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We are so used to using our conscious mind and willpower for weight loss, and we are going about it all wrong!

 Your conscious mind is such a teeny tiny percentage (1-5%) of your brain. When we only rely on consciously choosing to go on a diet, and try and willpower ourselves into weight loss, we set ourselves up for failure, because ultimately we are working against the other 95% of our brain that is actually in control of all our bodily functions (like metabolism, digestion, fat burning, muscle building, and habits).

At the end of the day, what I want you to remember is that the subconscious mind is always going to win out, which is why diets have such an abysmal failure rate (ie: only 1/200 actually keep the weight off long term- most gain it back plus interest). Your subconscious is a nice obedient thing- which can totally work in our favour if we program it correctly, or it can really screw us up and leave us wondering how the hell we got back here again!!

Your subconscious will do whatever it is programmed do to- and the majority of your subconscious is running from your internal belief system- which mainly was developed between the ages of 0-7. If you heard your Mom say when you were 5 that weight loss is so hard and she hates her body and always gains it back- guess what your subconscious takes on as truth? I have this weird thing around my arms because I heard my mom say she hates her arms and it’s stuck with me 25 years later!

Now, you don’t need to run out and hire a hypnotherapist in order to sort out where are your deep rooted beliefs are (although that can be helpful and I have an excellent hypnotherapist if you want a referral) all you need it a bit of introspection and deep look at your current reality.

If there is something currently going on with your body that you aren’t a fan of or isn’t ideal- this is A DIRECT REFLECTION OF YOUR SUBCONSCIOUS BELIEFS AND WHERE YOUR FOCUS IS. And then, when you add in the law of attraction and manifestation principles you get a double whammy of momentum towards what you don’t want!

If you are always saying “I hate my stomach, I want to lose weight off my stomach” the universe is going to deliver. You are going to continue hating your stomach and always “wanting” to lose weight there. If you start to see progress you will either self sabotage (subconscious mind) or the universe will throw a wrench in your plans through injury, sickness, etc. (Also this why I dive into self love as such a HUGE piece of manifesting your dream body!)

Either way, it all comes down your beliefs (consciously or unconsciously) and your thoughts (combined with law of attraction) that are running the show!

Back to the subconscious. All day long we are typically running on default mode. We think a certain amount of thoughts per day, and 80-90% of them are the same! No wonder nothing changes. That is why it’s so important to change your THOUGHTS in order to shift your reality. If you keep on thinking the same old thoughts, you are going to keep getting the same old results.

For my law of attraction skeptics that may not think that thoughts are that powerful, keep in mind that your THOUGHTS lead to your BELIEFS (a thought you keep thinking) which leads to your ACTIONS AND RESULTS.

If you try to change the action without changing the original thought (ie: going on a diet, or forcibly changing your behavior) you may be successful for a short period of time until the willpower runs out, but you’ll always end back up with that original thought. How could you possibly achieve your dream body while still thinking constantly “weight loss is so hard”. You can’t!

I don’t know if any of you drive standard- but think of the first time you ever learned something like a new instrument etc- you used your CONSCIOUS mind to learn it- and it was hard. Umm, yes I crashed many many cars this way. You have to constantly stay aware, thinking about what each foot is doing on each pedal, and god forbid you have to start on a HILL?!

That is dieting. Imagine if you had to consciously drive standard (without it becoming a habit) for the rest of your life. You’d stop driving pretty quick because it would be exhausting trying to think about it all the time!


Now- when we learn something subconsciously, we take away the need for willpower and conscious thought. It becomes effortless.

This is why I say in Manifesting Dream Body that weight loss can be effortless because once you program your mind right, you don’t need to consciously think about it all the time, it just happens naturally; AND THEN there is the added bonus of law of attraction, that once you get your thoughts going in the right direction, it’s like a snowball effect of momentum.


So, this is probably all sounding super great, but how the hell do we shift our subconscious minds?

Well, I dive deeper into this in my MDB Program, but step one is recognizing the beliefs that you need to shift such as “I’ll always struggle with food”

Once you bring those limiting beliefs up the surface of your conscious mind, you can watch out for them and become more aware of them day to day.For example I started doing this with my body - I always comparing myself to other women, checking my abs in the mirror, and constantly criticizing myself. I decided to consciously shift and create a new thought.

Anytime I noticed those negative thoughts creep up, I would would replace it with "I am perfectly imperfect". It took me about 3 months to shift that thought- but I was able to change it for life and stop the endless comparison game!

There are all sorts of fun techniques I teach in the course, but the subconscious responds particularly well to emotion, and visuals. Visualization is one of the most powerful things you can do.

But for now, try this- bring your subconscious limiting beliefs up the surface of your mind. What don’t you like around your body right now? (I’ll never ask you this again). What are your thoughts around it? What do you believe you need to do to lose weight? Write down alllllll the negative and annoying thoughts you have around weight loss.

Then, ask yourself is this 100% true everywhere in the world? (It never is). Find expanders, look for proof that this isn’t true. Choose a NEW thought. (Such as mine, I’m perfectly imperfect)

The main process is becoming mindful of your thoughts and your habits. Questioning the beliefs behind them. Diving into whats holding you back. When you feel resistance or anxiety, what is that coming from? What is the belief behind it?

Once you clear all that shit out of the way, you can start re-programming! To learn everything you need to know to reprogram your subconscious mind, check out my Manifesting Dream Body Course, and work with me one on one for 8 weeks!


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