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Today's blog post is all about TAPPING! I want to chat to you about how I (re)discovered it and how it relates to manifestation.

If you didn't know, my husband and I recently embarked on a crazy adventure across the country in our recently renovated van with our dog, two cats, and 5 month old! (Yes, you read that right). 

This was truly a huge manifestation in the making, as we talked about doing this the very first night we met...

It was a complete whirlwind leading up to this adventure as our house we rented was unexpectedly sold, so not only did we have have to finish the van, but we also had to pack up the entire house and be out the same day we left on the road trip.

Did I mention I'm also a new mom?

As you can imagine, this was the highest amount of stress and pressure I have ever been under in my life. 

I spent days in anxiety avoiding even packing a single box, while also mourning the loss of our home my son was born in!

I am a huge homebody so feeling uprooted and unstable whilst navigating all the challenges of motherhood (now with next to no help as Trev was working day and night on the van) was NOT FUN let me tell you!

All of this to say, my manifestation + stress reduction practices went out the window (I barely had time to eat or shower let alone journal or exercise!) and I found myself in a very negative loop of thoughts.

The first week of the road trip was a serious adjustment and I struggled, a lot. (Like wanted to pack it up and go home, except we didn't have a home lol!)

And then, due a few random nudges that I followed- I started doing some EFT Tapping! (If you don't know what that is, read on!)

I have dabbled in tapping before, but I didn't actually know the entire science behind it, or why it was effective. 

I started noticing a difference in my anxiety and overwhelm immediately, so I dove deeper. 

I was amazed! The clinical studies that have been done, the incredible results that people have been having- I was hooked.

This truly changed my entire outlook on everything, and I was able to finally lean back and enjoy this dream we had manifested.

EFT Tapping is short for Emotional Freedom Technique. It involves tapping on specific meridian points of the body (like acupuncture without the needles) that has been shown take your body out of fight or flight, and back into a calm, regulated nervous system. I like to think of it as moving out of fight or flight and into flow.

You are also activating the subconscious mind and able to reprogram it easily while using the tapping points, which is HUGE for manifestation!

The impacts of this are completely incredible AND using it in your manifestation practice is the most effective tool I have ever found! I think this has been the missing piece for me in terms of manifestation and really skyrocketing to the next level- and helping my clients really see incredible results.

I am so so excited to introduce this into my courses and I am creating a 21 day Manifestation + Tapping series inside the Membership that will change your life! (Become a Member to access!)

At the end of the day - it’s about how you feel about whatever you are manifesting- and if there is resistance (which there always is if it isn’t here yet!) tapping is an extremely effective method for releasing the resistance and allow the manifestations to flow in. Not only that, but it’s a highly effective method with several clinical studies backing it. 

So for example- if you want to manifest more money- but the thought of handling your finances sends you into a fear state where you avoid even looking at your accounts-  tapping can change that completely so you can change that fear response.

If you want to grow your business, but you have a bunch of shame and discouragement that is holding you back from really going for it- tapping can completely eliminate that shame so you can move forward In your power and start seeing the results you want.

Basically, you can transform any emotion, any old program, with tapping- and replace it with what you desire. I honestly can’t explain how much it’s already been changing my life and my results - and helping me so much with much with my anxiety!

Check out my podcast episode here where I also dive into the clinical studies and results done with tapping! 

In terms of using it to manifest- I’m using it to test how I feel around my goals and then clearing out the resistance and programming my body for openness and readiness for the manifestation. Like I’ve said a million times before, it’s all about how you FEEL- so being able to immediately release resistance around a goal is absolutely amazing, and if you did this daily with your goals I have no doubt you would see things happen SO QUCKLY!

If you want to know specifically how to use tapping to manifest, check out the Weekly Download Vol. 7 inside the Membership, there's a video included! (Will be out by August 20th, 2022).

Here's a sample:

1- What is your goal?

2- What is the immediate thought/emotion you have around it?

3- What are all the thoughts saying this isn’t possible, you can’t do it- what is all the resistance?

4- And then, what do you WANT to experience instead? If you already had this manifestation what would you think, feel, do?

If you were going to tap on this, you’d go through all the points while talking through your resistance, and then once you reduce the emotional charge significantly, you’d then start programming in what you want to experience!

With tapping you are clearing out the resistance, to make room the positive. All too often we try to put positive over the resistance, and try out manifest our way out of things which as you’ve probably realized- does’t work! You can’t fake your frequency. When you legitimately release the funky emotions around a manifestation you are an open channel- physically and mentally- which you can then freely “program” in your positive vibes and leave a session feeling INCREDIBLE and ready to take on the world!

Try a week free inside the Membership to start tapping your way to your manifestations! 

Love, T



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