Uncategorized Sep 03, 2020

I've been getting all sorts of signs, to sit back and wait for the guidance to come, the next steps to show me where I'm headed. 

As an Aries and an action taker- I am impatient. I want to make my goals happen right now, what do I need to do, let's make it happen vibes. 

I am constantly seeking answers. Answers from my intuition, answers in every personal development book I read, in every podcast I listen to, every tarot card I pull. I want to know what to do NEXT in order to see results in my business, relationships and life. 

But over and over again (especially since I discovered Human Design) I'm being told to wait. Rest. Relax. Wait for the invitation. Hence, the Projector Project. 

I've thought about launching ANY of my current offers and none of them feel aligned or exciting to me right now. I feel a bit like I've lost my connection with the universe because I'm so used to receiving downloads and inspiration pretty much immediately. But despite my hardest efforts, I'm not getting those little "hits". 

In my hypnotherapy session today, the answers came in loud and clear. Wait, and move faithfully forward.

I take that to mean that I need to have trust and faith that it's all working out for me, and just keep taking the baby steps towards my dreams. I want quantum leaps but I know those will come in time. 

That is the one thing that always rings true for me when it comes to manifestation...

I can't control the HOW and the WHEN - and those are the two main things that I'm trying so hard to control.

So for now, I'm going to seek wonder in the waiting. Enjoy this little pause as I finally let go of "making" it happen, and try to "allow" it to happen. 

The one thing I know for sure is that everything I've ever wanted so far has manifested, so I know it's all being woven and put together for me, under the surface. 

If you are a Projector, here are my top tips for finding the wonder in the waiting.

1.) Lots of time spent doing what you LOVE. Resting, playing, journaling, meditating, reading. 

2.) Don't force it, or try to push something that isn't quite ready to be birthed. Perhaps there is more to learn, more space to make, more rest before you are ready. 

3.) MOST importantly, don't compare yourself. Don't compare yourself to the ones that are taking massive action and seeing massive results. We all have our own perfectly imperfect journey and your task while waiting is to trust your own inner guidance. 

While writing this, it brought up memories of when I first started my Intuitive Eating Journey. I had to put my blinders on to those around me who were going on diets and seeing fast results- because I KNEW I was in it for the long game. I wanted so much more than to be on a diet for the rest of my life- I wanted food freedom, AND the dream body and I knew that I had to give myself TIME in order to see the results come to fruition. I also knew, that a year later - those people would still be going on and off diets seeing illusory results but not actually finding the freedom they truly wanted. 

When I think of my business that way, it makes total sense. Sure, I could do what everyone else is doing and do a huge launch, a livestream event, a big sales push, and see quick results in my bank account. 

But, I know that in the long game- my true goals are not be launching programs every other week and exhausting myself and forcing my goals. My long game is freedom, flow, following my intuition, and creating passive income streams that allow me to live a life of abundance AND freedom.
(Wow, the parallels to my intuitive eating journey are really really resonating with me right now).

So if I were take a note from my previous Intuitive eating journey- it would be: Blinders on. Know where you are headed, and know that you want something different than everyone else, and you don't need to hop on a diet/or marketing gimmick to make that happen. Trust the journey and know the time is necessary for the massive, lifelong rewards. 

Oh, so good! What do you think about this?

Love, Tara 


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