Do you ever look at others around you, or on social media and wonder how they live such amazing lives?

Everything seems so easy for them. They have freedom, abundance, and beauty everywhere they go.

And then you look around and think "How did I end up HERE?"

I used to think those exact same thoughts. I would bitterly scroll Instagram and think "Maybe in my next life.."

But, when I discovered the unimaginable power of manifestation, everything changed. 

I'm here to teach you that you can have everything you desire. It's never too late to create your dream life.

No matter where you are right now, you can absolutely create a life full of fun, flow and freedom.

Manifest Mondays will teach you exactly how.

Enter Manifest Mondays...

A 4 Week, detailed course that will teach you absolutely everything you need to know about manifestation, mindset, vision boards, frequency, subconscious mind, alignment, money, and so much more.

Inside is 4 Weeks of Video Lessons, a very detailed Workbook, and 4 Weeks of Meditations ready for you!

This course will change everything.

"Tara's Manifest Monday course has been a game changer! I manifested a FREE SUV. How does that even happen?!!! I was 3 days away from taking out a car loan to purchase a new to me car and my grandmother calls me and says she wants to GIFT me her SUV. The universe works in amazing ways. Manifest Mondays has helped me vibe higher and realize that I CAN have what I deserve and that I don't even need to worry about the how. Thank you Tara!"



“I have never worried too much about money, as I have always seemed to have just enough for the necessities in life. Recently, my partner decided to go back to school full time, and we also became engaged! Suddenly, our money became spread very thin and some worries set in about how we could possibly afford a wedding, and even our rent from month to month. I have always believed in the power of the universe, and Tara's Manifest Monday's was exactly what I needed to give me the push to truly dive into it! In the month of watching the podcasts, my little side business has quadrupled its revenue and it hasn't slowed down! Tara is so relatable and she makes everything and anything seem possible!”


"When I started Tara’s manifest Monday’s program, I was still pretty new to the practice of manifestation, and I was still tapping into my spiritual side and awareness.

I had been stuck in a job that yes I love, but I felt like each day was getting repetitive, and I was just existing and wasn’t really living, or living in the moment. I knew there was so much more out there, and literally the first day I started the manifest Monday’s program, I felt my life completelllllly shift! I was in tears and I had no idea why! I became more aware and insightful to what I was being drawn to in my life, and these things were all made so much clearer to me! I could no longer resist and just 100% committed to the process and went with every signal I was being sent from the universe and my life began to align in a way that motivated me and excited me again! Good things, have just kept coming. Good people, have just kept coming, My purpose has just kept coming to me!

I never would have taken the leap I did to start a new journey if I had not taken this course. Tara was so supportive, encouraging and gave me all the tools I needed and taught me how to trust the process and get back to living versus just existing in a time I needed it the most. Watching my manifestations become my reality has left me in absolute awe, I am forever grateful and so happy I joined!"


"I just finished all of the videos and I LOVED LOVED LOVED it!!! I’ve done Kathrin Zenkina’s book, and MMM (plus others modules) from Amanda Frances and I honestly liked Manifest Monday’s more than those programs. 
I can’t wait to go through more of your content!!"


"I actually feel blessed to have had a hard year last year because it landed me in Tara's gym where I started a total transformation of my life. It was camouflaged as working out my body but it became apparent quickly that Tara was blessed with an ability to show me where my thoughts were holding me back from being the best version of myself. Manifestation Monday's has been eye-opening to say the least. It's changed my daily practice astronomically from always worrying and having negative or false thoughts to living with a happier mindset and positive high vibe thoughts. I've seen things happen that seem like miracles in a few short weeks. Tara's my fave high vibe connection.”


“First off, Tara Brunet is fantastic. She is a self-made entrepreneur, personal trainer and coach. Her ambition and authenticity is what gives her this radiant edge where she has the ability to connect with others and empower them to elevate their vibe and create the health/fitness/life they truly want for themselves.​Through doing her Monday Manifestation course it inspired me to continue doing this work of manifesting/Law of attraction/meditation/journaling and shifting my mindset for the rest of my life.​ Her positivity is contagious and inspiring and totally influenced me to take actions that I've been procrastinating on towards the goals I want to achieve with my career, mindset around body-live/self-esteem and also taking the next steps towards my dream career of being a self-made coach that can work from anywhere in the world. These are big goals for me and she totally helped me overcome my limiting beliefs with the tools she shared in her course.”


"If you have been considering joining Manifest Monday’s now is the time!!! Since joining I have manifested a multitude of things and feeling happier and more relaxed in myself.  I am beyond grateful for Tara’s wisdom and guidance and encourage anyone who is considering this program to take the leap!"

W E E K  1

-Manifesting Basics
-Law of Attraction Basics + Important Universal Laws
-Vibration and Frequency Basics
-Goal Setting + Dreaming
-Stepping into your Power
-What do you want to Manifest? Your Vision.
-Manifestation Tracker Tool
-Guided Audio #1: Creating your Dream Life

W E E K  2 

-Getting into Alignment 
-Visualization for Success
-Creating Your Personalized Mantra’s
-Creating Space: The Law of the Vacuum
-The Power of the Mind
-Subconscious, Neural Pathways, Placebo Effect
-The NO FAIL Steps of Manifesting
-Master your Money Mindset
-Guided Audio #2: Bringing in Money Meditation

W E E K  3

-Timing and the Higher Good
-Beliefs + Changing Identity
-You 2.0, The Alter Ego Effect
-Gratitude Vibes
-Raise the Bar
-Daily Journaling Practice- Scripting
-Create your own Manifesting Routine
-Guided Audio #2: 5 Minute Daily Meditation to CRUSH your day!

W E E K  4

-Manifesting Weight Loss
-Inspiration + High Vibe List
-Don’t even think about the HOW
-Vision Boards that WORK!
-Surrendering and Letting GO
-There are no Blocks
-Dealing with People that don’t get it
-The Future is Limitless
-Guided Audio #4: Dream Body Meditation

Your dream life awaits

Join Manifest Mondays now, and receive instant access to the Workbook, 4 Weeks of Videos and Meditations- all easily accessed through Kajabi app so you can take it anywhere with you!

I'm Ready!