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When we first enter the manifestation field... It's common to learn that thoughts become things. 

We start affirming our new reality, trying desperately to control our thoughts, but not really seeing results... Why?

Because what you don't realize right away, is it's actually all about how you FEEL (not just what you think!) 

The feelings the thoughts generate in your body, the way you FEEL when you say these affirmations, or change your thoughts is actually the biggest secret of them all. Your FEELING is your frequency, and this is determining what is being drawn to you via law of attraction. 

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So when we try to just change our thoughts, but we aren't tapped into how they actually feel within our bodies- we may even start manifesting the OPPOSITE of what we actually want! 

The number one way to shift this and start to see different results, is to ask yourself- what would it feel like if I already had my desire?

Can you bring that emotion up in your body?

What would you think + feel if it was ALREADY here?

If you can easily bring up the emotion and feeling without any resistance (ie: worry, doubt, uncertainty, fear) then you are vibrational match for it. The more you hold this frequency and practice this feeling- the faster you'll see these things show up in your reality!

My favourite way to do this is to continuously remind myself all day long by playing the "What If" game. What if I already had x amount in my bank account? What if I already met my soulmate? What if I was already living in my dream home? What would I think, feel, do?

Don't worry about the "doing" or the how. If there is something you are meant to do to make this happen- it will come to you as an impulse that you can't ignore! You will end up doing it naturally. There's no need to try and figure it out- in fact, if you are trying to figure out "how" you are not embodying the end goal. If you already did it, would you be asking yourself how? No! You'd be celebrating, you'd be in satisfaction, you'd be in enjoyment.

Now, what if you are experiencing resistance? You try to bring up the emotion but there's underlying anxiety or fear with it. Or, you simply can't bring up the emotion because there's too much funky energy in the way.

That's okay- that's where some clearing comes in so you can feel free and expansive and tap into the frequency and feeling of your desire!

There's many different ways to clear resistance- but my favourite is to grab my journal, and write out ALL the thoughts that come up that say I can't have it, it's not possible, etc. Get it all out on the page.

Then with each one, you are now disproving this belief and choosing to see it differently. 

For example, let's say you want to manifest a 30k month. Your brain immediately goes...
"I've never done that before"
"I don't know how that's even possible"
"I don't believe my work is good enough for that"

Then you disprove and choose a new perspective for each one:
"I've never done that before" --> Well, there always has to be a first time, and my desires are placed within me for a reason! I trust I'm meant to grow and expand and that I CAN create my reality! 

"I don't know how that's even possible" --> I don't need to know the how. It's not my job to figure it out, so I can let go of this condition and know that the perfect impulses will come to me naturally without overthinking!

"I don't believe my work is good enough for that"  --> Actually, my work is pretty incredible. I've created some amazing content and courses that I know can help people, these concepts have changed my life immeasurably! People deserve to learn this information and there are people out there seeking what I create. 

Keep going till you start to lessen that resistance and can really see things from a more empowering viewpoint. 

Once you've done that, come back to your desire- can you assume the feeling of your wish fulfilled?
Can you tap into the version of you that is already there?
Limitless realities exist and are available to us NOW, but it's our constant focus on "what is" that keeps us stuck in the current reality. So take your focus off your current situation- and feel into, become, and embody the version of you that already has your desire! Feel into it as much as possible!

This is the key to effortless manifestations. I hope to see you inside the Feeling the Frequency Workshop or the Membership for more manifesting hacks!

Love, T 

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