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Let’s talk about the invitation.

As a Projector, this was the most disappointing and frustrating thing for me to learn, that I’m meant to wait for the invitation.

But, the more I dive into this the more I realize that this is truly a blessing, not a curse! It actually free’s up our (limited) energy in that we don’t need to push and force things. We don’t need to keep trying different avenues to success- we literally need to sit in our magic, shine our light, and when the invitations come- we use our authority to decide.

So, do you need an invitation to go for dinner or simply get groceries? No.

We need an invitation to share our gifts, and knowledge with those who have invited us to do so. Projectors have a very penetrating aura. We see things differently, almost zoomed out in a way that allows us to know exactly how to help all the other types proceed in whatever they are struggling with. It can be very tempting for us to blurt out the answer and tell people what to do (hence why we may be deemed bossy at times) but it because we truly know the answer!

But without the invitation, we won’t be heard correctly, we can be viewed as repelling or pushy, and we will end up in deep bitterness (our not self theme) if we continue to try to force our (very brilliant)  insights on people!

So can we still manifest our dream lives? 100% YES. Projectors can we very powerful and successful people (Think Obama) - more so when living by their design!

Something I’ve been playing with is manifesting invitations, vs. specific things. IE: I want to manifest an invitation to write a book with a large cash advance. Or, I want to manifest an invitation to receive more money, doing what I love. I want to manifest an invitation to speak at a large event (and so on).

A fun journaling prompt I recommend is setting aside a page for "Invitations". Split the page in half, and write "Desired Invitations" and then on the other side write "Received Invitations". What are the Invitations that would light you up? Start noticing all the invitations you are getting as well, even the small ones! (This will start to bring more in through law of attraction of course). 

What do you do while “Waiting for the Invitation?”

LEARN. STUDY. GROW. Be in your light. Share what excites you (with zero expectation). You are meant to be a lighthouse for people. You don’t need to sit on the sidelines while you wait- you want to create content that lights you up and gets you excited; and before you know it- I guarantee you’ll have an invitation that invites you do share just what you’ve been so lit up about!

Our biggest challenge is trusting that the universe will bring us the abundance and opportunities we desire, WITHOUT us having to make it happen like the conventional way we are taught.

The best thing we can do as Projectors while waiting for the invitation is to work on these 8 key areas (the Abundance Keys in Human Design). I've shared what those are down below, and an example of a way you could apply that in your day to day life, as well as a journaling prompt. Until we learn these lessons, we will keep on attracting people/situations/experiences that keep 'teaching' us these lessons. (IE: Keep attracted horrible dating experiences? You may need to work on your Self Love!) 

How authentically you are expressing yourself in your life. 
Journaling Prompt: Have you learned to express yourself authentically (and not judge yourself because of it)?
Action Step: Before putting things out there- ask yourself "Is this coming from an authentic and loving place?" (Or is it coming from fear/lack?)
If you are Projector in business- ask yourself that question before you post online, go on video, or create a new course. Are you being truly authentic in your expression?

How much do you believe you deserve the resources you need to fulfill your destiny? 
Action Step: Check in- do you feel you are worthy of what you are charging (or what you are receiving?). Do you feel worthy of MORE? Where do you need to recognize your worth? 
Journaling Prompt: Do you believe that you are deserving of everything you desire, and will be able to manage it well?


How powerful do you feel in creating your dream life? 
Action Step: Rate each of these area's 1-10 in how powerful you feel (10 being very powerful). This could be in your family life, your friendships, your business. 
1- Ability to communicate responsibilities when in a leadership role
2- Ability to attract loyal and potential clients/friends/business partners. 
3- Ability to accept judgement and critique and use it constructively?
4- Ability to take on differing roles as needed
5- Ability to lead by serving the will of the majority 
6- Ability to guide with authority

Journaling Prompt: What area ranked lowest? How can you really develop your power in this area in your daily life?

How much do you love yourself?
Action Step: Start writing (every single day) reasons why you love yourself! Show yourself love in any ways that you can imagine- whether that is through self care, delicious food, or honouring commitments to yourself. 
Journaling Prompt: How can I really up myself LOVE every single day?


How much have you released the pain of the past and found the blessings?
Action Step: Make a list of all the experiences and people (and situations involving yourself) that you are still holding onto pain around and need to forgive (either them, or yourself). 

Try this forgiveness exercise with each one:

Focus on just one person or event for this exercise.

1.) Set the scene, see yourself in the situation, or the person that you are working on forgiving.

2.) Feel the anger and pain. (For no more than 2 minutes approximately) It's even great to let it out with yelling or pounding a pillow, or crying it needed! Let the emotions flow.

3.) Forgive into love: Ask yourself, what did I learn from this? How did this situation make my life better? What would have happened in the past for this person to hurt me (or me to hurt this person if forgiving yourself).

Feel into it until you feel that sense of relief. Again, it may take a few times to feel complete forgiveness- but that's okay! A little bit at a time, you'll feel it slowly fade away.


How much your choices are not only good for you, but benefit humanity.

Journaling Prompt: Write a list of all your desires, and then take each one and note how it would benefit you, and how it would benefit everyone around you. Ex: I want a Range Rover. That would benefit me, in that it would create a massive feeling of success and pride that would inspire my clients in creating their dream life. It would give me comfort, luxury and excitement around my business! It would benefit those around me who I can drive around in my beautiful car, who can feel free to chase after their own desires too.
(I chose a more "shallow" one on purpose so you can see that no matter what, your desires benefit everyone!)

Second Journaling Prompt: What are all the choices I've made in the past that have turned out to really benefit those around me?


25 - Love of Spirit: 
How much do you trust spirit as the source of everything you desire in your life? 
Journaling Prompt: Do I trust that a higher power can provide me with all the invitations, and opportunities I need to fulfill my life purpose?
Action Step: Get connected. Meditate daily. Tap into your intuition, your connection with source. I like to do a Q + A with my journal where I ask a question and let the answer flow from me. 


46 - Embodiment: 
How physically vital you feel and how grounded you feel in your body. Do you celebrate life and appreciate what your physical body can do?
Action Step: Get grateful for your body every damn day, especially when moving it! When doing exercise or any type of moment- check in with your body. Where do you feel it? How does it feel? What are the sensations occurring in your body? 
Journaling Prompt: Make a list of all the things you love and appreciate about your body, and read it everyday! 

There you have it! While you wait on the invitation, really focus in on those key areas to create massive success and abundance in your life! 

What are your thoughts on this, if you are Projector?


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