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THE PROJECTOR PROJECT - Living Life by Design for Manifesting Magic

Hello Friends!

As you may know, I've been diving into the Human Design world for awhile now, and I'm FASCINATED by everything I have been finding.

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As a Projector, I'm very motivated to find and master systems for succcess and Human Design is the entire package! 

Today I just wanted to chat about my "Projector Project" which is my own little experiment of fulling living and being authentic to my Human Design, and seeing what happens!

I love to be a guinea pig, and then teach and share my results. If you are also a Projector- feel free to join the Facebook Group I made for all of us to connect and share! 

If you have no idea what I'm talking about, find your human design here, and learn the basics here.

So, the Projector Project was born after me finding more out about my Human Design, and getting frustrated with the lack of information there is out there to actually LIVE as a Projector (other than, wait for the invitation). 

I will be going all in and experimenting and sharing actionable steps you can take away in how to implement your own Projector Project!


1.) Let Go & Be Led
2.) Intuition, Inspiration, Impulse, Invitation

My goal for the next, well, forever- is to follow this basic manifesto.

What I mean by this, is to stop trying to control the HOW. Stop doing what I think I "should" do, and completely, and totally LET GO of all rules, shoulds, and former ideas. (Which is quite terrifying and feels like I'm free- falling to my imminent death at the moment, haha!)

Being led, leads me to the second part. I want to allow myself to be LED through the universe guiding me. And I believe the universe is constantly guiding me through my intuition and inspiration. 


Can you tell I just really love a good alliteration? It's my thing. 

As a Projector (and due to a lot various aspects of my chart) I have a very strong intuition (which would have been shocking to me years ago when I was completely disconnected from my intuition). Throughout this process, I want to commit to staying connected to my intuition. 

In order to do this, I must spend time daily getting quiet and meditating, as well as journaling, and getting out into nature, and napping! Letting go, and releasing into a nap is when a lot of my most powerful ideas hit me! 

INSPIRATION: Inspiration to me, is when an idea really excites me and all I want to do is learn about it and dive deeper into it (ie: Human Design for Projectors!) 

IMPULSE: This is the second thing, is really trying to tap into and follow my impulses, moment to moment. An impulse to me feels like something I'm being pulled towards doing, or feels blissful and lovely and like, yes, that is what I want to do.

For example, I got into work today and there is a million things I could have done but I asked myself "what am I feeling the impulse to do? What am I feeling called towards?" and voila- this blog post was born! 

I want to do my best to follow the intuition, inspiration and impulses- regardless of what my external circumstances may be dictating I "should do". 

I'm obviously very lucky (well, it wasn't luck, but being intentional and working towards this) that I own my own business and basically can do whatever I feel called towards all day long with a few excepts of phone calls throughout the week (the fact that this is my life now is truly amazing).  So, as much as possible- I plan on just following the flow moment to moment, and going with what feels GOOD.

If you are new to mindset work and manifestation, and you are thinking "Well, all I would do all day long is watch Netflix!" then I would say two things:

1.) You probably haven't been allowing yourself the (guilt free) rest that you needed previously, which is why you feel that way. Once you truly allow the clean (ie: not shaming yourself or constantly thinking about what you should be doing) rest you'll find you start getting more motivated than EVER because you are finally recharged!

2.) Once you are recharged, you'll find it feels amazing to follow your inspiration, to create, to learn about what you love. This is such a huge part of being a Projector! We are literally designed to learn, master, and guide others- but you cannot doing that, if you aren't RESTED!! 

and lastly, the INVITATION. 

Obviously this is a big part of being a Projector, we are supposed to wait for the Invitation. This is still a part that I'm truly figuring out- but in this experiment I believe that if I... 
1.) Stay connected to my intuition
2.) Follow the inspiration & impulses
3.) The "invitations" will flood in!

And in the meantime, if I feel called to write a post, create a course, or do a livestream etc- I'll keep on following the IMPULSE, without expectation. 

I think that is the biggest thing I will have to let go of, is the expectations. Even in my mind now, I'm like "Ohh the Projector Project could be a million dollar course and best selling book" etc.. But I'm going to stop myself there and fully focus on being present and letting go of all expectations.

So how does this tie in with manifestation which is what I teach on? I believe we can create whatever we desire- so how does that relate to letting go of the outcome and the expectation?

Well, I'm so glad you asked- because I was wrestling with this myself! Here is how: You can still have absolutely everything you want. You can still get intentional about your goals and desires- but in order to HAVE those things, I'm beginning to realize that leaning into my Projector Power is going to bring them in an even faster, and easier way. 

I actually have taught manifestation this way the entire time:
1.) Set intention
2.) Work through beliefs and blocks
3.) Feel into the feelings of having it, of being that version of you all day long
4.) Follow the nudges!

I think I just still tried to control the how throughout the process instead of continuing to allow, moment to moment- I would fixate on a certain nudge and believe "THIS IS THE WAY MY DREAMS WILL COME TRUE AND IF IT DOESN'T THEN I'M MANIFESTING WRONG".

So basically, I'll just be opening up even more. Even when I'm following a nudge (aka impulse) I'm not attached to that being "the thing" I'm just on the journey towards everything I want and that impulse is part of the journey. 

I hope that makes sense because that is a game changing revelation for me! 

What do you think of the Projector Project? Are you a Projector that feels called towards this? Tell me your thoughts!


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