Workouts designed with happiness in mind.





A common theme I've noticed in my life as well as all of my coaching clients- is that a workout always gets you into a higher vibe state.

I don't think I ever seen anyone leave a workout not happier than they were when they came in.

There is just something about breaking a sweat (in any way you enjoy) that always makes you feel powerful, happier, and like life is a little bit easier.


I realized that on the days I break a sweat (even if it's just 10 minutes!) I am so much happier, productive, and efficient.

We all know I'm obsessed with manifestation, but I wanted to combine my two loves in a way that makes it accessible for everyone, and for the GOAL to be happiness. (Not weight loss, or aesthetics).

So, my latest adventure is the SWEAT, SOUL, SMILE program where I'm putting together...


WORKOUTS (10-15 minutes suitable for any level)


ALL THE HAPPINESS tips and aimed at making you feel amazing.


For $111 you will receive...


  • 15 Workouts WITH full length videos (so you can either do them alongside me, or on your own- but they require zero equipment).

  • 15 Five minute meditations to utilize post workout and get you intentional around your day.

  • 15 Journaling/Happiness Prompts Exercises to help you live your happiest, high vibe life.

  • 30 Day Calendar Schedule of workouts, meditations, exercises to check off for my Type A's!

  • Your commitment is ALWAYS 15 minutes a day or less.

  • Bonus High Vibe Facebook Group with Live Workouts inside!

This is meant to be 30 days of alignment that will help you reach your happiest, high vibe self and feel like the powerful bad-ass you truly are!

You can start this anytime, but we will start all together MONDAY March 16th in the Facebook Group!

*If you are interested in MANIFEST MONDAYS and Sweat Soul Smile, I have a special bundle for you!


These two programs work perfectly together, as you learn everything you need to know about manifestation, quantum physics and how to design your dream life- and pair it with a 15 minute daily routine of SSS- you will be a manifesting machine! 


It all starts together on Monday, March 16th!


Get BOTH for $200! ($22 off).


Let's make this next 30 days absolutely amazing!

What is the commitment?

Sweat, Soul, Smile is 15 minutes per day, 5 x a week.

Manifest Mondays is a 1 Hour Video per week. There is approximately 30 min of journaling/homework per week with a weekly meditation. 


You have lifetime access to both! 


Do I need any equipment?

All you need is a yoga mat, your body, and a tiny bit of space. (Ie: Space for the yoga mat).

How fit do I need to be?

These workouts are suitable for all levels, from beginner to advanced. I provide modifications for everything!