Let me give it to you straight:
You can eat whatever you want, and be in your Dream Body.

It doesn't have to be hard.

You don't need to workout (unless you want to)

You don't need to cut ANYTHING out.

It took me 16 long years to learn how to work WITH my body instead of against it, but once I mastered the principles inside this course- the weight just fell off me.

The dieting industry makes a lot of money from having you believe that weight loss is always going to be a never-ending struggle of diets and restriction.

The truth is, that there are millions of women out there are "naturally thin" and it's not because of their metabolism, it's because of their beliefs.

When I adopted the beliefs of a naturally thin person, I was shocked to see how easy it was to morph into my dream body.

That's why I created this course! To give you everything you need to know to find food freedom, live in a body you love, and achieve effortless results towards your dream body. I promise you, it gets to be so much easier that you ever imagined.


Enter the MDB Program...

A full on, 10 Week course that will teach you how to manifest your dream body once and for all- NO DIETING required!

I'll teach you through a very comprehensive 10 Week Workbook, 10 Video Lessons, and 10 weeks of Meditations.

You'll have access for life- and have all the tools you need to shift your mind first- and see effortless results in your body. 

I want all women in the world to find food freedom, and live in a body they love- and that's why I created this course.

"Tara's Manifesting Dream Body course is amazing! Her knowledge on the subject is incredible. I felt guided and supported throughout the entire program, and I know that will continue well beyond the eight weeks. I learnt so much about myself and have numerous tools from the program to work with moving forward. Everything she teaches rang true for me and I am forever grateful for the work she is doing. I feel like a better version of myself has come from working with Tara, and it's just beginning!"



I feel so much better. 
Food wise, I am not obsessing anymore.

I'm dropping weight at a speed like it's unbelievable- I don't really understand how.

I've come to a place where I don't hate my body anymore, and I am able to look at myself in the mirror and think I look great. 

I'm losing so much weight that my jeans are falling off!
I'm enjoying life, dealing with food is so much easier since I don't restrict myself anymore! I eat anything, stop when I'm full and life has been good!

I wanted to thank you so much because I feel so blessed to have met you through Facebook and Instagram. I think you are a great great person and you are doing really great out there. ”


"I started following Tara on Facebook and instagram a few months ago.  My daughter had taken her Manifest Mondays course and recently signed up for the Manifesting Your Dream Body course.  I was intrigued by the courses, yet felt hesitant to try them for a few reasons. The first reason was fear. I was most afraid to face up to issues in my life that had caused me to always struggle with my weight.  I knew deep down inside that Tara would help me get to the root cause and that terrified me. The second reason that I hesitated was, I couldn’t see how just visualizing something and changing your thoughts could affect your weight and how you lived your life.

I took a leap of faith and decided to go for it  and began the course on June 1st.  The first week seemed pretty easy  and I smugly thought to myself, “this is going to be so easy.”

That changed pretty quickly as we dug deeper into the course.  I had never meditated or participated in hypnosis prior to this course.  I thought it was a load of crap. I quickly learned that the mediations and hypnosis were very powerful tools in this course.  I now have the ability to shift very easily into a meditative or hypnotic state when I listen to Tara’s mediations. I listen to them every day and truly feel them.  I can’t imagine my day without it.

I had a very difficult time believing that all foods were equal.  I have spent years limiting what I eat and always being so careful, but could never lose the 20 pounds that I so desperately wanted to lose.  I told myself that I would feel happy if I just lost the weight. I trusted Tara and took the plunge and ate what I craved and learned to eat only when hungry.  Guess what? It didn’t make me gain weight. I have now embraced that philosophy and the freedom that I have with food is incredible.  

You will experience many highs and lows as you go through journey.  The weekly coaching calls were a life saver. Tara helped me face the most difficult period in my life and I have been able to release that burden from my life.  She is always there to help you and guide you. She checks in on you on a regular basis. You can text or email her anytime with questions or if you are having a bad day.  

I have completed the 8 week program, but it is far from over.  This is something that I will continue to use and practice for the rest of my life.  Tara has taught me how to become grateful for my life and for my body. I have not lost all the weight yet, but that will come as I continue down this path.  I now attend her bootcamp classes every week and love them. Tara is so patient and will adapt exercises for you as needed. Bootcamp used to be so far out of my comfort zone and I never would have attempted a class before I took the course.  

