Ready to start living in a body that feels free, powerful, and ALWAYS at its best- so you can focus on creating your best life ever?


This is a transformative container designed for women who desire to feel incredible in their bodies & free to move powerfully into their dream lives with confidence.


My mission is to empower you with the tools, strategies, and mindset shifts to transform your mind, body, and life with the limitless power of manifestation.


Your dream body is the body that allows you to live your dream life to the fullest capacity without a second thought.


Are you wearing the clothes that you really want to wear?

Are you free from food thoughts and eat anything you desire without guilt?

Are you going on dates, and or fully intimate in your partnerships and open to love?

Are you feeling free to be fully seen?

Do you get dressed in the mornings and genuinely love your body?

Are you fully present with your friends and family without body thoughts getting in the way?

Are you moving your body the way you desire, doing all the things you really want to do in this vehicle you move through life in?


If this isn't your reality, I'm here to make that happen.

If you are...

Feeling stuck in a body that is weighing you down


Ready for your next level life but holding back from being fully seen


Experiencing overeating and emotional eating and it's preventing you from reaching your full potential


 Finding yourself stuck in a loop of confusion around what "to do" but never able to maintain anything long enough to see the results you want


Eager to just put this body stuff behind you so you can expand into the next level of your life and or business?

 Feeling that your body is that one thing that seems to be holding you back from living the life you desire to create

The Manifestation Collective x Dream body is for you.


Your dream body is that one that has you feeling  UNSTOPPABLE towards creating the life you envision.



You are ready to take your business, love life, and impact next next level but want to feel rock solid in your body along the way.


You want so much more for your life, but you find yourself holding back because you aren’t feeling as confident as you'd like in your body.

You can feel yourself resisting getting on video, booking that branding photoshoot, or showing up online because you aren't feeling your best 


You are done with diet plans & workout routines. You’re ready to tune into your intuition and find the perfect lifestyle for YOU.


You are sick of feeling restricted around food and you are so ready for food freedom and no more overthinking or guilt!

You know that you create your own reality and have experienced success in other areas, but you haven’t figured out how to apply that towards weight loss and your dream body

This is not for you if...

You care only about losing weight as opposed to manifesting your dream body alongside your dream LIFE.

You are unwilling to let go of dieting and destructive habits.

*The Collective daily riffs will be focussing on a variety of manifestation content to expand and enrich your life in every area, not solely on weight loss/body. 

*If this is you, you can just purchase the MDB Portal separately or still join the Collective with that in mind! 

The transformation you can expect...


You are living your life with complete food freedom, you simply eat when hungry and stop when full and give it no second thoughts

You are in love with your body, feel amazing, & you are totally comfortable being seen 

You feel unstoppable and unleashed towards building the life you truly desire

Your body is your bestie, you are completely at peace and know that this is who you are, and it gets to stay that way forever.

You love being in your body, moving your body and using it as a vehicle for your most inspiring and impactful life.

You are experiencing results and transformation in all areas- money, business, love, and building your total dream life. 

Hey there, I'm Tara 

Former food obsessed binge eater who spent 17 years hating her body and trying everything to change it. 

After arming myself with immense amounts of diplomas + certifications (Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Exercise and Wellness Diploma, Personal Trainer, Spin/Aquafit/Weight Training/TRX/Pre-Post Natal/Kettlebell the list goes on..) and moving onto become a sought after trainer owning my own gym and building a 6 figure fitness business... I still continued to struggle with food and my body.

And then I discovered mindset and manifestation and my entire world changed. 

When I applied the principles of manifestation with intuitive eating I dropped 40lbs with ease, and healed completely from my long and extensive eating disorder.

That's when I knew I HAD to share this with the world and Manifesting Dream Body was born! 

I've since helped hundreds of women heal their relationship with food and transform their bodies, and proved the principles again post pregnancy, my body transforming quickly despite having organ prolapse and being unable to workout. 

I've gone onto create my dream online business, manifested my soulmate and beautiful family, and live a life of freedom that I am completely in love with and I'm here to help you do the same while feeling incredible in your body all the way through. 

If this calls to you, I've got the blueprint and the container to take you there.

The Manifestation Collective x Dream Body 


The Dream Body Fast Track

You are busy and have important things to do in this world, and I get that! So I took the most important aspects of transforming your body with your mind and broke it down into 26 powerful and potent podcast episodes under 10 minutes long.

I recommend starting here and then you can go deeper inside the course in anywhere you are struggling.

This will give you an overview and the key aspects I've found to bring you success in manifesting your dream body. 

The Manifesting Dream Body Program

10 Weeks of detailed video trainings covering every aspect of creating food freedom and transforming into your dream body.

Week 1: Reject Diet Mentality + Manifestation re: body 
Week 2: Honouring Hunger + Clearing Blocks
Week 3: Making Peace with Food + Alignment
Week 4: Fullness, Visualization + Forgiveness
Week 5: Satisfaction + Beating Binge Eating
Week 6: Woo Woo Workout + Manifesting Rituals
Week 7: Coping without using food, Dream Body Boards + Self Sabotage
Week 8: Inside Out Nutrition + Creating Energy
Week 9: Maintaining Your Dream Body with Ease
Week 10: Dream Body + Pregnancy

+ 10 Weekly Tapping Sessions + Meditations pertaining to each weeks topic.

