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Any or all of:
Manifest Mondays
Sweat Soul Smile
Manifesting Dream Body
1 Year Membership

Example: If you purchased Manifest Mondays at $330, and Manifesting Dream Body at $1100, you will only pay $70 for the entire year!!

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30 Days No Commitment

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12 Monthly Payments

  • Committing to the Year Experiment
  • Lifetime Access to the Courses included.
  • Paying interest to use Payment Plan.



Minus Your Discount Code

  • Option to receive discount if purchased courses previously.
  • 1 Year Commitment
  • Lifetime Access to the Courses included.
  • No interest fees. 

* Do you feel totally stuck in life?

* Do you feel like there has got to be more for you?

* Do you feel alone and like no one really gets your big dreams?

* Do you feel overwhelmed on how to make a change in your life and wondering where to even begin?

* Are you waiting for something to come along and push you into action?

* Do you wish you had a group of like-minded souls supporting you every step along the way?

* Do you wish you had someone to just give you guidance and the action steps on how to turn your dreams into reality?

Allow me to grant you a new reality.

One with limitless possibilities.

The guidance, support, and accountability you need to see your goals through. 

The knowledge (and application) to become a manifesting master.

The friendships that will lift you up and inspire you.

The inspiration that will keep you motivated and high vibe throughout the whole year.

The answers you've been searching for to create whatever you desire in the next 12 months.

The Manifestation Experiment is designed to give the support and guidance you need to see a massive transformation, in all areas of life.

I Want In On The Experiment!

What could change if you dedicated one year of your life, to going all in?

If you finally just believed in yourself whole heartedly? 

If you made the decision on your desires, and didn't let doubt get in the way?

If you committed to something big and life-changing?

If you finally put it all on the line, and got to watch your entire reality shift as a result?

If you learned how to leverage the power of the universe that is aching to support your every wish?

If spent a year, letting it be effortless, easy, and magical?


My Manifestation Experiment

One year ago, I did this experiment myself. I opened myself up to limitless possibilities and I went all in on my desires. Here's what shifted...

I retired my first full time business of owning a gym and personal training studio, because I wanted the freedom of being entirely online. I went from being a gym owner, nutritionist and personal trainer- to a full time online manifestation expert and coach- while steadily increasing my income (20k-25k months) along the way.

I moved out of my sisters backyard, into my dream, oceanfront home. I got everything on my list, from outdoor pool to gym, and a dock steps from my door.

I also recovered from an 16 year eating disorder (Binge eating and Bulimia) and lost 35lbs while eating MORE, and working out LESS- using manifestation principles to finally break free of dieting.

With my newfound freedom, I was free to travel and flew to Toronto to surprise my online bestie. It was there that I met my soulmate, and got engaged within two weeks- and married 3 months later!

I'm now living in my beautiful home with my husband, our two cats and I'm truly living my dream life everyday. My schedule is completely open and I'm free to create and teach on what I LOVE all while being supported through passive income.

In short- absolutely EVERYTHING can change in one year, and now I've got the guidance and all the tools to support you along the way- which means you can experience 10x the shifts that I have, if you so desire! 

"Literally the first day I started diving into Tara's work, I felt my life completely shift!

I was in tears and I had no idea why. I became more aware and insightful to what I was being drawn to in my life, and these things were all made so much clearer to me!

I could no longer resist and just 100% committed to the process and went with every signal I was being sent from the universe and my life began to align in a way that motivated me and excited me again!

Good things, have just kept coming. Good people, have just kept coming, My purpose has just kept coming to me!

I never would have taken the leap I did to start a new journey if I had not found Tara's work.

Tara was so supportive, encouraging and gave me all the tools I needed and taught me how to trust the process and get back to living versus just existing in a time I needed it the most.

Watching my manifestations become my reality has left me in absolute awe, I am forever grateful and so happy I joined!"

-Lauren Grace


1 Year of the Membership is included with this package, where you can access ALL the meditations, high vibe videos, workouts, courses, livestreams, workbooks, Daily Mindset Designs & more! Click below to learn more!

$300 VALUE


A 9 Week Course that will teach you absolutely everything you need to know about intuitive eating, and manifesting effortless weight loss. Total food freedom, and a body you LOVE!
Click below to learn more!

$1100 VALUE


The best manifestation course you'll ever take! 4 Weeks of high vibe content taking you step by step to your manifestation goal. This is the perfect course to get intentional and experience massive results. Click below to learn more!

$330 VALUE


Your perfect daily high vibe routine, done for you! Press play each day, and I'll take you through a mini bodyweight workout, a guided meditation, and finish with some happiness homework. The best part? It's always 15 minutes TOTAL. Click below to learn more! 

$330 VALUE

Tell Me More About What's Included?

Here is the list of what is included in this package. This doesn't include all NEW content that is added throughout the next year (ie: 12 NEW Daily Mindset Designs, 24 NEW Livestreams, NEW Meditation & Hypnosis Recordings, and any new content created for the Membership will be included and added in).

This list does not describe the 3 Main Courses: Manifest Mondays, Sweat Soul Smile and Manifesting Dream Body. To find out more, scroll up and click on each course to learn more!

The Manifestation Experiment

Eliminate all doubt and excuses, and leverage the magic of the universe.

What would a quantum leap in every area of your life look like? Where do you want to be in 12 months?

It's all possible. Let's do it!