I am so grateful that I met this beautiful and inspiration woman!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

W E E K  1

My Story
Intuitive Eating + Manifestation
LOA and Your Body
IE #1: Reject the Diet Mentality
Manifesting Basics
Imagine + Intention
Create Your Dream Body
You 2.0
Self Love Section: Fill Your Feeds
Dream Body Meditation

W E E K  2 

IE #2: Honour Your Hunger
Beliefs + Blocks
Hunger Beliefs
"The Work"
New Beliefs/ Mantra's
Self Love Section: Mirror Work
Self Love + Energizing Meditation

W E E K  3

IE #3: Making Peace with Food
Align + Affirm
Getting into Alignment
The Power of the Mind
Subconscious, NeuralPathways + The Placebo Effect
Food as a Placebo
Self Love Section: Self Talk + Gratitude
Self Love Meditation

W E E K  4

IE: #4 Feeling Fullness
Visualize + Vibe
Top Tips for Visualizing
Healing your Body with your Mind
Journaling + Scripting
Self Love Section: Forgiveness
Forgiveness Meditation

W E E K  5 

IE #5: Satisfaction
Notice the Nudges
Beat Binge Eating: Flip the Perception
Binge Eating Triggers: Recognize + Release
Inspiration + Expanders
Decide Your Rules
Self Love Section: I love you
Manifesting Hypnosis

W E E K  6

IE #6: Exercise Empowerment
Gratitude + Good Things
The Woo Woo Workout
Manifesting Morning Ritual
Crystals + Tarot Cards
Self Love Section: Burn the Bullshit Stories!
Woo Woo Workout Meditation

W E E K  7

IE #7: Honour Feelings without Food
Surrender Success
Dealing with Self-Sabotage: Food/ Fitness/ Injury/Sickness
Live in the Grey
Dream Body Boards
Self Love Section: Pamper Time
Feeling Lightness and Leaning In Meditation

W E E K  8

IE #8: Inside Out Nutrition
Nutrition Nudges
Cravings or Coping?
Shifting + Creating Energy
Manifesting Energy + Time
Self Love Section: Finding Strength
Increasing Metabolism Hypnosis

W E E K  9 

Maintaining Your Dream Body
Tips & Tricks to Maintain
Moving Past Plateaus
Coming Back to the Basics
Next Level Fitness
The Maintentance Process

W E E K  1 0 

Dream Body + Pregnancy!
How to maintain a positive mindset around body shifts during pregnancy and continue to feel the frequency of your dream body - so you can feel amazing before, during, and after pregnancy!

N E W...

For the upcoming round starting October 24th, I'll be adding weekly EFT tapping sessions to go along with each module, to allow you to eradicate limiting beliefs and see much faster changes in your mind and body!


"I feel so much lighter and free right now. I feel ready to let go, trust and step into the version of myself that I have always dreamed of.

At the beginning of this course, it was about losing weight. Today, it is about loving and accepting myself in any shape or form, something I never thought possible.

Tara, I cannot thank you enough. Beyond grateful for you and your support and for creating this safe space. What an amazing journey. I have never been so excited to keep going and continue in this new and better version of myself."



"Tara has such a vibrant positive energy about her and she is an amazing coach. I am a mom of 3 kids and really wanted to get in shape and have more energy. I somehow happened to watch her Facebook lives during the Thanksgiving weekend and loved how her approach was so different and yet so effective. It resonated well with me and I joined her Manifesting Dream Body program. Soon after joining though some turn of events happened for me personally that Tara helped coach me not only in intuitive eating & mindset but also became a life and business coach to help me navigate through transitions. I’ve had major breakthroughs and highly recommend Tara."


