Are you stuck in a rut with your morning routine and workouts?

Or maybe, *gasp* you don't have a routine at all?

Are you feeling uninspired and just kind of.. BLAH?

A solid morning routine COMPLETELY changed my life. 

I designed Sweat Soul Smile to marry my two loves:
Fitness + Training
Meditation + Mindset

I know it can be hard to stick to a workout, meditation AND mindset routine, who has the time??


SSS is just 15 minutes a day. 

Just press play and do an 8-10 minute bodyweight workout with me (can be modified for all levels). Then allow yourself to be guided through a meditation, and then follow that day's manifestation prompt that I give you. 

I am handing you your perfect morning routine for energy, clarity, happiness and HIGH VIBES in a beautiful, one month package. 

Sweat, Soul, Smile

Workouts designed with happiness in mind.

I want you to get maximum results, in minimal time. 

Inside are extremely effective workouts that will challenge you and change you in just 10 minutes a day, combined with a different daily meditation, and "happiness homework" each day. 

Over the month you'll get clarity, focus, fitness, and happiness- all wrapped up into one package!

"That was killer. And I had to modify the modifications, haha!

It really has shifted my perception of exercising and for that I'm truly grateful.

No one could have predicted that outcome , definitely not me.
Thanks Tara!



Just did the nighttime routine from day 11 and loved it! Ready for a good sweat session tomorrow morning!! And then a new week of SSS on Monday! This whole program is honestly keeping me sane during this busy time. Thank you Tara! Once the 4 weeks are over I'll definitely do a round 2!


I love this program SO. DAMN. MUCH. My days are so much more productive when I do my SSS! Initially I planned to get up before my kids and do it first, but the early mornings just weren’t for me. I end up doing it after breakfast when I have a quiet moment and it’s working out great! Can’t wait for cardio day tomorrow, I’m taking a long walk with my dog after I drop the kids at school and listening to the meditation.

Also, I loooove when you pump yourself up during your workout when things are tough! It reminds me to stop telling myself how hard it is!


T H E   F O R M A T 

-Inside you'll find a beautiful booklet with your weekly calendars, all laid out for you.
-Your workouts will vary between:

No two workouts are the same, I'll always keep you interested and challenged!

T H E  V I D E O S 

-Press play each morning and you'll be guided through that days activity right alongside me!

-You can access all videos through your phone, tablet, or smart TV.

-Video's can also be downloaded to watch without wifi! 

-All videos are 15 minutes or less, to take away the "no time" excuse. 

T H E  W O R K O U T S

-All workouts require ZERO equipment, you just need your body and the space of a yoga mat!

-I have been a personal trainer for years, and provide modifications for every exercise so there is not need to jump or go high intensity if you aren't there yet.

-I keep it fun and exciting, and you get to watch me suffer along with you!

H O M E W O R K 

-Each day, I will provide "Happiness Homework" that varies from manifestation hacks to practice, or a journaling prompt. 

-We dive into gratitude, powerful self development exercises, affirmations and more. 

-All the happiness homework is designed to get you in the perfect mindset to start your day the high vibe way!

Your perfect morning routine awaits!

Join SSS now, and receive instant access to the Calendar, 4 Weeks of Videos and Meditations- all easily accessed through Kajabi app so you can take it anywhere with you!

I'm Ready!