Hello Hello my beautiful friends! 

Let's talk about Quantum LEAPS. 

A Quantum Leap is when you don't just take a major step towards your dream life, but you make such a huge shift your life is almost unrecognizable!

I have some experience with these type of jumps- which is why I am offering the FREE Quantum Leap Week that is going to be a full on immersive experience taking you next level towards the life you dream of. 

My last Quantum Leap was obviously meeting my husband! Within 4 weeks, I went from single, dating and get ghosted- to engaged, and moved to another province- and married quickly after that!

When we take such huge advancement- it is INCREDIBLE, don't get me wrong, but there is also a darker side to quantum leaping.

Typically when we reach for each next incremental goal, and continue upleveling consistently- our subconscious mind has time to adjust and catch up. We keep aiming a little higher, and it can be uncomfortable getting out of the comfort zone, but manageable.

If you don't do it right, a Quantum Leap can be next level uncomfortable- and that is when you get into major self sabotaging behaviours that will bring you right back where you started. 

My life changed COMPLETELY overnight when I met Trevor. We were basically moved in together from the moment we met (with the exception of one week apart when I had to go home in between) and as someone who REALLY enjoys their alone time, lives alone, runs a business mostly alone- I would have sabotaged our marriage if I wasn't equipped to deal with such a massive change all at once!

So, one of my big goals with the Quantum Leap Week is to ensure that you are prepared for the changes, and that your subconscious mind is already in training for what is to come. 

We train the subconscious mind through a few different modalities. Within the challenge, I'm providing a special hypnosis recording that is designed to start training your subconscious from Day 1- to avoid any unnecessary self sabotage and the ego playing games with you! 

A quick exercise that I want you to try today is to really get into preparation mode for your manifestations. What are ALL the little niggly things that need to be done in order to make way for the Quantum Leap?

For example: In order for me to take a QL towards my next vehicle and get my dream car Range Rover- I need to:

1.) Test Drive and choose all the options and what I desire in my new car
2.) Do my research on financing vs. leasing, and where from? What is better for my business and lifestyle?
3.) What are the monthly payments and am I prepared for those?
4.) I need to clean out my current car and get it ready to trade in!
5.) I need to sort out what is left to pay on my current car and how much time is left on my lease. Do I want to trade it in, or sell it?
6.) I need to get my personalized license plate and talk to my car insurance and let them know I'm changing vehicles!

And so on. We always think that we will do those things when we get the new car, but in fact you are blocking the manifestations by NOT taking care of all these little things before.

Take action before you are ready!

Start doing all the things.

Act with confidence.

Go into the bank, the dealership, the mortgage broker BEFORE you have the downpayment.

Start taking every single action possible before you are ready and that is going to pave the way and start creating more opportunities and actions and ideas that are leading to you receiving your manifestation even faster than you ever thought possible. 

For an entire week of Quantum Leaping, join me in in this FREE Challenge starting August 10th! 

See you in there! 



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