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My latest addition to the Membership, is TAPFIT- a 1-2 punch combination of EFT Tapping, with a short (one song!) workout.

The benefits of this are truly incredible for your mind and success!

Let’s start with the incredible benefits of Tapping...

Tapping has been proven in over 100 clinical studies to be an extremely effective method for “shifting brain patterns that lead to unwanted thoughts, actions, and emotions such as anger, anxiety, jealously, shame, and depression. By tapping energy points on the surface of the skin while focussing the mind of a specific psychological problem or goals, the brain electrochemistry can be shifted quickly to help:

Overcome fear, guilt, shame, jealous, angry or anxiety
Changed unwanted habits and behaviours
Enhance the ability to love, succeed and enjoy life” (Feinstein, The Science Behind It All)

It’s honestly incredible! And not only that, you can change the brain in just one session and “follow up investigations have shown the clinical benefits of energy psychology protocols persist with no further treatment” (Church, 2013; Feinstin, 2012).

You can LITERALLY change a hardwired response to the brain within one tapping session, and never have that issue come up again- it’s mind blowing how powerful it is!

In terms of manifestation, mindset, and self development- this is obviously HUGE.

Let’s apply this to Dream Body. You could use tapping to go back and remove emotional charge from deep subconscious memories that have caused you to binge, or emotionally eat for years. You can use it to feel more positive around your body and therefore start creating different results. You can use it to change unwanted behaviours around overeating, self sabotage, and so much more.

One that I’m really exploring right now is just in terms of my big goals, and my anxiety. I’m using tapping to shift the fear, doubt and worry that comes up when I set large goals, so that I can continue to move towards them. In the past I would have changed my goal, self sabotaged, or let anxiety take paralyze me.

Imagine if you had a tool to help you overcome ANY limiting belief + unwanted thought/behaviour? One that is actually proven and shown in fMRI technology to physically CHANGE the brain? This is the most incredible tool!

And then, what about exercise?

Well, obviously know there are a ton of emotional and physical benefits to exercise - but in terms of changing the brain, it’s a real powerhouse.

It increases heart rate and pumps more oxygen to the brain, and aids in the release of hormones which creates a positive environment for the growth of brain cells. It also promotes brain plasticity by stimulating the growth of NEW connections between cells (exactly what we are doing with EFT!) It also boosts growth factors which makes it easier for the brain to grow new neuronal connections.

So when you combine the amazing effects of EFT with exercise, you truly have the MOST powerful method (I believe) to completely change your brain!

And not only that, I’m sure you’ve experience “runners high” in which exercises has anti-depressant like effects that drops stress hormones (which also makes it easier for thought patterns to shift and create new thought patterns). It also stimulates more cell growth in the hippocampus - the part of the brain responsible for learning and memory (and we are planting in, ie: learning new beliefs when we do EFT).

So, if you want to change any limiting belief that is holding you back from living your most successful, vibrant and fulfilling life, I highly recommend giving TAPFIT a try! Oh, and did I mention each session is only 6 minutes long? I’ve purposely made these as efficient (using Faster EFT) and as potent as possible with how I’ve structured them, as well as a “booster” if there is anything remaining for you that needs to be shifted after the session!

Here’s an example of limiting beliefs that could be holding you back and blocking your manifestations/progress:

- Believing you need to diet/exercise and be strict in order to see results in your body
- Equating hard work with success and creating a negative cycle of burn out and exhaustion

-Not believing in yourself and feeling unworthy of the success you desire (thinking you need to learn more/do more/are missing something)
-Distrustful of men/women in dating and unable to find the relationship you desire

-Thinking that growing your business must be hard/slow and holding yourself back from a quantum leap

Basically- if there’s something that you desire that hasn’t come yet- there is most likely (unless you’ve already done this work!) a limiting belief holding you and getting in the way. TAPFIT will allow you to change your brain and start seeing rapid results in any area!


*Until October 1st 2022 for a special Launch Price and then $22/month!)

Love, T


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