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Where Massive Success & Naps co-exist.

Welcome to The Projector Paradigm

Hard work and hustle are out - it's the Projectors time to shine. 

We are coming into a new age, where we are finally finding our place in this world- as the guides, the teachers, the overseers. 

If you are anything like me, I'm sure you took a huge sigh of relief when you first found out about HD and that Projectors are "not here to work".

When I discovered Human Design, I felt like I was truly being SEEN for the first time. After a lifelong dependence on energy drinks, caffeine pills, ephedrine, and anything else I could use to keep up, I was exhausted.

I was getting better at giving myself the rest I needed, but it wasn't without a healthy dose of guilt and shame. 

I remember one time, I was at home laying on the couch watching TV and I have this vivid memory of shame come over me and a voice in my head said: "You will never be successful when you are so lazy".

And from there, I feel like I've been fighting to balance my desire for success and my need for rest ever since.

When I found Human Design, I felt like someone had finally given me permission to rest. Not only that, they were encouraging it for my success! 

Slowly but surely, my lifestyle has done a drastic 180, and I continue to see increasing success in all areas- with more rest than ever!

And that is what I am here to teach you. How to create a life where you get paid for being you, and live the true success that you are designed for. 

Energetics of Money

Money isn't an action game, it's an energy game. I'll teach you the key things for every Projector to know when they want to increase their impact, invitations, and income! This module will use manifestation, combined with your personal gates/channels/centres.

Gene Keys + G-Centre

Breaking down your personal gene keys for purpose, abundance, & life's work- and the shadows that may be keeping you stuck! All with very applicable action steps. This module that will bring you ALL of the "ah-ha" moments and breakthroughs!

You Are A Light

We are diving into how to do things YOUR way for overflowing invitations and success! All about self worth, tapping into your intuition, and having fun in the "waiting". We will also cover marketing strategies for Projectors in business. 

 Overflow & Ease

You don't need to be an entrepreneur to be a successful Projector! I will teach you how to bend reality to start working around YOU instead of you trying to keep up with it! You can design a life filled with ease and overflow in all areas. 


Did you know, that your entire existence on this earth is not for you to prove your productivity and worthiness in order to see success?

I sure didn't! 

I am still working on the realization that I don't need to prove anything to anyone in order to be wildly successful- and productivity is not a measure of my worthiness. 

This will be an important aspect of our 4 weeks together, where you learn you are worthy- simply because you are- and you don't need to "do" so much- the doing is actually what may be holding you back! 

Your purpose is so much greater than what you get done in a day, and I can't wait for you step into a new paradigm where you can accept incredible things into your life- while taking care of YOU, first.

4 + Hours of Video Content

4 Weeks of lessons designed to teach you everything you need to know so you can apply your human design and truly shine as a Projector. 

The Projector Project Journal

A workbook and journal combined, your one stop access to all of the best projector journaling prompts and insights to your human design for daily journaling. 

Community for Life

You have lifetime access to this course, as well as the Private Facebook Community where you'll meet like-minded Projectors that are on the same journey. 

Are You Ready for Massive Success... Projector Style?

Let's Do It

Meet Your Projector Teacher...

I'm Tara- and I've learned all about being Projector, the hard way. I went through the struggle, and then found success from following my human design. I am a 1/3 Projector- which means I am meant to trial things and then teach on them. My favourite thing to do is to experiment with techniques, and then share what works; and I have got this Projector thing down to a science.

I've built a thriving online business while taking naps, meeting my soulmate and living my absolute dream life of freedom and joy- and you can too!

Oh, and my husband is also a wonderfully successful Projector who is truly the embodiment of living by his design- in a completely different way than me, so I'll be sharing his insights as well!