“Tara has literally changed my life. Although, perhaps a more accurate statement would be that she has given me the tools to change my life myself, and I am forever grateful for it. While my lowest point in my relationship with food & my body was while I was in high school, I let those habits creep into my adulthood. What used to be laxatives, diet pills, purging, starvation, and hatred turned into “healthier options” like cleanses, diets, “normal” food rules, workout schedules, reading health books, and following “health and fitness gurus.” ....but I still never felt that I was good enough. It turns out that this was because I was focused on all the things that I wasn’t (skinny, size 0, etc.). Tara teaches you how to change this and focus on all the things that you ARE. The Manifesting Dream Body course helped me understand the beliefs that were weighing me down (literally and figuratively), and how I can actually empower and trust myself. I have never felt so in tune with food and my body before. Thanks to Tara, I’m understanding the language I use around food and my body, the beliefs that can either limit or empower me, and all the ways I can supercharge my happiness. It’s a process and I’m still working on it, but I couldn’t imagine my life without having done the Dream Body course. Thank you, Tara, for being the brave and beautiful soul that you are and teaching so many women how to love themselves again!"


"I remember the morning I found Tara’s work. I had been on a crazy shakes & fasting diet in the summer, lost a bunch of weight, got stressed with a cross-country move and gained it all back in literally a week. I was moving to Texas, trapped in a UHaul, eating fast food on the road, feeling super guilty and packing on the pounds! I remember being anxious for the entire ride, and going to bed in a motel in Louisiana the last leg of the trip, asking the Universe to free me. 

I KNEW there had to be a way to manifest weight off, keep it off, and be able to enjoy foods. I asked myself what would I tell myself if I was living and teaching as that person, if only the Universe could guide me. I needed a teacher. That morning, I saw a post from Tara in the Manifestation Babes Facebook group about her weight loss. I found her instagram, website, and Manifesting Dream Body Course and knew this was the exact answer I needed! I immediately signed up for Manifesting Dream Body, and it was the best thing I ever did!

The first few weeks were a rollercoaster of a journey. Bouts of motivation then downs where I felt I anxious and like I couldn’t change. This is where Tara’s coaching changed my life! Being able to have someone to voice my blocks too - like how I would get stressed putting on clothes every morning, look at images of my thinnest times and get sad, jeopardize my social life to avoid food or make sure to be up for a 6AM 10-mile run, etc - and help me realize that they were just some bad habits and beliefs I was holding on to, shifted my life. She also encouraged me to start living the life I wanted - beyond just my weight - and I’ve started working toward my dream career! MDB is so much more than just a “diet” course, it is full transformation!

I started becoming free! I went on my first diet at 13, and had been obsessed with “is this going to make me fat or skinny” ever since. I can’t tell y’all how many nights I would stay up anxious about what I ate and how I had to work it off, and how much weight I would or had gained. I used to be so scared of eating I never felt full and would always be thinking about what I was going to, or not allowed to, eat next. 

Well, not anymore!!!! I have a completely different relationship with food, working out and myself - and I lost over 20lbs! I work out less, and eat whatever I want. Now I enjoy seeing my reflection and getting dressed - and have stopped having my first thoughts every morning be about how much I hate my body! Tara opened my eyes that all the things I was jealous of and wanting were a possibility that could exist for me once I made loving myself a priority. I no longer stress and obsess about my next meals and workouts, and I am able to finally have freedom! I can appreciate my beauty and listen to my hunger and energy levels for the first time. 

I would recommend MDB to anyone! The Facebook group is a great community and always encouraging.  Tara is like a soul sister, she is always there for us and her journey is so real and relatable. The meditations and workbook I still go through when I feel like I need to, and I loved that I can go at my own pace. I knew all this deep in me for years and couldn’t get it to manifest, since I was holding on to so many emotions and beliefs that didn’t serve me, until I committed to MDB.

Thank you SO much Tara!"

Your dream body awaits!

Join MDB now, and receive instant access to the previous MDB Course- all easily accessed through Kajabi app so you can take it anywhere with you!

There is an ALL NEW Round starting on October 24th, 2022!

I'm Ready!


Working with Tara is so wonderful.  She is such a positive, bright, beaming light. She’s so supportive and truly believes in everything she is doing - and has made me a believer too!!  Not only does she know what she’s talking about - she’s lived it. 

