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Today I had some big lightbulbs around ACCEPTANCE.

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When I look back at where I had huge quantum leaps (and effortless results) in my life (body, and then love and relationships) it was all triggered by finally finding acceptance, and a  "fuck it" moment where I finally just stopped pushing against what was, and stopped trying to change it and just LET GO. 

With my body I had struggled for so long, the idea of letting go of trying to change it and finally just living my life and being happy and satisfied with where I was and making the best of it- felt like the only option that was left; as nothing else had worked! And when I did that EVERYTHING changed. I lost 35lbs effortlessly. I was in my dream body. I was happy and fulfilled and living my dream life.

With relationships, I finally just got to a place where I was like, well- what if I was just the cool aunt? What if I was single forever and travelled and ran an empire and just loved my life and had the most fun ever with all the money and luxury and total freedom?

About 3 weeks after that I was literally engaged to my soulmate! Because I’d finally stopped pushing against what was, and I was totally open to wherever the Universe was going to bring me.

And when I think about doing this in the area of my life where I feel like I'm still resisting... it feels like a huge sigh of relief! I am still pushing so hard to have this million dollar business- even though we have an abundance of money and everything we need and want and savings and investments. I have the same fixation on my business scaling that I did with weight loss- ie: when my business is making 80-100k months everything will be perfect.  

When you think about the area of you life that you want to "fix" or change- what is it?

What if you practiced complete and total radical acceptance for what is. What if you completely stopped trying to change it? What if you just totally let it go? What if you just let it be and allowed that to be perfect? Something actionable you can do to lean into acceptance is answer these journaling prompts:

What would change in your life?

What would you do differently?

How would you feel day to day?

What would you focus on instead?

What comes up for you? I am definitely feeling inspired around this topic and curious what it brings up for you- relief, or disappointment? 

I asked you guys on IG stories and got some great answers around it feeling daunting around a release of control, and feels like settling and stagnation but also some relief.

This is such a common response. When we think of acceptance, we equate it with everything then staying the same. The irony here, is that as soon as you do practice radical acceptance- that is when it does radically change!).

If we could instead change the perspective on acceptance to being the first step to a quantum leap- would you feel differently? If you knew that as soon as you practiced genuine acceptance- you would see movement in that area like never before- would that change how you embrace it?

It’s a tricky thing- because it’s not true acceptance if you are doing it to create a change- but it may help you in feeling motivated towards practicing true acceptance.

Releasing of control is another big one- and this comes down to trust. Trusting ourselves, trusting the universe- trusting that ultimately everything is leading us to the most incredible lives we could imagine!

I always think back to when I was dieting and struggling with food. I was so scared to let go of “control” around dieting- but when I look back I was truthfully not in control at all! That’s when I was struggling the MOST with binge eating and bulimia and feeling totally out of control- so of course I thought that relinquishing that last bit of control would cause me to go completely off the rails.

What actually happened when I let go of control and practiced acceptance- was complete freedom and now feeling the most “in control” that I’ve ever felt around food because I’ve healed my relationship with it! It’s like the more I tried to control, the more out of control I felt. The more I let go- the more I am now able to easily push food away, eat to satisfaction and also live in my dream body! When I stopped trying to force or control the outcome- the  end result was better than I could have ever imagined in BOTH area’s- not just body but also in my relationships.

I think what helped for sure was starting to trust my body and realize we are all on the same team. When I realized that my body WANTED to be healthy and thriving and I didn’t need to try and control it- it became a lot more effortless.

When I realized I was deserving of love and of COURSE someone would want to be with me for life, my soulmate came in effortlessly!

And now that I think about this in terms of my business - OF COURSE there are thousands around the world that want and need my work and are searching for me- there’s nothing I need to control or force or convince anyone of!

When you think about this area of your life that you are feeling the need to fix or change- what is another perspective you can take on it that aligns you with the act of not needing to control? How can you view it, so this thing and you- absolutely want the SAME thing at the end of the day, and actually you just need to get out of the way?

I challenge you to dive deep with these questions in your journal, and really think about what it would look and feel like to let go of trying to fix or change this area and find total, peaceful acceptance with what is.

This is the first step to any massive quantum leap, so if you are feeling disappointed remind yourself that acceptance doesn't mean things stay the same, it actually means that when everything changes! 

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