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What would happen if you spent an entire year completely committed to manifesting your desires?

You eliminated all the self doubt and limiting beliefs and went all in?

That is what you are going to find out, if you join The Manifestation Experiment!

1 Transformative Year.
1 Tight-Knit Group.
1 Totally New Reality.

I remember when I heard Kathrin Zenkina talk about this idea on a retreat in Bali. 

She decided she would just go all in for one year, and see what happened, and if this 'manifesting stuff' didn't work she would go back to normal. 

Obviously, she never looked back and is now running a multi-million dollar company. 

I didn't partake on this experiment in the past year purposely, but somehow- by believing in myself a little more and trusting the universe more and more- my entire life changed (seriously, everything). 

By slowly adding in more and more manifestation hacks and learning more each day, I've seen such mind-blowing results I knew I had to teach this!

So what can change in a year?

A year ago, I was a Personal Trainer and Nutritionist running a my own studio, but no longer feeling passionate about it anymore. I wanted freedom in my schedule, I wanted to be able to travel without cancelling classes and letting people down. I wanted to have a LIFE instead of living at the gym 16 hours a day. I felt so drained and did not see a way out- plus I felt immensely guilty because this was my dream originally! 

Well, let me preface this by saying if you are resonating so far- there is absolutely nothing wrong with realizing that you want something different! 

I had ended an engagement, and was very unhappy and confused in my love life. I had to move out so was living in a TINY suite in my little sisters backyard (with a mini fridge and no kitchen lol). Honestly, I wasn't quite sure where my life was headed at that point- I felt like I had everything I ever wanted and then I blew it all up into smithereens (and sometimes, that needs to happen). The year before at age 29, I was having a massive celebratory party at the gym surrounded by friends and family, engaged to an amazing man- and then age 30 I was starting COMPLETELY over. 

Then I finally started leaning into and trusting the universe. I started getting intentional about where I wanted to be (even if it seemed literally IMPOSSIBLE at the time) and I started taking the tiny, baby steps. 

I would not have believed you if you had told me that just one year from then I would be...

1.) Married to my soulmate, the man of my dreams, who is everything I've dreamed of and more. 

2.) Living in my oceanfront dream home with our two cats (after months of being in another province but having the freedom to do so with my online biz).

3.) Doing exactly what I dreamed I would be doing, but thought could never be possible for me. Living a completely FREE schedule, having an amazing incredible assistant that supports and believes in me, and making the money I want, passively. (And making this happen during a global pandemic!)

5.) Waking up inspired and creative daily, feeling surrounded by love and totally supported by the universe and knowing that in another year from now- it's going to be another 10 levels up!

Because, now I have the blueprint to make it happen, and THAT is why I'm sharing it with you too!

That is what The Manifestation Experiment is all about. You'll get ALL OF MY COURSES (seriously, ever single little and big piece of content I have ever created).  And not only that, you'll be guided for an entire year with a group of like-minded, high vibe friends, and we will crush the next 365 days, together.

I'll give you the blueprint, the content, the steps, the support, and the accountability. 

We will re-arrange and re-create your life exactly to how you desire in the next year- if you open yourself up the possibilities, and follow the guidance that is given.

I'm honestly so excited to work with the incredible people that join me for the next 365 days, and I know there is going to be such massive shifts, this is going to be the highest vibe year of your LIFE! 

Eeek! If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask, and check out the page for you own personal coupon code that is available to you!

Love love love, Tara 


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