This course made me realize I can have TRUE food freedom. It’s so relaxing to not have to WORRY about food anymore - listening to friends counting their calories and trying new diets, judging themselves for making ‘bad’ choices. There’s no judgment for me and food anymore. Tara helps you take away the guilt and helps you learn to love your body and your whole self. 

So grateful for her and this course!!



"Since starting Tara's Intuitive Eating Program I have learned some pretty amazing skills that I am excited to build and improve on. The premise of intuitive eating as a "journey" has helped eliminate a lot of the shame and guilt-eating I experienced whenever I would "fail" at diets. I have a lot to learn but so far am loving the "small successes" (maybe small to you, but HUGE for me) like not overeating until I feel sick on a food that I always thought I had "no control around", and actually noticing the difference between eating because I'm hungry, or eating because I'm stressed. I'm slowly learning to appreciate my body for what it's great at, instead of being hung up on what I thought it should look like. This program has given me hope for repairing my relationship with food and my body for the first time in my life."


Tara has changed my life physically and mentally. I have been working with her since her epic “Fitmas” debut last December (2016). I had gained 30 solid pounds of baby weight; I was 3 months postpartum feeling like a lost soul and didn’t recognize the person in the mirror. I was feeling discouraged because my body/weight wasn’t going back to normal with all of the things I did pre-baby that kept me in shape. I also wanted to break the unhealthy view of food that has been in my family for years. I don’t want my daughter to grow up feeling guilty about any “bad” food she ingests, and to feel like it needs to be worked off immediately. I want to take away the shame of eating and break the cycle. SO, I reached out to Tara. I was certain there wasn’t much we could do together since I live 2 hours away…boy, was I wrong!

I did my workouts from home while my baby napped…or joined in. I was/am in heaven! My little one loves trying to add her body weight to my plank, or figure out how to do downward dog too. Tara and I have never met in person to this day; however, I feel like she is already a great friend and someone I owe my happiness to right now. The heaviness that food has had over me for years is gone. I feel free. It’s now August 2017, and with my new understanding of how food works together, and my 20 min a day workouts, I am back to my strong pre-baby body and loving life way more than before! I was totally mentally unhealthy before, and now I feel healthy inside and out. I’m about to break out into tears right now due to how happy I am that I can be a better food role model for my daughter, and I owe it all to lovely, lovely, Tara.


The 20 minute daily workouts BLOW MY MIND…and my cardiovascular system! When I joined back around Christmas 2016, I was 3 months post-partum and 30 pounds heavier than I wanted to be. I wanted to get my life back together and start feeling strong again! I did the nutritional package with Tara and have done every monthly challenge since (it’s now August 2017). Mentally, I feel empowered. I now know how to be a great “food role-model” for my daughter. Physically, I am back to where I was pre-baby and feeling better than ever! My stress and anxiety are under control because I get a great workout in daily. My daughter even helps add extra weight to my workouts…by climbing all over, but it’s awesome! I’m excited for when she can “help mom”… and grab me water! Haha On a serious note, Tara and I have still never met to this day, but she is an extremely special person to me. I feel like she’s a really close friend already, and I am excited for a wine night!! Hehe I think I can honestly say that my household LOVES this woman! X0x0 

Are You Ready for Food Freedom and a Body you LOVE?

Sign up now, and I'll see you on the inside!



Life Changing.

I have an eating disorder, although, you DON'T need to have an eating disorder to benefit from this program. I have been in a program for eating disorders in the past and didn't have the success that I had with Tara's program. The program flows very well, incorporating all the elements of body, mind and soul. It requires commitment on your part to get the most benefit out of it... weekly reading, etc. I know I lost weight, but I don't know how much, because you learn that it isn't about that. I am so much stronger.

I had a breakthrough with this course about 3/4 of the way in. I saw the light for the 1st time since I have had my eating disorder, and I have had it half of my life. I know I can get on the healing side of this now. Tara is so kind, never judges, and has the ability to make you feel so comfortable. She is encouraging and applauding you, and it is so worth it! She is always open to feedback, and is genuinely interested in your success. She devised this program so you will succeed.

I am so grateful to Tara for creating this program. You will not be disappointed for investing in yourself. You are worth it, and remember 2 words...Life Changing!