Manifest Mondays


Your go-to spot for high vibe content, and all the things you need for manifesting the life you desire, and getting whatever the heck you want.

Hey! I'm Tara Brunet.
Manifestation Queen
Intuitive Eating Expert,

and mindset obsessed!

After creating my first Vision Board 5 years ago and watching every single thing come true, I was hooked. I've since devoured every book, podcast, and program I can get my hands on, on the subject of manifesting and creating your own reality. 

I have been running Manifest Mondays for almost a year now, and the results have been INCREDIBLE. 



I realized I have a MASSIVE passion for learning, teaching and developing my manifesting skills and I want to share them with you! 

Manifest Monday's are my way of sharing this amazing knowledge. In an easy to understand format that will skyrocket your life to the next level.  


Well, we are all manifesting all the time. Everything in your life has been created by your deep rooted beliefs and desires. Once I learned how to tap into this, I realized how powerful we truly are!

Since discovering the art of manifesting I've brought into my life:

My own gorgeous personal training studio/gym

Doubled my income year to year and broke 6 figures in my second year of business.

Paid off all debt 

Plane Flights

Bali Retreat

30lb Weight Loss + Recovery from Bulimia

Working with amazing brands

A beautiful waterfront cottage

A thriving online business and coaching practice

And I truly feel as if I'm just getting started...

You can utilize the magic of manifesting for ANYTHING you want to change in your life. 


A 4 Week Digital Course you can do anywhere, anytime!

What you'll receive...

A beautiful workbook with all the lessons, steps and info you'll need with space for journalling, planning and creating your dream life (PDF file that may print if you desire).

4 Live Workshops via Facebook Live so I can teach you the steps "in person" and answer any questions you may have. Not necessary to watch live, I e-mail them out too and you have access to ALL videos forever.

Access to a Private Facebook group with additional resources such as recommended books, exercises, and answers to all your questions. 

4 Guided Meditations/Visualizations to get you into that high vibe state of alignment where you can effortlessly attract anything.

Access for LIFE. That means all updated versions of this course, new meditations, and workbooks and every single live lesson! 

All recordings will also be sent out via e-mail so you have this amazing resource for LIFE!


You will learn ALL the ins and outs of manifesting- from more income to your dream body, I'm laying it all down in a simple format!

I'll teach you about setting intentions, getting into alignment, working through your blocks, visualization and vibrating at the correct frequency for results, journalling, meditation, vision boards and so much more. This is your one stop course on manifesting that you can continue to use again and again.


I'm providing this epic manifesting resource for $111 that you can use for the rest of your life to continue manifesting bigger and better things! 

(Literally, I've manifested $3500 in 4 days using this method so I know you will make this back and then some!)



I can't wait to see how much your life changes in 4 short weeks!

Have questions about the program before you're ready to sign up?


"I'll admit, I was skeptical when I signed up for Manifest Monday's. I didn't think I'd have the time or energy to commit to it with two little kids, but I was happily mistaken. It is wonderfully laid out, easy to understand, broken down into small, manageable steps, and Tara explains it better than any of the many books or podcasts I've come across. This is truly what she is meant to do, and the only thing you're doing by not signing up is MISSING OUT! I not only changed my mindset through this course, but this stuff actually WORKS. Thousands of extra dollars came my way, a really exciting opportunity fell into my lap (that I didn't even know existed before), and hey, I even got back into journaling, reading, and meditating, something I hadn't done since before kids. Thank you, Tara! This has been a game changer."



"Tara, you have been a fucking beam of light in my life the last month. I haven't been moved so deeply to pursue what I truly want in my life until now, thanks to you. I've done shitload of courses, connected and networked with successful entrepreneurs and coaches downtown Toronto - but who you're being and the fact we are from the same island just gives m such a deep level of respect and connection with you. I honestly love what you're doing. You're inspiring me everyday and I feel so goofy saying this but I honestly feel like you're a long distance long lost bff that I've technically known probably since Elementary school, but haven't actually connected with until now."


"Tara's Manifest Monday course has been a game changer! I manifested a FREE SUV. How does that even happen?!!! I was 3 days away from taking out a car loan to purchase a new to me car and my grandmother calls me and says she wants to GIFT me her SUV. The universe works in amazing ways. Manifest Mondays has helped me vibe higher and realize that I CAN have what I deserve and that I don't even need to worry about the how. Thank you Tara!"


"First off, Tara Brunet is fantastic. She is a self-made entrepreneur, personal trainer and coach. Her ambition and authenticity is what gives her this radiant edge where she has the ability to connect with others and empower them to elevate their vibe and create the health/fitness/life they truly want for themselves.

Through doing her Monday Manifestation course it inspired me to continue doing this work of manifesting/Law of attraction/meditation/journaling and shifting my mindset for the rest of my life.

Her positivity is contagious and inspiring and totally influenced me to take actions that I've been procrastinating on towards the goals I want to achieve with my career, mindset around body-live/self-esteem and also taking the next steps towards my dream career of being a self-made coach that can work from anywhere in the world. These are big goals for me and she totally helped me overcome my limiting beliefs with the tools she shared in her course."


"I highly recommend Tara and any of her coaching courses / personal training because she is the type of person you want to have in your life if you're committed to elevating your game in life. I have an abundant amount of love and appreciation for this girl - thank you thank you thank you!"


"I'm loving it, and really working on carving out the time for me to work through it! Your videos are amazing! You're SO passionate and it shines through!! It makes all of this so much more understandable and easy to follow! I love reading everyone's manifestations, seriously keep up the AMAZING work!!! I'm excited for what's to come!"


"I actually feel blessed to have had a hard year last year because it landed me in Tara's gym where I started a total transformation of my life. It was camouflaged as working out my body but it became apparent quickly that Tara was blessed with an ability to show me where my thoughts were holding me back from being the best version of myself. Manifestation Monday's has been eye-opening to say the least. It's changed my daily practice astronomically from always worrying and having negative or false thoughts to living with a happier mindset and positive high vibe thoughts. I've seen things happen that seem like miracles in a few short weeks. Tara's my fave high vibe connection."


"I have never worried too much about money, as I have always seemed to have just enough for the necessities in life. Recently, my partner decided to go back to school full time, and we also became engaged! Suddenly, our money became spread very thin and some worries set in about how we could possibly afford a wedding, and even our rent from month to month. I have always believe in the power of the universe, and Tara's Manifest Monday's was exactly what I needed to give me the push to truly dive into it! In the month of watching the podcasts, my little side business has quadrupled its revenue and it hasn't slowed down! Tara is so relatable and she makes everything and anything seem possible!"