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Hey friends!

Today I'm chatting about the crucial mindset work required to see success in an endeavour you undertake!

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In order to have success in any journey- whether it is weight loss, starting a business, getting married- your mindset is the KEY to your success.

Without the proper mindset, you'll fail before you even begin!

Let's chat about the the mindset you need as you begin your manifesting dream body journey, and how to capture it with some actionable steps! 

You want to go into something, knowing that your success is inevitable. If you have doubts towards your success- that's okay and normal- but that is where your mindset work will come in to create effortless results. 

So when you set the intention for your journey, and notice there is "duplicitous" thoughts (ie: part of you saying yes I can do this! And other says "there is no way") then you want to address the negative one and release it early on, before it can grow and get in the way of your progress. 

If you think of it in terms of law of attraction, remember that thoughts build on each other and attract more like thoughts. If you have one negative thought it's no big deal, but if you ignore it and it continues to crop up, it can gain momentum and power- attracting more negative thoughts to it and overshadowing that original motivation and excitement. In fact, that the reason behind a LOT of failed relationships, healthy journey's, and anything else- those people allowed the negative to crowd out the positive. 

So there are two different schools of thought on this in terms of how to increase the positive, and reduce the negative. 

Abraham Hicks says to continuously focus your attention to the positive thoughts, and the negative will naturally fade away. They don't recommend working through the negative thoughts and trying to figure them out (because that only brings up more negative thoughts/more focus on them).

In my experience though, I find it helpful to address the negative emotions and turn them around. This reduces the resistance and makes me feel free to move forward. 

It is totally up to you which method to choose, but the process I'm going to share with you in a combination of both!

I want to give a real life example towards this, and a sample of my own mindset work! I've just started the challenge #75hard. It's a 75 Day Mental Toughness challenge that is meant to get you out of your comfort zone and build grit and confidence! 

The challenge is checking these things off every single day, no matter what.
1.) Take a progress picture
2.) Drink a gallon of water
3.) 2 x 45 minute workouts (one must be outdoors, and they must be done at separate times)
4.) Follow a "diet" that applies to your goals (I'm just eating intuitively)
5.) No *"junk"/alcohol (Eeek that the hardest for me)
6.) Read 10 pages of a self development book everyday

I say *junk food* but I believe in all foods being neutral. I'm using that term to explain the challenge. My goal throughout this is to intuitively eat, and if I want the cookie I'll have it- but I do want to challenge myself to question old habits/behaviours when reaching for the less nutritionally dense option.

So let's go through the mindset work in real time of what's going through my head as I sit here writing this blog post on Day 2!

1.) What is the intention?
My intention is to follow #75hard as it's written and challenge my mindset, and feel mentally TOUGH! 

2.) What are the fears and negative thoughts that crop up? 
-I can't eliminate "junk" because it will cause me to binge eat again
-I can't eliminate "junk" because my followers will be upset with me and it doesn't feel aligned with my message
-I can't let go of wine because of Wine & Wisdom Wednesdays!
-I can't let go of wine because I love it and it's a social aspect of my life
-I can't let go of wine because it is such a happy thing for me and enjoyable way to unwind. 

3.) Go through each resistant thought- challenge it and change it!
-I can't eliminate "junk" because it will cause me to binge eat again
Challenge the thought: Is that true? I don't actually know that to be true. Perhaps eliminating junk will actually make me feel much more in tune with my emotions and so much more energized, happier and aligned with my higher self. Perhaps it will be a great learning experience for me where I've gotten to the point of my journey where I can take on this challenge without falling back into old habits. Perhaps I can help women on their intuitive eating journey be able to undertake something like this and not make it about "sticking to a diet" but really challenging their minds.

Change the thought: Incorporating this aspect of the challenge will allow me to tune in more with my emotions and feel so much more energized and aligned!

See how I totally eliminated that thought? Now when I think about cutting out junk food, I feel excited about tuning into my emotions, instead of fearful of binging. The work after that is to continuously come back to that new thought, if the old one crops up again. I'll explain how to do that later on in this post!

If I hadn't addressed the thought, that could have built on itself like this:
"I can't eliminate junk because it will cause me to binge eat again"
Yeah I have never had success with that before
Yeah, this is terrible for my mental health
It's too restrictive, it's unhealthy
This isn't good for my eating disorder
I shouldn't do this
and so on. That would have built in my subconscious and conscious mind until I convinced myself not to that part of the challenge- and then I would have missed out on the opportunity to really tap into my emotions, and have this learning and growing experience. 

-I can't eliminate "junk" because my followers will be upset with me and it doesn't feel aligned with my message.
Challenge the thought: Is this true? I don't know for a fact that they will be upset with me. I can't live my life and make my choices based off what my followers thing. I need to experience my own journey and take chances and experiment with things- it's literally a huge part of my human design and personality to take on things like this and then share the journey! 

Change the thought: I really love taking on new challenges and experiences and then sharing what works/what doesn't with my followers!

-I can't let go of wine because of Wine & Wisdom Wednesdays!
Challenge the thought: Is this true? It's not required to drink wine during wine and wisdom, and I'm sure a lot of people will really appreciate a new side to it, especially people who don't drink alcohol or may feel triggered watching us drink wine. I can put delicious kombucha in my wine glass and have the same experience, plus it will be so good for me to get used to being "social" without drinking wine.

Change the thought: I'm excited to challenge myself to embrace my authentic self without using wine as a buffer or excuse. 

-I can't let go of wine because I love it and it's a social aspect of my life
Same as above 

-I can't let go of wine because it is such a happy thing for me and enjoyable way to unwind. 
Challenge the thought: Is this true? yes, but it can also be a destructive habit when I over do it, and feel groggy or hungover the next day. There are so many others ways I love unwind from going for a walk to reading, journaling, meditating, tarot cards. Trevor and I will find new ways to connect and do different things over the next 75 days which will be amazing for our marriage!

Change the thought: "I'm excited to dive into new ways to unwind and feel closer and more connected with Trevor without needing wine/alcohol"

There you have it, I literally took ALL the resistance I was feeling towards this challenge away, and now I can look at these things from a completely different perspective. I didn't even truly realize I was having these thoughts until I wrote them all out, and now I can let them go. 

So, if you have a bunch of new thoughts- it's impossible to remember them all day to day, especially if you encounter a stressful situation and the old thinking pops up and tends to get away from you.

That is where I create an all encompassing mantra that I can come back to throughout this challenge. I try to merge it all together into something I repeat to myself again and and again that brings a feeling of relief and excitement anytime those doubts come up. 

I think what feels good for me is "I'm excited to challenge my mindset, and feel more in tune with my emotions and be fully, authentically ME, while sharing the experience from a place of self love and balance" 

Then I shorten it to keep it simple: "I'm excited to challenge my mindset, tune into emotions, and be fully authentically me"

Then, I put that somewhere where I can see it! I'm writing at the top of my #75hard checklist as a reminder every time I open it.

See if you can go through that process with any goal you have in mind, and report back to me! You should feel lighter and more excited and hopeful about that original intention. 

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