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So today I wanted to share with you some real life scripting examples to inspire you, and  a scripting template that will have you scripting your way to massive success!

First of all, what is scripting? Scripting is a manifestation tool, where you write about certain goals/manifestations as if they are already done. This helps you become a vibrational match to your desire (one of the most important tools of manifestation) and allows magic to happen as you'll see from the following stories! 


(This is the typed version as I ended up printing and framing this for our bedroom!) 

This is the craziest scripting story.

I wrote this on November 29th, 2019 (dated for a the following year). And then I had a crazy impulse to surprise my best friend Lauren in Toronto (who I am running the Script Your Story Workshop with!). It didn't make any sense- it was around Christmas-time, I didn't have the money, I don't know why but it felt like I HAD to go (I am a 5 hour flight away). 

Since it had to be a surprise, I contacted her part-time roommate Trevor on instagram to get the address and arrange the surprise. He agreed to help, and said he would call me that evening. 

I'll never forget that phone call! We talked for over 2 hours (never even got the surprise) and when we hung up I couldn't believe that someone like him existed. After that I knew I definitely had to go, but didn't have enough money at that point. Then the Universe answered that call by an inspired action leading me to $4444 overnight in sales. (Trevor and I had talked about the number 44 and it's became our thing ever since). 

So a week later I flew out to meet Lauren, and also meet Trev (while simultaneously trying not to get my hopes up). The night we met, we absolutely knew right away. We wet on our first date the next day, said I love you- and I missed my flight home to spend an additional week with him at his family home out in the Country. At that point, I never wanted to leave his side again, but I flew home to tie up a few things and spend Christmas with my family for a week then flew right back! The day he picked me up at the airport (2 weeks after meeting) he proposed with the most beautiful "me" ring possible! 

We married at the beginning of Covid on 04/04/2020 (didn't want to wait!) and moved across country together and now are expecting our first child in a few weeks! 

The biggest thing around that scripting story was this element of certainty. I had always craved that, and it was apparent from the moment we met that we were meant to be together (despite many differences! lol). 


When Trev and I met, we dreamed of converting a camper van and being able to travel! At this point I also wanted to create a home gym and grow my manifesting Membership platform. 

Within two weeks, we ended up getting our dream camper van that was the last one in the province, for $14,000 less than it was listed for. I ended up turning our garage into the perfect gym with a peloton treadmill, AND my membership had the highest month of growth ever with an additional 100 members! 

We are now renovating the camper van so we can travel back and forth to Toronto with our two cats, dog, and baby (are we crazy? Perhaps) and it's a dream come true! 


This scripting session led me to really changing my finances drastically and having a $42,000 month in business! We ended up popping that champagne even earlier when I also found out I was pregnant that same month! The story behind the biggest month is also pretty crazy, when I discovered a bank account that I didn't realize I had set up previously, with all payments from a certain platform going there. I didn't even know that it had been happening. When I looked, there at over 15k in that account! Combined with inspired actions leading into a successful launch of Manifesting Dream Body- this month was so abundant and incredible! 

Those are my scripting examples- let's talk about how to make scripting work for you! 

1.) My number one tip for scripting is that it's got to get the EMOTIONS going. 

If you are grumpy and it's just making things worse- come back to scripting another time. You want a scripting session to leave you feeling elevated, happy, excited, in the feelings of having that desire! 

2.) Don't get caught up in the "How". You want to focus on the end outcome- not so much the actions that got you there, or how it unfolded. It doesn't matter! The how is not your job- and the more you can let it go- the easier the Universe can work it's magic and really create incredible things (like my love story!). Just focus on how it feels to already be in the end, and really capitalize on those emotions! 

3.) Make it as real as possible! Add in little random details, really get your imagination involved. Literally place yourself there, and write about it as if it's already happened and you are telling your journal about it. 

4.) Review your scripting! Something that I did weekly- was review my scripting session to get into the feeling, and really celebrate every tiny step that was leading me there along the way. I like setting a time once a week to review my goals, keep them top of mind, and note down any celebrates (small or big) that happened that week! This helps me maintain momentum and keeps my subconscious on the lookout for inspired actions and successes leading me there. 

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See you inside! 

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