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Hello and Welcome!

If you are new here, Manifesting Dream Body is my jam! 

When I successfully applied the principles of manifestation and intuitive eating towards my dream body, I healed my 16 year binge eating and bulimia disorder, lost 40+lbs and healed various injuries! 

This is my speciality, and today I have some affirmations to help you step into your Dream Body. 

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So, affirmations!

Affirmations have been very successful for me. I find people usually fall into one of two camps for affirmations and tend to think they are amazing, or that they don't work at all. The people that tend to think they don't work at all, just aren't doing them right in my opinion! 

I love a good affirmation, and here’s why. You can’t think two thoughts at the same time. So an affirmation is an excellent way to interrupt negative thinking, and come back to how you want to feel.

There are few things that make a good affirmation. You want to feel lighter in your body when you say it, and like it's lifting you up (not creating more resistance!).

You also want it to feel believable and true for you already (or very close to) in order for it to create true results, so baby steps are key. You also want it of course to be relevant to you and your goal and what you are working towards. So today, we are going to create a great affirmation that you can come back to again and again to create your dream body. 

My favourite way to create affirmations is to simply think about how I want to feel, what I want to believe- and start creating them from there.

If the affirmation feels too far away, you can use a bridging statement such as:
-I choose to believe..
-What if...
-I'm shifting towards...
-I'm getting closer to...

Think of your dream body, and how it feels to live in it. What would you need to believe, in order for it to come into your reality?

Some of my favourite past dream body affirmations have been “I am perfectly imperfect” which really helped me in reducing comparison to others and coming into a feel good place with my body.

I am lean toned and tiny was another one that I used a lot- as long as I was feeling pretty good I could get behind that one!

Here are some of my favourite dream body mantra's, and you can find these as a subconscious audio recording to listen to as you fall asleep (to really penetrate and change the subconscious mind) inside the The Collective. 

-My body always knows what to do with the food I give it
-My body is programmed to work towards my dream body and I can now let go and trust
-I trust my body to adjust it's metabolism accordingly so I can easily maintain my dream body
-I am enjoying the process to my dream body
-I am noticing the weight fall off me like never before
-Everyday I feel more vibrant and energized
-The more I eat, the faster my metabolism gets and the faster I lose weight
-I choose for my body to take exactly what it needs from the foods I eat and effortlessly release the rest
-Weight loss is a natural byproduct of stepping into my new identity
-I am now identified with having my dream body
-I think the thoughts aligned with my dream body
-I feel the feelings aligned with my dream body
-I program in the beliefs, aligned with my dream body

What brings you a sense of relief, of lightness and can you create that into an affirmation?

Once you have an affirmation that feels good to say and lights you up- go forth and repeat it to yourself ALL DAY LONG. Seriously as much as possible just repeat that sentence in your head, ruminate on it, repeat, repeat repeat.

Put it as an alarm on your phone, have it pop up as a reminder, all the things! I want you to try to crowd out the negative thinking by repeating this statement to yourself as much as possible throughout the day!

My favourite practice is to use an audio recording to listen to as I fall asleep, which you will find many already done for you inside the Membership! 

Go forth and affirm your way into your dream body! (It truly works)

Love, T 



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