “doing”  energy - forcing things from a place of lack and scarcity which also never works out very well. So it can be common to feel very stuck in this situation- you don’t want to do ‘nothing’ but it’s so hard to shift your energy when you are in fear. Also when you are in fear, your brain narrows down and only uses it’s most tried and true neural pathways- the fearful ones- there’s not enough, I can’t afford it, what will I do? Cue panic.

TAPFIT TO THE RESCUE!! This is truly where tapping is made to shine. When you are in that fear response- I’ve found TAPFIT to the fastest, most effective thing to directly move me out of it. It’s proven to shift you out of the fear response, and into your parasympathetic nervous system. From this place, you are actually open to seeing the bigger picture, bigger ideas, inspired actions that will actually help you move into a place of wealth and abundance. Not only that, it’s releasing those most tried and true neural pathways and replacing them with positive ones- so if you find yourself in a fear response again- your natural reaction will be one of safety, peace, + trust.

You will move through that fear within 6 minutes and be so much more equipped to take actions that are actually going to lead to lasting change and new story around your finances!!

Let’s say you want to manifest LOVE!!

We can have so many negative stories around love- we may feel inadequate, or like there’s no “good ones” left, or have fear around rejection that holds us back from even putting ourselves out there!

You can use TAPFIT to shift how you feel prior to a date and step into your most powerful, unstoppable, confident self (try the manifest LOVE). The world is a simply a reflection of your subconscious beliefs around love and relationships- and in order to start meeting aligned people - you’ve got to shift your story around it first! If you think that everyone is out to get you, or that you can’t trust anyone- you are going to continue attracting people into your life that will prove you right every time. If you want to actually change your results in love- you want to enter into dating/relationships in an open, trusting, loving energy that will be reflected back to you tenfold! If you are already closed off before you even begin, you aren’t going to get very far. Use TAPFIT to release those old behaviour patterns (pulling away before you get hurt, or not even putting yourself out there for fear of rejection) and start actually ENJOYING your love life and dating- because it gets to be so fun joyful, and interesting to meet new people and continue to align with what you want.

What about DREAM BODY?

There are a million ways that TAPFIT can help you with dream body- and you’ll get access to 10 new TAPFIT videos all related to dream body on the 10 day Dream Body TAPFIT Challenge starting October 1st, 2022! If you are listening to this episode later- that challenge will live inside the Membership and or just TAPFIT option forever!

You can use it to find peace and acceptance with your body- which is the fastest way to ignite your dream body journey! It’s essential to release resistance keeping you banging your head against the wall when it comes to seeing results! I wish I had tapping back in the day when I was going through my binge eating- I think this would be the most incredible tool to heal your binge eating forever!! There will be a beating the binge TAPFIT for you guys- and also one that doesn’t have the ‘fit” part because I know that when a binge urge comes on you aren’t going to want to move your bod- you’ll want something quick you can come back to again and again.

A big thing that stops us from our dream body is all the conditions we place around weight loss. We believe we need to eat a certain way, workout certain way, and follow all of these arbitrary rules in order to see results- and when we can’t maintain these standards we set for ourselves - we make it mean that we can’t lose weight. This obviously keeps us in a very difficult to see results energy- and creates a vicious cycle that SO MANY PEOPLE ARE STUCK IN!! When they can stick to their “rules” they make it mean they can lose weight, yay- and when they can’t- you can't see results.


Inside the TAPFIT challenge,  I will help you release all the conditions you’ve placed own achieving your dream body and start seeing results just because you CAN. Not because of what you are “doing”. Take away all these stupid conditions that are keeping you stuck!!


So, hopeful this gives you a little glimpse into what you can use TAPFIT for- overall I believe- on TAPFIT session a day can completely rewire your brain, make you SO MUCH happier, feel so much more expansive and open to magic flooding in- and your entire life can change in 6 minutes.

Go try TAPFIT! 

I’m so passionate about this, I’m so excited for you guys to experience it and I LOVE HEARING YOUR FEEDBACK so please message me on IG if you go try the free TAPFIT and go start unleashing your magic on the world and seeing incredible results!





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