Raise My Vibes!

Did you know that all emotions have measurable energy?

Each emotion has a specific frequency, and this frequency is truly creating the reality surrounding you. You may have heard the saying "Your vibe attracts your tribe" and this is absolutely true! 

Through law of attraction, we draw in thoughts, feelings, actions, people, and opportunities that match the frequency we are operating on. 

Manifesting Emotions vs. Things

When we set intentions around things we desire to bring into our life, the ONLY reason we want them is because of the FEELING we think we will have once we get it.

When we set intentions based off the physical- we are automatically limiting ourselves. There is SO much more available to us than we can even comprehend, yet our ego gets in the way when manifesting and wanting to "prove itself".

When we are ask for a new car- the Universe could actually bring us a private jet.

There is also a lot of resistance that comes with setting an intention with physical items too. All of a sudden our brain gets in the way with all of its limiting beliefs, and starts wondering "but how?" 

So imagine if we flipped the script, and learned how to not only intentionally manifest our EMOTIONS, but then experience all the magical abundance we can't even comprehend as a result!

Through learning to elevate our emotions- we elevate our results.

And it's a whole lot easier to focus on bringing in a FEELING than a new car. Plus, isn't the number one thing we all desire more happiness? What if you could create happiness first, and let the universe fill in the details?

And the best part is, as you can see- you don't need to be at enlightenment to see a major improvement in your frequency. 

Even if you simply move from Shame into Anger- you are creating a drastic shift in your vibration = drastic change in your results. 

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What's the Scoop?

  • 10 Days of Live Video Lessons (with lifetime access!) 
  • Everything you need to know about accessing the Frequency of Emotions
  • A simple 10 minute daily practice to elevate you significantly up the scale (from wherever you are).
  • How to sit with fear, discomfort, and anxiety without going into self sabotage
  • How to release stagnant emotions
  • How to use Manifestation to create more of certain emotions
  • How to identify the feeling of a specific manifestation in order to manifest it faster and easier (and remain open to something even better!)
  • How to connect with your body and truly feel the vibration of each emotion
  • How to "Climb the Vibrational Ladder" through journaling, visualization, or my personal favourite- typing!
  • The Frequency of Happiness Workbook that you can come back to for LIFE.
  • Frequency of Happiness Meditation that is specifically tuned to the vibration of happiness with binaural beats and positive affirmations.

  • $222 USD for lifetime access!

    Let's get on the Happiness Frequency! 


I want all the Happiness Vibes!

Hey, I'm Tara!

And I'm pretty damn happy most of the time. One of my favourite compliments that people give to me is around my infectious positive energy. 

It wasn't always this way... For a long time I stuffed down my emotions by any means possible, and hid behind a fake smile. I had no idea how to move through negative emotions- I just thought they were "wrong" and "bad" and I should avoid feeling them at all costs.

These days, I'm genuinely thrilled with the life I've created- and it never would have been possible if I hadn't learned how to identify and actually feel emotions and sit with discomfort and fear, in order to create true happiness.

I've been through anxiety, depression, and eating disorders- and I've done a whole lot of counselling along the way. My biggest life changing discovery was learning it was SAFE to feel what was coming up, and I didn't need to continually push it down, or run away from it.

Unfortunately, what we resist, persists. I want to teach you how to allow the negative & learn from it- and then move up the vibrational scale in order to raise your frequency to get on the level of your dream life.

I'm purely teaching this course from my own methods, beliefs, and practices- I do not have a counselling background, but this course will meet you exactly where you are, and teach you how to raise your frequency and start gaining momentum to the level of happiness you desire.