+ An extremely comprehensive book complete with a variety of exercises and practices to master anything you need a little extra help with.

+ 11 Bonus Q + A videos covering everything from food allergies, human design, digestion, how to to know if you are "doing it right", food urgency, weight gain and so much more.

+ 3 Additional Tapping Sessions on eliminating binge urges, food cravings, and allergies.

+ A Dream Body Morning routine to press play and follow along with a 15 minute tapping, meditation and journaling session.

+ A Dream Body Aligning Session to release any blocks standing in your way. 

Feel free to listen on the go with the app!

The Dream Body Essentials

If you want to continuously immerse yourself in all aspects of manifestation and dream body, master intuitive eating, and completely rewire your brain with my most potent and powerful tools- this is where it's at.

+ 21 Dream Body Hypnosis, Meditation, and Sleep Subconscious recordings 

+ 10 Day Intuitive Eating Challenge

+ 10 Day Dream Body Tapfit Challenge (7 minutes a day of tapping + movement + sleep subconscious reprogramming to completely change your brain and the way you view food and body).

+ 2 Week Love Your Body Workout Challenge: At home workouts + self love practices to amp up your fitness

+ 4 Dream Body Tapping Sessions

+ Create Your Dream Body Masterclass

+ 27 additional video trainings you can listen to on the go and get into the dream body energy! 

The Manifestation Codes

There are 6 key to effortless manifestation and I've got them all for you.

Take the quiz to identify what codes you may be missing that are preventing your manifestations, and then dive into the corresponding podcast episode breaking it down.

Along with the 6 core podcast episodes, you get a detailed workbook giving all my FAVOURITE practices that correspond to each code + a manifestation cheat sheet checklist for whatever you are working towards!

This is everything you need to manifest exactly what you want, on repeat.

The Collective Community + Daily Riffs

This is where all the magic happens!

Inside the Voxer community you'll be in a supportive group all working towards big things. 

I am inside M-F answering questions, giving guidance and dropping a daily riff voice note on any and all things manifestation, dream body, and creating your ultimate dream life. 

Listen daily while you walk, drive, or take a 10 minute break- and be connected and immersed in a world where your dream body & life is inevitable and you have all the support you need to allow it in. 

Get the instant downloads from me to you, get inside my brain and learn what's working (and not working) daily, and allow me to support you in creating your dream body, and dream life! 

6 Months Access to the Broadcast Channel and Community with option to renew at a discounted rate after your 6 month commitment has ended. 

The TBM Membership: AKA Manifestation Netflix

If that wasn't enough, get access to my incredible membership filled with endless trainings on manifesting your dream business, soulmate, income, and so much more.

It's truly impossible to explain the depth of what you'll find inside the Membership as it's being updated weekly and has years of content inside!

Consider it your Manifestation Netflix with a massive variety of trainings, tappings, tapfit, workouts, meditations, hypnosis, sleep reprogramming, challenges, PDF's, courses, daily journaling prompts, riffs, human design, and so much more to completely transform your body, love, life, and bank account.

Use this alongside the Collective to focus in on what you are creating and I'll help guide you on where to begin if needed.

You have to experience it to believe it! 


7 Days Free then $40/month

  • Just want to dip your toe into my content? Try a week free inside the Membership and get a feel for what I offer!


$199/month x 6

  • Manifesting Dream Body Course¬†(lifetime access)
  • Dream Body Fast Track (lifetime access)
  • Dream Body Essentials (lifetime access)¬†
  • The Manifestation Collective Quiz + Codes¬†(lifetime access)
  • The MC Journal¬†(PDF)
  • 6 Months Access to Broadcast Channel¬†with DAILY riffs to keep you aligned, in the energy and seeing RESULTS (M-F)
  • 6 Months Access to the¬†TBM Membership
  • 6 Months Access to¬†Voxer Group Chat¬†if you desire community vibes!



  • Manifesting Dream Body Course¬†(lifetime access)
  • Dream Body Fast Track¬†¬†(lifetime access)
  • Dream Body Essentials¬†¬†(lifetime access)
  • The Manifestation Collective Quiz + Codes¬†(lifetime access)
  • The MC Journal¬†(PDF)
  • 6 Months Access to Broadcast Channel¬†with DAILY riffs to keep you aligned, in the energy and seeing RESULTS (M-F)
  • 6 Months Access to the¬†TBM Membership
  • 6 Months Access to¬†Voxer Group Chat¬†if you desire community vibes!

Dream Life Bundle + 1-1 Coaching


  • You get everything, for life.
  • LIFETIME Access to Broadcast Channel¬†with DAILY riffs to keep you aligned, in the energy and seeing RESULTS (M-F)
  • LIFETIME Access¬†to the¬†TBM Membership
  • Lifetime Access¬†to¬†Voxer Group Chat¬†if you desire community vibes!
  • All past courses and containers such as..
    -10 Week Manifesting Dream Body Course
    -The Dream Body Fast Track
    -The Dream Body Essentials
    -Projectors Getting Paid
    -Manifest Mondays

    AND all future courses and group containers for life!!

  • 30 Days of Private 1-1 Coaching¬†Via Voxer to align you completely and specifically to what you desire to create, and give you personalized direction on exact modules to dive into it necessary to save you valuable time.

  • SAVE thousands of dollars!