How I Manifested My Dream Birth, Body + a Great Sleeper, PLUS the Exact Affirmations I Used!

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I have been updating the Manifesting Dream Body Course for an all new round starting October 24th which I am so excited about, and I had a major lightbulb moment when I was discussing about how my second dream body journey postpartum unfolded.

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Disclaimer: Possibly Sensitive Content. This post is NOT implying that you’re at fault in any way, shape or form if you didn’t have an ideal birth.

I do believe we have a lot of influence over our bodies and our energy fields- and we can use this to our advantage to prepare the best we possibly can. I also don't believe we have full control over these things and there will always be lessons we came to learn, things we came to experience and there will always be things out of our control.

With mindset and manifestation, my goal is always to use it to feel as empowered as I possibly can, while also using it to stay in a positive mindset when things don't go according to plan. 

With that being said, I hope you enjoy this post and gain some inspiration from my experience!

Okay so first the conclusion I came to around all of these manifestations that happened effortlessly:

Effortless manifestations occur when we set the intention (and reprogram our subconscious mind) and then hold the vision and don’t CONTRADICT THE MANIFESTATION along the way.

What I mean by contradicting the manifestation is looking around at our current reality (which is actually old news because it’s a culmination of past thoughts and therefore irrelevant) and then making it mean it’s not working, or we are doing something wrong and bring ourselves back to square one.

If you can continuously hold the vision of your desire without contradicting yourself, things can unfold very easily and quickly!

There are three manifestations I wanted to refer to today that unfolded so easily without me having to “do” pretty much anything aside from not contradict the original intention.

1.) My birth! I truly believe I manifested my dream birth, as every detail was as I pictured right down the 6 hours I was in labour, the absence of midwives until the very end (I really just wanted to be in my zone an and be alone), all the way down the position I was in at the end. 

2.) Jayden being an amazing sleeper: I also did subconscious reprogramming around this and he’s slept amazingly well pretty much from day 1 (after the first two weeks when we had to wake him up to feed him to make sure he was gaining weight) and even on the road trip and going through two x 3 hour time changes, sleeping in a van, and then a new house, and then back to the van, and another new house- he’s truly a dream with sleep. THANK GOD. I literally put him down, he rolls over and goes to sleep, and sleeps till morning.

3.) My dream body unfolding after giving birth.

Some people may think this was all just lucky, but I don't really believe in luck around these scenario's, especially when I intentionally did work around these topics, set intentions, reprogrammed my subconscious mind night after night for 7 months, and did the work! Also, this blog post isn’t made for the skeptics, it's made for people that believe in this work and are ready to take it next level anyway!

So let’s dive in.. What did I DO to manifest these outcomes?

Uncommon for me, it was more about what I didn’t do, than what I did- which is unfortunate because we all know I LOVE a good manifestation process!!

Step 1 was definitely getting clear on what I wanted, and then doing the subconscious reprogramming which for me is creating affirmations and listening to them overnight as I fell asleep and throughout the night, I also had a hypnosis track that I listened to religiously around my birth the was custom made for me from Lynnsey Robinson!

I am also a big believer in visualization for subconscious reprogramming, and I did one VERY powerful visualization of my birth where I ended up in tears it felt sooo real. But I only did that once, haha! It literally went exactly as I pictured, to every single detail, including the position I was in when he came out (which I wasn’t in, and then the midwives randomly moved me to once his head was already out as his shoulder was funky). It’s pretty wild!!

How I do the subconscious reprogramming is I record a bunch of affirmations, put them to music and listen to them on a loop all night long! I just recently discovered the app ThinkUp which is incredible for this- you can record and add any ones you like in your own voice (which is more powerful for your subconscious anyway) and easily add them to music. You can edit and update them as you go!! It’s so easy, highly recommend!!

I try to feel into each affirmation and kind of absorb the energy of it coming true if that makes sense whenever possible.

BUT there were also lots of affirmations on that same track around my business that didn’t come true (yet), so what was the difference?

The ones that all come true in synchronistic and effortless way, I didn’t CONTRADICT as soon as it looked like it wasn’t happening.

The key was that no matter what was occurring externally, I continued to tell the story and have faith that it was all working.

The thing that is so not normal for me, was that it was all in a very natural easeful way. I wasn’t forcing it or trying to convince myself otherwise, I just kind of made the decision that this was how it was going to be and I trusted it would unfold, and then took my focus off it if there was resistance.

Ex: When Jayden inevitably had rough nights I didn’t make it mean he wasn’t a great sleeper, I held the vision and was led to the perfect book/guidance to get him back on track and sleeping amazing again. And even this was so simple. Mid-packing I found a book that my friend had recommended when I was like 4 months pregnant and had never read, and I flipped through it and it talked about the exact things I was going through, an easy solution, and actually made me realize he was ahead of the game in terms of sleep and just needed a different tactic which took about one night to help him settle into. I didn’t have to go outside of myself searching for the answers, or forcing anything- it was literally sitting in my bookshelf waiting for me to pick it up!

The Universe is truly amazing and will bring you the exact guidance you need to have your manifestations unfold!

In terms of my body there was TON OF CIRCUMSTANCES that made it look like it wouldn’t happen, or would be really hard. Had I focussed on those, I’m sure my journey would have looked very very different.

