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Today I want to dive into some really cool things around reality shifting- and applying it to your dream body- in honour of an all new round of  MDB starting in 6 Days!

This round is truly going to be the BEST round I’ve ever done- we are adding in EFT, I am adjusting things as I’ve gone through dream body (round 2) postpartum and I’ve learned so much since this course was created.

I cannot wait to deliver 10 weeks of live videos with you guys- we are going to get into all the nitty gritty dream body energy work, mastering the art of intuitive eating, and really just allowing your transformation to occur- it’s honestly going to be life changing for those of you that are ready to absorb it! I am so in the dream body vibes right now and my intention is to create this space where I am pouring all the dream body energy into the container that you absorb into your cells and programming as you watch the videos. Everything is energy- and I am using this energy to personally flow it into each person, holding the vision- creating this safe space for you to really flourish and understand all the content and manifest your dream body. It’s going to be big!!

You can sign up for $888, or 2 payments of $444.  Also, I have been doing fun little "Dream Body Bombs" e-mails that you can sign up if you like!- little daily nuggets of dream body wisdom that I’m having so much fun writing for you!

At the end of the day, I want to provide you with the ultimate freedom from worrying about your body, or food- and free up all the space to create your dream LIFE instead. I’ll be interviewing a past dream body participant next week for the podcast so stay tuned for that coming up soon!

Alright so, what is reality shifting?

In the simplest (if this can be simple) of terms we are talking about parallel lives; all of these timelines of different versions of yourself all exist. The concept is that you already exist as many different versions self, even though “you” (the limited version of yourself) may only be aware of one reality- the one you are experiencing right now. This many worlds theory has been proposed to explain certain anomalies of quantum mechanics.

If you’ve gone into quantum physics at all, it’s been acknowledged the the observer of an event is not INDEPENDENT of the event, meaning that the observed event behaves according to the expectations of the observer.

The many worlds theory goes one step further by saying that with each observed event, reality split into different realities that do not influence each other, and the observer also splits just as the observed reality- interconnected with the observed.

So once reality splits off with the observers- each one retreats into their own parallel reality with their corresponding observer (ie: version of you experiencing that reality). The versions of reality that do not manifest “here” have manifested elsewhere and are just as real for their observer as the version you perceive is real for you. And there are infinite number of realities that you do not perceive, but are just as real- and they are all accessible by you, because they are also you. This also means that you don’t need to create these realities, because they already exist. All you need to do is become the version of yourself that corresponds to the desired reality. 

Simple right? haha!

There’s so much more to unpack, and I just learning at the moment!! A book I would highly recommend is Parallel Universe of Self by Fredick Dodson.

But just play with me on this concept for the sake of this podcast, and I’m going to teach you a technique to “parallel reality surf” and jump into the reality of your dream body.

So let’s imagine there are infinite numbers of highways or lives- all of which you exist in, that are just as real as the reality you perceive right now.

You are going to link up with the version of reality that you desire to experience. In order to fully identify with one reality, you need to forget the current one- which means taking your attention off “this” reality as much as possible. Where your attention goes, energy flows and creates. 

The ability to transfer into another reality lies within your consciousness.

The key to this ability lies within your sense of identity, which we have talked about lots on this podcast!

The attributes of identity are intention, imagination, belief, attention, emotion, communication and action.

A single shift in identity awareness will have all the levels shift automatically and naturally. The goal is to have your desire correspond (match) your innermost beliefs.

The first step, begins by returning to an identity-less state- zero point they call it in the book.
You are the observer, you are not identified with your body, thoughts, beliefs- you just … are.
You can access this through meditation where you become silent, relax the body and completely let go. From there you start receiving, (or seeing) the other versions of yourself.

This really resonated with me as Dr. Joe has a ton of science based evidence around meditation and the insane changes and manifestations that can occur- and he starts his mediations by getting into this state. How I would best describe it as I’ve been practicing is feeling my body kind of dissolve away, and just my consciousness remaining, observing- noticing- without attaching to anything at all. It’s a stillness, kind of the feeling between awake and asleep. The more you practice it, the easier it gets to step into this zero point state.


Then you enter the viewpoint of the preferred version, existing as it- experiencing the joy and range of emotions as this person. Reality surfing is like taking on a a movie role, and behaving according to the film script.


The main thing that I am really vibing with around these concepts- is that everything already exists. You don’t need to ATTRACT it, or try to make it happen- it already is. This is something I’ve really recognized over time with the dream body stuff and how I describe it now- my dream body just is - it’s nothing I have to "do". It’s really deeply feeling this fact that makes manifestation so much easier. You don’t need to come at things from a lack, needy, scarcity energy- because it already is; it’s a reality you are existing in (well another version of you is anyway).


It all circles back to you and your energy- Imagine if you were trying to draw in or manifest clients that don’t exist in this "reality"... No WONDER that can be so hard! You are literally identifying with the version of you reality where you don’t have clients- and then trying to get them to come in- it’s impossible.

But instead you switch into the reality where you have overflowing clients- and you identify with this reality on all levels of your being- it all flows so effortlessly and naturally and becomes what is.

It’s all YOU. Which I’ve heard Emma Burgess say a million times- you vs. You. It’s taken on a new meaning for me now in terms of taking FULL OWNERSHIP and responsibility for the reality the you are currently identifying with. 

