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You know that feeling you get after a workout? It’s almost like a high- you feel unstoppable, you feel more productive, have more energy, and just overall in alignment with your higher self.

Working out is the #1 way I’ve heard from all my clients on how they get into that state of overall accomplishment and alignment. And we know, with manifestation that alignment is EVERYTHING.

Even if you aren’t into working out- you can find that same feeling from a good walk outside in the fresh air, or a quick yoga session. Next time you partake in some movement- take note of your mood before, and after. This is such a good way to motivate yourself to move on the days that you aren't feeling it.

I think we can all agree that moving our bodies in whatever way feels good for us, puts us in a better place mentally.

There are some amazing studies that back this information up! You may have heard that exercise reduces anxiety, helps decrease symptoms of depression, improves memory, helps you sleep better, and boosts your overall mood.

Now- I’m a personal trainer and I enjoy working out but I still have trouble getting myself geared up for a workout most days. I love it once it’s over, but I can spend an entire day putting it off.

The days that I get a workout in (especially first thing in the morning?) OH MAN. Those days are fire! I immediately feel accomplished, productive, and aligned. I feel excited to tackle the day, and like a new person after a good sweat sesh and a shower.

The difference between a day when I lay around in bed and never get a workout in and the days that I do are total opposites. I struggle with anxiety and overwhelm- and I definitely notice a huge difference between the days that I get some movement in, with the days that I don’t.

And, here’s the thing- you don’t need to get to the gym for an hour. You can spend 5-10 minutes working up a sweat and get the exact same benefits.

Exercise can also help you retain and learn new things immensely. If you workout- and then use 5 minutes to set intentions and focus on what you desire- you already are ahead of the game as far as memory retention in the brain. When we focus on manifesting, we want to get into that high vibe state and focus on what we want; and what better time is there than after accomplishing a good workout?

When you focus on your intentions from a high vibe state - you are so magnetic. This is such a powerful way to incorporate mindset work into your daily routine. The snowball effect of dedicating 15 minutes a day to yourself, is going to blow your mind. Not to mention, the addition of the meditation daily is such an amazing way to connect to source, receive intuitive hits and nudges, and find presence in the day to day.

I created Sweat Soul Smile for this reason. I’ve been on all sides of the exercise spectrum, athlete, to hours of cardio to burn calories, to not working out at all due to an injury- and everything in between! Now that I’ve stopped relying on working out for the calorie burn, I realized that I truly love it for the happiness and mental boost!

The workouts I’m putting together eliminate ALL EXCUSES. They are bodyweight (no equipment), and all less than 10 minutes. I’m pairing that with affirmations and intention setting and different focus during each workout, as well as a meditation and happiness homework or journalling activity! All less than 15 minutes per day.

I know sometimes I need a little challenge to get me in the groove. I created Fitmas years ago for that reason and it totally changed my entire body. You do not need to workout for hours a day to see results- and these workouts will get you results; mentally AND physically.

I have developed so many amazing mindset and journaling practices over my journey, and I’ve seen the changes they made my in my life, and my clients! I’m putting them all together into a beautiful 30 day calendar and booklet that combines ALL the manifestation, meditation and mindset goodies- with quick and easy workouts!

Working out for 5-10 minutes with invigorate your body and your mind. Using that time directly after to get centered with a meditation, and a happiness practice to focus on for the day? I guarantee you will be an absolutely unstoppable manifesting MACHINE.

Come workout with my anywhere, anytime- with downloadable videos or simply watch the explanation and workout on your own.

They require zero equipment- just your body and I cater them to every level!

I’m mixing it up between higher intensity, upper body and core, relaxation and yoga, legs + glutes, cardio, you name it! I have 15 years of experience as a trainer and fitness instructor, so you can trust I’ll keep things fun, safe, and sweaty.

15 minutes from start to finish is your commitment. I’m making fitness + mindset absolutely FOOLPROOF for you!

I cannot wait to see the results in your life with just 30 days of this work, and you’ll be doing it right along with me.


Workouts designed with happiness in mind.


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