Hello Beautiful Friends!

I wanted to chat a little bit about some fun states of Manifesting, and some tactics that you can put to use right away.

These are some techniques that really made things happen for me, FAST. In fact, they worked so well, I created a FREE Quantum Leap Week to share all about it! 

The first technique, is one I learned from Vishen Lakhiani (who created Mindvalley) in his book "The Code for the Extraordinary Mind".


When you are living in this state - it's like reality is bending in your favour. It's like you are moulding it and creating it to exactly your liking. Like you are living in state of unending LUCK, where everything seems to just workout for you perfectly. When you are living in this state, people around you will say "How did you get so lucky?" and look on in wonder as you seem to collapse time and create your dreams effortlessly. 

Sounds pretty great right? How do we get there?

Well there are 3 Aspects of Bending Reality to take into consideration.

Step 1: Is being happy in the now, and getting out of the if/then trap. Don't give your happiness over to something external such as certain amount of income, a house, a baby, etc.

Step 2: Have an exciting vision for the future. Big goals are an incredible thing! They drive us forward, allow exciting opportunities and growth into our lives, and allow us to live our purpose on this planet. The goal is to create a vision that pulls you forward, just from the joy of working on it everyday- not justfor the end result. 

Step 3: Start looking at the reverse gap, vs the forward gap.

Typically, we are so used to comparing ourselves to this "ideal" version of where we want to be, and then always coming up short (because even if we do reach it, then the ideal shifts and it's like you are chasing the horizon, it's never ending!) 

When you find yourself feeing disappointed or discouraged, look how far you have come! You should immediately feel so much better, recognizing your progress and overall sense of accomplishment which will boost your happiness.

Applying Bending Reality:

Take a look at your current goals. In order to ensure that you aren't tying your happiness to goal, and creating a life where you are stuck in the "if/then" trap - you want to ask yourself continuously "WHY do I want this thing?" until you get to the very essence of the goal- and then re-write your goals based off of that. 

Here's an example:

"I want to be a millionaire manifestation teacher"
Great, but that could end up me doing a whole lot of stuff I hate, leading up to that end goal, and simply waiting for my happiness to begin once I'm there (which will NEVER happen, and is a whole other topic). If you are doing things you hate as means to an end, IT WILL never turn out how you want it to!

Instead I'm going to ask myself WHY until I get to essence, and re-write it.
"I want to be a millionaire manifestation teacher"
Why? So I can live an abundant life
Why? So I can have the freedom to purchase what I want, and never experience fear or anxiety around money
Why? So I can generously treat my friends and family
Why? So I can hire staff
Why? So I can just focus on what I purely love doing- creating content and studying and learning everything about manifestation
Why? So I can make a massive impact on the world 
Why? So I can feel like I'm successful and worthy
Why? So I can be proud of myself and show people that manifestation works
** PS: Those last two means I have some inner work to do, as I'm still trying to prove myself and seeking external validation to feel worthy of success, the goal should be to feel that NOW**

The essence of that goal is:
I want to have the freedom to live an abundant life, so that I can just focus on doing what I love to do, without fear. I want to make an impact on the world. 

At the end of the day- being a millionaire manifestation teacher is actually completely irrelevant to those things I want to experience. 

So the new goal would be: I want to do what I love every single day and share what I love to make an impact on the world! 

Now, instead of chasing an end goal- I can focus purely on doing what I desire right NOW, doing what I love and sharing it and doing any little thing I can to make an impact. When I did this exercise, it motivated me to change the way my business model was running, and create a membership platform so that I could get paid to study and teach manifestation and make an impact! 

Got it? Go through that exercise with your goals, what is the essence of what you desire?

To tie all three aspects of "Bending Reality" together, I want to ensure I am:

1.) Being happy in the now. Now that I've re-written my goals and figured out what I TRULY want, I am able to live so happily in the now doing what I love every single day through the Membership. 

2.) Create an exciting vision for the future: My vision for the future is growing my membership to create this EPIC platform that is life changing, where I have this incredible community that is full of high vibes and truly living out their dreams!

3.) Look back vs. forward: If I start to feel down or doubtful, I take a look back at how far I've come and really celebrate all of my progress. When I do that, I am filled with such a massive sense of pride and that is fuel to keep going, keep stretching, and keep dreaming! 

AND THEN, we've got DELUSIONAL MANIFESTING! Something I've created and lived out that creates BIG shifts in my life when I'm committed to applying it! 

At the core of delusional manifesting- you've got your BIG GOAL. Think of what that is, and tap into it. 

Then, grab your journal and answer these questions:

1.) If that goal was done and my exact current reality RIGHT NOW...
-What would I FEEL?
-What would I THINK?
-What would I DO?
-What would I believe to be true?

And then, your only job is to delusionally COMMIT to that version of you 100%. Observe your thoughts and ensure they are in alignment with what that version of you thinks. Do what that version of you would do. Speak how that version would speak, create and embody the beliefs that that version of you believes.

At first, this may be difficult. You have a certain amount of momentum happening, from your previous thoughts, habits and behaviours that will take a bit of time to turn around. It's like you were going high speed one way, and you decided to stop the car, turn around and get into a completely different direction in a completely different car. You'll have a learning curve of those little things in the car that aren't what you used to. You may even be switching from automatic, to manual! 

But, if you can just commit to staying in that car until it feels 100% comfortable, you will continue picking up speed and momentum towards your new dream life. 

The more you just BE the version of you that has that thing, and FEEL the feelings of having that thing- the faster this process will unfold. 

If you could apply one tactic in your manifesting toolkit- delusional manifesting is where it's at!! Go all in. Don't worry about feeling crazy. You certainly won't feel crazy when it becomes your reality, and how do you expect it to become your reality if you don't even believe it's possible?

In order to create a new life, you need to start doing things differently, and this is the fastest way to quantum leap into that new life!

The hardest part in this process, is when you are DOING and FEELING and BEING that person, but the results haven't caught up yet. You will feel uncomfortable changing your thoughts and behaviours, and you don't have the evidence that it's working, yet.

But I'm telling you- if you can employ FAITH, faith will move mountains. Faith will change everything. Faith and confidence and continuously choosing this new version of you, will have events unfold in a way that you never thought was possible. 

I actually have an example of this right now that is happening in my current life. I've been feeling really inspired to take a major quantum leap and take my business and life to the next level. 
I felt into that level even though nothing changed. 
I felt into it even if it looked like things were actually going backwards.
I kept choosing new thoughts, kept choosing that new version

And within a week, I have seen the biggest quantum leap in my business (EVER) and I'm on track to TRIPLE my income this month- simply by feeling the feelings, getting in the vibe, and following the nudges. 

Practice makes perfect, trust the process- and I'm here for you every step of the way! Come join me in Quantum Leap Week and challenge a friend to uplevel with you, so you can delusionally manifest together! ;)




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