A quote in the book: You can have anything you want as long as you already have it.

And you do- in any reality of your choosing. I liked this part of the book explaining around when it truly becomes an identity:

"The Identity statement “I want success” does not fully correspond with the reality “success”, but is slightly removed, slightly separate from it. The identity statement “I am successful” corresponds a little bit more with the reality of success. But even having to make a statement about it is not fully correspondent to the reality of success. Imagine saying “I am breathing”. You wouldn’t really do that too often, because breathing is the most common and easy and familiar thing to you. When an Identity becomes as common as breathing, you are corresponding to a desired reality."

The goal is to FIRST take on the identity, and automatically attract information/beliefs and feelings and then (lastly) take action from that place. In the 3D, we try to take action in order to become an identity - which take a whole lot longer. Flip it on it’s head and the perfect actions come to anyway. 

Rather than “acting-as-if”, it’s all about “I embody/am this new reality”. And this goes alongside the acceptance of what-is of course.

Once you enter a new reality and then fight apparent “old” things that come up, the fighting-against implies that you still believe in the old reality. It is how you react to the old reality which determines how long it will take for your new identity to be reflected “out there”. 

Fighting what you don’t want is the same thing as agreeing with a reality.

Once you know what you want, you dive into it and “begin at the end”. You don’t concern yourself with the why, when and how, but begin at the end and stay there. That’s all there is to do to practice successful RC. Infinity takes care of the rest.

I’m going to take you through the PURE Technique that they teach in the book - Parallel Universe Reality Emulation- but first let’s just use a dream body example.

If you were going to transition into your dream body using parallel realities- you would do the technique I’m about to teach you and then you would go throughout your day as it’s done.

Your goal is not to contradict the reality you’ve now chosen and are embodying.

You wouldn’t diet or overthink about foods
You wouldn’t weigh yourself
You wouldn’t overexercise or binge eat
You wouldn’t hide away from the world= You’d be out living fully and embracing all the joy and happiness and delicious foods available.

You’d continue along this path, letting it be as natural as possible. When negative thoughts/resistance come up- you’d simply let them go. Don’t fight them or give them any attention- very much what we talked about in the last episode. You’ve chosen your reality and now you are going to live in it.

You don’t need to push against what is… What is, is on it’s way out. You just continue being in your dream body. Allowing the feelings, emotions an identity to continue getting stronger and more physically real. You let go of thoughts of dream body all together- because it just is. Just like breathing. You don’t need to affirm to yourself “I am breathing” a million times a day- you just breathe.

Can you just be, in your dream body? The more that you can just be in it- “as it” the faster this reality which take form in the 3D. 

Practice it right now, whatever you are doing- just be in your dream body and read from this energy and vibration, taking on the identity. You probably feel a little lift in your vibration, an uptick of energy, an elevation in your vibration. You feel lighter, more open, more free.

Okay let’s go through the technique and how you’d do it-… PS I am recording a parallel reality meditation that I’m adding to the Membership next week that you can dive into!!

Define what you’d like to experience ie: the body you’d like to move forward in, the life you’d be living in this dream body.

Relax into total stillness. Releasing all thought, letting everything melt away aside from your awareness- observation of all that is. Take attention off of anything gin the outside world- let go let go let go let go. Nothing to do- simply observing and letting everything float on by. 

Now- allow an image to appear that represents the Version-of-You who is already experiencing the desired reality.

This is similar to Visualization, but without concentration or effort. It is more a relaxed receiving of something already available or nearby. No willpower is used. You are not only imagining something or “opening to possibility” but perceiving a version-of-yourself that already and really exists in a parallel reality. You are becoming aware of someone who is already there. It’s kind of like opening up your vision and noticing something to the right of you that was already there but wasn’t in your focussed attention.


Look at that version of yourself for who the desired reality is already real.


Then, enter their viewpoint/body- their energy field. See the world as this person- immerse yourself in that reality- enjoy it with ease, gratitude, happiness- experience it fully- not as a mental event- but truly be there. Not in order t manifest it, or experience it later in real life- but to experience the joy of it right there and now. Rest here for a few minutes.


And then in the hours, days and weeks after- simply exist in this new viewpoints. You became that observer and came back your old reality- but now YOU are different. You are the observer for which the desired reality it real. It’s their identity, truth and absolutely knowing- and as you move through your old reality- it has no choice but to take shape and match the observer you just became. You don’t need to do anything you make it happen, just live as who you are now- the observer of the desired reality.

Cease to behave in a way that contradicts that this reality is not already so.

From the new viewpoint such (old) events may still exist and come up but they are no longer relevant enough to be reacted to and interacted with.


They may be the way things are at the moment, but they are no longer the way you are.


The corresponding physical manifestation will appear when you stop needing it, chasing after it, looking for it but are instead willingly and lovingly identified with it…not for the sake of “making it manifest”, but for the sake of experiencing its joy in the here, now and today.

That is the little snippet that I wanted to talk about re: reality creation and parallel realities! Stay tuned for later this week I will be interviewing a previous dream body participant for the podcast!

I love to have you inside this round- we start Monday, October 24th for 10 weeks!!

Love Tara


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