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Exciting news!!

Manifesting Dream Body is BACK for another round- AND, I am adding a Week 9 module; all about maintaining your dream body! 

In celebration of that, I am doing a free three day livestream event all about creating your DREAM BODY BLUEPRINT- which you can register for free HERE.

Here's a quick breakdown of what we are covering for the three days (Sept 11-13th)

Day 1:
How our beliefs shape our bodies through our actions and daily habits, the placebo effect; as well as how food is digested differently and how your body responds to workouts based off your belief. 

Day 2: 
You can have your cake, and your dream body too! We are diving into food freedom, fitness freedom, and all things intuitive eating to empower you to never go on another cleanse, or diet again.

Day 3: 
The secret sauce! My actionable daily steps that allowed me to find my dream body and recover from binge eating, personalizing it to exactly what YOU need to do daily to see results! 

Make sure you register ASAP to start diving into all the free content included within the Membership! 

So, in honour of that- I wanted to tell the story of my own Dream Body journey, from start to finish to inspire you to what's possible!

First of all, I truly never could have expected that I would end up in the body of dreams, WITH complete food & fitness freedom! My journey is a long one (which is why I've put my 16 year journey all together into an 9 week course for you to learn everything that worked for me).

I'll try to tell it succinctly.
*Trigger Warning for anyone suffering with an eating disorder, not advised to read.

My eating disorders started in Grade 7. I was bullied by some boys and I got it in my head that if I was skinny and beautiful and perfect- all the boys would like me and be nice to me.

It started innocently enough- trying to eat healthier & exercise more, but as someone who has somewhat of an addictive and obsessive personality, it became all consuming.

I started throwing out my lunches everyday when I got to school, and doing a deep dive into the google search "fast weight loss" which lead me to some dangerous pro-ana/mia sites.

For those of you that don't know the lingo that stands for, "Pro Anorexia and Bulimia" as in, they fully support it and will help you on your journey to weight loss and idolize eating disorders. 

That's where the trouble truly began as I made friends online, who taught me how to make myself throw up, taught me how to hide my food from my parents, and get away with not eating. Anorexia became something I WANTED. I learned ALL the tricks. Asking to eat in my bedroom and storing all my food in Ziploc bags to dispose of later (and later using that same hack to throw up my food into when my parents were watching me carefully after dinner). I had support in my starvation and I felt superhuman while I watched the scale drop from 114, to 99, to 89.

And then, I didn't feel superhuman any longer. I just felt incredible weak- and still fatter and hating my body more than ever. I would spend hours filling journals with "thinspo" models and wanting so desperately to look like them, not have my thighs touch. I wanted to cut the skin off my stomach, I hated going to swim practice and putting on a bathing suit. This is where I started taking my drastic measures- laxatives to start. 

After one particularly bad night, my parents knew something was up. They went through my journals, pages and pages filled with me hating my body, tracking every calorie, and found the laxatives.

They promptly tricked me into going to therapy (which I was NOT pleased about) but we did end up getting a dog that day to appease me in that traumatic experience lol.

But, all the therapy did did was make me more determined to lose weight (because I didn't think I was sick enough), and more secretive about it.

Then, the binging started. I woke up at 3am once, so weak and exhausted and crawled to the kitchen feeling like I was about to pass out and my first ever "binge", a bowl of cereal, followed quickly by another.

Disgusted with myself, I tried to burn it off with hours of exercise- and this is where the real torture began- Binge Eating Disorder.

As I continued to feel like I'd lost all sense of control around food and my body- my binges were increasing in frequency, and quantity. Oh, if you could see what I could eat!! Actually, I have an old blog post that I took this photo and description from:

A Reese’s Chocolate Bar, 2L of ice-cream complete with maple syrup + peanut butter in each bowl, a “family” size bag of M&M’s, more Reese’s peanut butter cups, junior mints, & more Reeses, as well as a roll of cookie dough, a Nanaimo bar from the Roost. All of these bought at different locations so not to announce the giant binge I was about to embark on. To hide my shame from the check-out girl and avoid eye contact or any comments on what I was purchasing. Buying it with “healthy” food mixed in there so it didn’t seem like it was for me.

That was an average binge after I learned how to purge. I started with the lovely girls on the pro-ana site giving me every tip in the books. Which foods to eat that come up the easiest, the time frame you must purge within to get rid of it, toilet paper over the water to avoid the "splash back" all over your face and the walls, drinking a litre of water within the binge to help it come up smoother, everything. This was my life, my obsession. 

I continued to go to school, get straight A's, swim competitively,  but all I cared abut was weight loss, coupled with this uncontrollable urge to eat and eat and eat until I couldn't possibly have another bite.

I tried every diet, every workout routine. I became a sought after personal trainer, and a clinical holistic nutritionist- but still secretly struggled daily.

And then, I injured my back very badly and was in a dark place- mentally and physically. I could no longer throw up because it was far too painful to even lean over the sink to brush my teeth. I couldn't run for hours, and workout all day long.

I was finally forced to recognize that this wasn't a willpower issue- this was something far deeper.

Within this time frame, I had discovered the book Intuitive Eating by Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch. I would read it, and then try "eat intuitively" and then go back to a diet. That cycle continued for years, until I made the connection between my increasing weight and the diets I would go on. 

I FINALLY recognized that although I would lose weight within the diet, I would always end up HEAVIER than ever down the road until the next diet. And I learned that that was the DIET'S fault, not my fault. If I could really drill into your head for all women reading this that DIET'S DO NOT WORK (and it's not about your willpower) that is so important for you to understand. We need to stop blaming ourselves, and start blaming the dieting industry.

So, what changed? 

With practicing intuitive eating, I found food freedom- but my weight was still heavier than I preferred.

I struggled for years with the disconnect between "body positivity & intuitive eating" and still wanting to lose weight. In the body positive sphere- you are looked down upon if you want to lose weight. I understand where they are coming from- but that didn't help me as I still wanted to see a shift in my body (without dieting or over-exercising).

THAT is where the manifestation principles come in that I teach in my course. My goal, is to a safe place for women to learn how to eat intuitively- without judgement if you still want to lose weight; because THAT IS OKAY!

I don't believe weight loss is "bad" I believe that the dieting, and restriction is bad. You can have the weight loss without the dieting when you start combining manifestation practiced geared towards dream body, which I have practiced to perfection and locked down for you!

And, the best part about all of this is that you absolutely can have 100% food freedom AND your dream body when you put it all together.

If you want food freedom AND a body you love, that is where I am the expert.

I'll teach you the mindset work to make it happen, all of the hacks I've picked up along the way, everything you need to know about intuitive eating and finding a way of working that works for YOU, and always finding movement that feels amazing (if you want to add movement to your daily routine).

You can have it all, naturally in your dream body- and all the delicious foods and freedom that you desire to boot.

It's all in the mindset, and in the blueprint I'll be teaching you!

If you are struggling in anyway, come join me or send me a message over Instagram or Facebook and let me help!

Sending you all the good vibes and love to you and your body- and wherever you are on your journey! 



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