I just trusted I was going to be in my dream body and look better than ever…

Even when I gained weight when breastfeeding picked up

Even when it felt like I stalled for ages

Even when I had prolapse and couldn't workout

Even when I could barely even go for a walk

Even when I found myself SOO HUNGRY (omg the hunger is seriously ridiculous) and eating more than I ever have in my life

Even when I went through the most stressful period of my life and had to pack up and move out of our home (with a 3 month old!) all my myself while Trev finished the Van, and then move into a van!!

Even when I was on the road for 2 months without any meal delivery and was eating like crap

EVEN WHEN... None of it mattered. There was so many things I could have fixated on that would have led me to weight gain.

But I didn't give them any attention. I only had to live in the trust that it was all working, and I would be feeling great.

I feel like this from of manifesting is almost frustratingly simple and too easy- and I do think it works very well for things we don’t have a lot of resistance around. With my dream body, I’d already done all the work previously on my mind and done it before so it was quite easy for me to let go. With Jayden sleeping I didn’t have anything to compare it to but definitely had to remove myself from hearing other peoples stories. I only tried to consume content or hear from people who did have babies who slept through the night and really surround myself with that possibility.

In terms of birth, it was the same thing. I only focussed on the positive stories, that made the labour I desired seem normal and natural- not the anomaly. And when things really picked up, I believe my subconscious carried me through with all the programming and affirmations I used, because I definitely wasn't consciously able to focus when things got intense. I believe my subconscious truly ran the show when it came to my labour. Anyone that is pregnant reading this, and wishing to manifest their ideal labour and delivery- USE HYPNOSIS AND AFFIRMATIONS!!!! As much as you possibly can, program your subconscious because there comes a point when you won't be all there. 

You have to be able to really let things go and change your focus. So when something comes up that makes it seem like this isn’t working, you just have to come back to what you want, and trust that it’s unfolding, and put your focus elsewhere. It’s a firm decision, and then paying no attention to the contradictions.

If I was going to make an analogy out of it... It would almost be like I set this intention as bubble around me. And in my bubble, I only focus on evidence and examples of things that support this story and live in trust that it’s unfolding in that way. Anything that seems to the contrary I keep outside the bubble and let it “bounce” off me and stay in my bubble.

It’s when we allow conflicting circumstances and evidence get into our bubble that we start manifesting something different!

For example with my business, I had intentions around things blowing up while I was on mat leave, but the moment I would lose one person in the membership, I would start panicking and I would allow all these fears of things coming crashing down to enter my bubble. I continued to contradict my goals all over the place and therefore haven’t seen them manifest. Now that I’ve had this realization, I’m really excited to try some “bubble” manifesting with my business and keep you guys posted!

So if I was going to break this down into a “process” it would be...

1.) Get clear on what you want

2.) Create affirmations around having it, that feel good (not resistant) and listen to them every night as you fall asleep (I've provided the exact ones I used down below for reference!)

3.) Try having one powerful visualization where you really connect with the goal and FEEL IT as if it’s real

4.) Stay in your bubble of where you are headed. When things happen that seem like it’s not working let them “bounce” off you and say “Well, this is where I’m headed” or “That’s okay I trust I’ll have x” I think I would just simply think to myself “I just already know I’m going to be in my dream body” or “I just feel really confident around my birth” or “I trust Jayden is a great sleeper”.

5.) And then, take your mind off it and focus on something else! Continue acting as if and moving forward as if your manifestations are inevitable.

Truthfully, these things that happened so effortlessly, I did the LEAST amount of work around, which I believe offered very little resistance so they were able to flow in and happen very easily.

Here is my list of affirmations that all came true down below (some of them feel a bit vain, but hey... I like to keep it real with you guys!!

Send me a message on IG @tarabrunetmindset or share if this episode resonated with you!! Will you try out “bubble manifesting?”

Join me for 10 weeks of this MDB round and let’s get into all the manifesting magic and help you find total freedom with food and your body for the rest of your life!



DISCLAIMER: It's important to find affirmations that FEEL GOOD to you when you say them or hear them. If they automatically bring up resistance, they aren't the right ones for you! Affirmations can be a very personal thing and may need some playing around it or adding in "bridging" statements. 

Birth is so much easier than I imagined

I felt calm, cool, and collected throughout birth

I loved giving birth and the entire labour experience

I experienced an empowering, peaceful birth

I am filled with love for Trevor and Jayden

My body knew exactly what to do

Labour was enjoyable and filled with laughter and love

I had the perfect birth team and support

Labour went exactly how I pictured it

I manifested the perfect birth experience

I loved giving birth

I feel strong, healthy, and healed

I am ready for the next phase of motherhood

I am so grateful I had such a happy birth

Holding Jayden for the first time was the best moment of my life

I am overflowing with love and happiness

I am adjusting to motherhood easily and effortlessly

Jayden is the perfect sleeper

Everyone was so impressed by with my labour and birth

I felt filled with happiness and excitement the entire time

I loved every minute of labour 

Thank you for such an amazing experience

Breastfeeding is making me lose weight like crazy

I am lean, toned, and tiny

I absolutely love being a Mom

I feel rested, in love, and obsessed with my life

I am the thinnest I’ve ever been

I look the best I’ve ever looked

Motherhood is fun, easy, and enjoyable

I was made to be a Mom

I feel so connected with my family

I love feeling so connected and passionate with Trev

All my dreams are coming true

I am so excited for all the adventures this year

Everything feels effortless and natural

I love being surrounded by friends and family

I am guided to do exactly what is needed and it always feels so good

I feel absolutely incredible in every area of my life

I am experiencing new levels of joy and happiness every day

I love my life so much


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