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QL week Day 2! - Okay so I had to share, one of things I’ve been manifesting and hoping to take a quantum leap in has been around my own online business, but also around the coach I invested in for myself!

I have to come up with the rest of the funds by September, and today I found out she was awarding me a $1500 scholarship towards the amount owing!!!!

I was literally in shock, messaged Tara right away being like OH MY GOD IT IS HAPPENING, I had literally journaled and mediated about this maybe an hour before I found out.

And as if that wasn’t already rocking my world, I just found out I got another scholarship for another program I had applied for! And we start in September as well!

August is the month of abundance, September is looking damnnnn fine right now too!


Put in the work, align your energy and take those actions... and you won’t be let down! 1000%

Thank you Tara, I freaking LOVE you and your energy & mentorship

Tania S.

We relate to you Tara, and love your teachings and love what you have to say. Your ups AND downs help us see our own paths clearer. It helps us respect OUR OWN journeys because we know that the path isn't a straight line. It is ENERGY, forever moving. YOU DID THAT! YOU helped us see that! YOU are a rockstar!

I am SO glad my lonesome self chose to sit by you way back when at IDEA in the Lewis Howes session. There was something about how you seemed excited for life, but timid that helped me feel safe in that sea of strangers. After following you on insta and FB for all these years, I was able to see that transformation from timid to determined to conquer your fears and it has inspired me in SO many ways!

THANK YOU! Quantum Leap Week was epic. Mind Magic is transformational. I CAN'T WAIT to see what I can continue to accomplish now that I have signed up for the membership with your INSANELY generous offer. <3


So it’s working! 🎉

I went to the dentist and he told me I needed a root canal done and that I should get it done ASAP and if I was his mom that was in my situation he wouldn’t even let her leave town, without getting it done.

This was a month ago and I just had my appointment yesterday, guess WHO didn’t need a root canal after all!!!

I decided when I started quantum leap week, that I was going to feel the feelings of him telling me I didn’t need one and every time I talked about my up coming appointment, I always said I don’t think I will need the root canal but the dentist won’t be convicted until he gets in there and sees it for himself. 🎉

I just believe in it and it wasn’t even my main focus for the week.


This has totally changed my life in just 7 days. I am so excited for what the next year will bring. Thank you so much Tara for doing a free week so I could see what this was all about and change my life. Just in this week I have seen more than once what this power can do. Thank you thank you thank you!


Tara, I've been a devoted listener to your podcast for nearly a year now and my life has changed so much since I started manifesting and shaping my life. So many things have fallen I to place and I'm so thankful to you for helping me get here and to believe in myself and my abilities. Can't wait to join the monthly program xx


I just want to say thank you and congratulate you on an amazing job during Quantum Leap week!  It was so fun and I love the whole vibe of it and feel so much positive momentum moving towards my 2.0 self.  And Huge Thank You for doing the lives in the membership I was actually able to make 1 of them live!!
I didn't realize that if I was already a member I needed to still activate the quantum code (I thought that was for new members for some reason) and when I did it I was like holy shit this is so cool!  You are seriously such a bad ass I love your membership so much and Trevor is totally right you are way better than Amanda F.  Thank you so much for the past week I am so happy to be part of your membership!

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